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August – it’s Jun-kun’s month!

Finally, Jun-kun’s month started! \o/ I hope this month will be good for him and for all of us! ^.^


As usually, let me start writing about the boys! ^.^

Aiba-chan and Nino must be filming their special corner for the 24hs TV, besides filming CMs and their regular TV Shows.

The Olympics started and Sho-chan was in London to watch the opening ceremony and to follow the first week of the games as NTV newscaster; now, he is back to Japan and he is doing his coverage from there!

It seems Riida has been filming a special documentary about Disney that will be aired at NHK at the end of August! It also seems he met Jun-kun in LA, they talked about it at the opening talk of yesterday’s Shiyagare and it was not aired… I wonder what Jun-kun was doing in LA, maybe being sure Riida wouldn’t steal Mickey from him?! XD

And, today, Riida was doing the MC of the pre-show about the 24hs TV! At this pre-show, they aired more information about Jun-kun and Sho-chan’s corners at 24hs TV, about Nino’s special drama (the trailer has already made me cry u.u) and others news about what we will see on 24hs TV! Also, the boys were promoting the 24hs T-shirt!



Still on the 24hs TV subject (I guess it will be all about it during August), yesterday, it was aired five new CMs with the boys doing a weird but cute dance in pairs to promote the show, even the song of the CMs is fun! XD On the first gif, you can see all the five versions! ^.~ But, of course, the highlight is the Juntoshi one for me! ^.^

Since the subject is charity, on July 31st, the boys did the last Waku Waku Gakkou in Fukushima! We couldn’t know much about the event itself because there weren’t many tweets from who attend it… Probably, because most of the audience were children! A channel of the local TV aired some parts of event and it was full of children and they were all really touched and happy by the end of the event! ^.^ From the video that was aired, we could learn that it was probably like the event they did in Miyagi, with the same changes. Jun-kun’s and Riida’s lessons were the same, Nino’s lesson was about writing a thank you letter and about being grateful and Sakuraiba’s lesson was about exercising yourself! Here are some pictures and a gif from the event!

Still talking about the five of them, a new song called “Kakenukero” was used at the new Nissan CM with Aiba-chan and Riida that started airing this week, it seems to be a hyper and happy song, I like it, considering what we could hear in the CM! ^.^

Writing about CMs, a new Kirin CM with the five of them started airing and, as always, it is fun! ^.^





Finally, since it his month, let me write about my beloved Jun-kun! ^.^ He certainly must be busy preparing Arafes concert! He talked about it at his new Enjoy that was out this week. He said he was surprised with the partial results of the songs chosen by the fans and he was looking forward to the final result of the voting! He also talked about his corner at 24hs TV, that he is learning how to conduct an orchestra and he is using muscles he never uses, so it is a little painful… I am sure he will be great as a maestro! ^.^

The new Fan Club newsletter was out and, in his part, Jun-kun talked about his trip to Barcelona, Spain, and shared some of his pictures with us! ^.^ He is so cute in all the pictures that I keep wondering who was the lucky person who took those pictures!

There will be a new Kindaichi movie with a boy from HSJ, so, the media took the chance to remember all JE actors that did Kindaichi before, including Jun-kun! Since I love his Kindaichi, I had to post about it here! ^.^

To end this post, a little about their regular TV shows! The ratings fell again which makes me sad, but, I think it maybe has something to do with the Olympics…

Anyway, VS Arashi keeps being fun in my opinion! The highlight for me was seeing the owner of the “voice from heaven”, Mitsuhiro Nakamura-kun, to come down to play on cliff climb, he was really cute giving his best! ^.^ Also, on this week’s show, Juntoshiba talked a little about their trip to NY, but nothing we don’t already know.



There was no HnA this last week, but, the next one will be Matsumiya with the girls from perfume! It will sure be fun – they will watch concerts together, dance and make onigiri! I can’t wait for it! ^.^

Finally, on Shiyagare, we had the special with all the boys from Kanjani – it was really fun to see all of them together, talking about their little gossips and connections and, playing games, of course! On the one aired yesterday, we had the boys discussing science, talking about the future of the planet and of technology and making experiments, it was interesting!




Next one, seems promising! ^.~

That’s it for now… Since, it’s his month, let’s say bye with Jun-kun!

Thanks in advance for the ones who comment! ^.^

Credits: gifs and pictures from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine.

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