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Bye bye, 六月 and hello, 七月!

Nino’s month ended and a new month is starting so I had to make an update here! ^.^ Especially because I don’t know when I will update again since I will be making the work of two people this month - my colleague leaves on vacation and I have to do his job and mine so… please, be kind to me, July!

Oh, the months are written in kanji just because I have finally started learning kanjis after one semester with hiragana and katakana… Japanese is really fun! ^.^ But I still have a long way to go… Enough about me and let’s write about the boys! ^.^


Things changed a little regarding the boys’ activities. Mikeneko and Kagiheya both finished so, I hope, Riida and Aiba-chan are being able to rest a little now! ^.^ Both dramas did great in the ratings in my opinion – Kagiheya will probably be the first on ratings of the spring dramas, as expected, and Mikeneko the fourth - it was the best drama in ratings for Aiba-chan, so I am happy for him! ^.^ I still have to watch Mikeneko’s final but I am waiting for subs… Kagiheya one was really fun, especially the last minutes! ^.^

Sho-chan is busy filming Nazodi’s movie and making the London Heats’ corner, soon he will be covering the Olympics! Nino is busy filming 24hs Special Drama. Not only that, but, Sho-chan, Aiba-chan and Nino are starring new solo CMs – our boys never stop, right?! ^.~ And all of them are also probably busy filming their corners to 24hs TV!

Jun-kun, by the way, has gone filming on locations, interacting with people that didn’t even know him! XD What else he is doing is a mystery… It seems he is in New York City right now, he was seen with a former soccer player there. I wonder if it is a personal trip or a working one… Also, some people said they saw Riida at the airport with him, maybe he went too or maybe he was just escorting Jun-kun, well, probably, it was a mistake from the fans, but, a fangirl can dream right?! XD After all, Riida said once on an interview that the place he would go with Jun-kun would be NY! ^.~

But, I am really curious about what Jun-kun has been doing… Oh, and, he updated his Enjoy and wrote about Waku Waku Event and 24hs TV – he is excited with both! ^.^

About their activities as five, I guess Waku Waku was the most important event of June – they held three “sessions” at Tokyo Dome and one in Miyagi!

The event started with a video showing them “transforming” into teachers when they saw Waku Waku symbol, just like those super sentais! XD

As the last year’s one, on the event, the five of them acted like teachers, talking about important matters!

Nino at his “kachi kachi” lesson talked about the importance of not acting according to pre-conceited thoughts and about trying new things all the time. He showed how we always try to do things the same way, like open a door pushing it and things like that. In the end, he made the members run again, just to show that they didn’t expect to hear all his words before starting running so, they had to run again! On the first two “sessions”, we had Juntoshi running together and this fangirl was happy about it! ^.^

Sho-chan at his “goku goku” lesson talked about how much we need water and how much we use it, being necessary to use it right. He made one of the members gave a bath on a mannequin with a photo in it, while the others poured buckets of water on the “shower” to show how much we use of water on a bath. First it was Jun-kun, then Riida and then Aiba-chan to give bath on the mannequin showing how they take their baths – Jun-kun takes longer on his bath and uses more water! XD

Aiba-chan at his “paku paku” lesson talked about the importance of food again and, this time, he made sushi to the members and talked about fishes and fishing. He made several question and gave his sushi for the one who got them right!

Riida at his “gera gera” lesson talked about the smile and the importance of smiling! His class was fun and radom! XD He made everybody smile and made a smiling contest among the members, Aiba-chan won two times and Jun-kun won the last one! XD He also sang a song about smiling and he changed the lyrics each time he sang! XD

Finally, Jun-kun, at his “somo somo” lesson, talked about the importance of knowing our origin – how was our birth, why our parents chose our names and so on. He interacted with parents/children on the audience and showed a video in which he was following a woman who was about to give birth, together with all her family. It was touching!

