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ARASHI 10-11 TOUR “Scene” ~ Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei ~ DOME Edition DVD!

Finally, I am able to post about Arashi´s new DVD - ARASHI 10-11 TOUR “Scene”~Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei~ DOME Edition! \o/ I am in love with this DVD, it is so much fun! *.* I know that will be nothing new here since everybody must have watched it already, but I had to write about it because I like it so much! *.*

I will start writing about what is most special for me in this DVD – Disc 03 of the Limited Edition! ^.^ Disc 03 is the one with Mada Minu Sekai E PV and the PV making of that I wrote about in my previous post. Not only that! Disc 03 also has Arashi Training Camp, the best Arashi video in a long time in my opinion! ^.^ In the video, we can see the boys like they are in a school trip, so it is full of funny and dorky moments as well as a lot of member ai! ^.^

It all starts with they bus trip to the place of the training! It is fun since they talk a lot and discuss what they are going to do in the camp day! Riida even slides himself through the seats, like in the old times! After they got to the place, since it´s late, they are going to sleep! This the most precious moment of the video – they sleep together, with each other´s futons so close! It´s so sweet! I loved when Jun-kun asked Sho-chan if he wasn´t going to feel lonely if he slept separated and they all agree to put all the futons together! There is a tiny Juntoshi moment before they sleep that made me go *.* ! XD Riida can´t say four in English… XDD Their talk before sleep, the way they sleep, everything is priceless! ^.^ And Jun-kun was the first to wake up just to sleep on the floor afterwards… XD
The first thing in the morning is the training itself! They run and prepare to climb trees and have an adventurous morning! ^.^ Jun-kun is so happy that he seemed like a little boy in his vacations! ^.^ So much that he has his brat moments scaring Sho-chan because Sho-chan is afraid of heights! XD By the way, watching Sho-chan in this part is pure fun, he seemed like a scared cat! XD But he was able to overcome his fear, congratulations Sho-chan! ^.^ As always, Riida showed his elastic body during the whole training thing! Nino and Aiba-chan also had fun and did great! ^.^

After the training, they had lunch, rested a little (sleeping together again) and started their serious meeting about Beautiful World Tour! ^.^ I hope they actually sing Carry on like they mentioned… Then, they go record a new song – Joy! It is a funny part and the song is so catchy! *.* Sho-chan playing Hatenai Sora on the piano was beautiful and Riida playing a scary song made me go LOL! XD
Then, they come back to the training area to have a barbecue! \o/ Jun-kun, Riida and Sho-chan are preparing the meat and vegetables while Aiba-chan is trying to light the fire and Nino went to buy the drinks. Poor Aiba-chan, he wasn´t able to light the fire, but it is fun to watch him trying! XD Jun-kun giving them food in the mouth is so sweet! “Masakiii” is how he calls Aiba-chan and made me goes *.* ! XD Finally, each one says what he thought of the day and it is the end…

Writing about Disc 01