Not only that, but he talked about the member’s origin – specifically, Riida’s and Nino’s and read a letter of their mothers. First, it was Riida and we learned he was not an obedient kid and that’s why he had some accidents and some scars; he was not good at math at school and he would call Satomi if he was a girl! XD Then, on Nino’s day, it was about Nino, he was a big baby, but he had several health issues and he was always glued to his mother, he didn’t like to travel and he was bullied at school… even so, he always did what was right, even going against the other students. Both Nino and Riida went to the hospital several times when kids, their childhood was not so easy…

And, since it was Nino’s b-day on one of the Tokyo Dome’s days, they celebrated it in Jun-kun’s lesson. On the first Sunday’s session, there was a cake with strawberries over it and the audience and the members sang happy birthday to him! Also, Jun-kun gave him his mother letter. On the second lesson, there was another cake, with umeboshi over it looking like strawberries (Nino’s mom prepared the umeboshis) and Aiba-chan made Nino eat the cake even though he doesn’t like umeboshi! XD Also, there was another letter from his mother, a different one!

Finally, the event ended showing a video of them “writing” this year Waku Waku’s theme in kanji! ^.^

I am really proud of the boys for doing this event and for talking of such important matters! ^.^ Of course, for me, Jun-kun’s lesson was the most touching one, especially because we could learn a little more about the members past! ^.^

And, as always, before the event some goods were sold, including photos and clearfiles. Here are some of them, together with pictures and gifs of the event!




On the event that happened on Miyagi, the lessons were a little different. Riida and Jun-kun’s ones were similar, although Jun-kun didn’t show the “giving birth” video. Nino’s lesson was about saying “thank you” and he made the audience write a letter thanking who and what they wanted and, afterwards, he made some of them read the letters! Finally, Sakuraiba gave a lesson together and made everybody exercise themselves with a cute dance while Happiness played! It was really nice of them to change their lessons according to the affected area audience, trying to cheer them up! ^.^

They will have Waku Waku again at Osaka and Fukushima, if I am not mistaken! Let’s look forward to it! ^.^

Still about their activities as five, the boys showed on the 24hs TV press conference at NTV. Aragaki Yui-san will be the charity personality and Shinichi Hatori-san and Nana Suzue-san will be the general MC’s. It was at this conference that Jun-kun talked about when he went filming on location and people didn’t know him and all the members talked about their feelings and expectations! Also, Riida showed us his new hair cut! ^.^ And we saw a little more about Nino’s drama! I am really looking forward to 24hs TV! ^.^




I found this on weibo and it was so amusing that I had to post – Riida as the apple on the T-shirt (yes, it is an apple according to Riida)!

Finally, as a last thing about the five of them, JAL updated their site with new wallpapers of the boys! ^.^

Writing about Jun-kun a little, Lucky Seven DVD box was finally released and it has several extras! The press conference, deleted scenes, making of, crank up… I miss Lucky Seven and Shuntarou so much… I usually don’t take pictures of what I buy, but I was so happy when my DVD arrived that I had to post here!

Jun-kun really worked hard on the actions scenes and the cast really had fun together, a great chemistry as we felt during the drama! ^.~












About their regular TV Shows, I am a little worried because the ratings of all the shows have been dropping and I don’t understand why because they have been quite fun… u.u Anyway… u.u

VS Arashi has been quite fun for me lately, we had Sakamoto-senpai from V6 on one of the episodes and Okada Masaki-san and Kanata Hongo-san, Nino’s friend from Gantz, on the most recent one! Also, Shun-kun, Jun-kun’s best friend, will be on next episode, I really can’t wait for it! Especially after reading that Riida was jealous of their closeness on a TV Magazine report! XD My Juntoshi heart was happy! ^.~







Last Thursday, we had another Matsumiya sharing a house on HnA – they received the visit of several noisy comedians, but it was quite fun, they talked with a fan over the phone and Jun-kun played Momo again after so many years! It was really cute and fun! Also, they had a mannequin battle but, this time, Matsumiya was on the same team! Jun-kun was wearing a t-shirt saying “Matsumoto Ninja”, it is an online store that sold all the t-shirts after the show! XD Also, on the Sakuraiba sharing house, it was shown kokeshis made based on the boys, they were so cute!









Jun-kun loves his jeans! XD


Finally, on Shiyagare, lately, we could enjoy Jun-kun having fun cooking and eating, which he loves and we all know it! ^.^ As I have read on tumblr, Jun-kun and food, I ship! XD








That was a long post… I hope someone will read everything! XD By the way, I got myself Jun-kun’s mood theme to use here on LJ, aren’t they cute?! ^.~

Thanks in advance for the ones who comment! ^.^

Credits: gifs and pictures from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine.

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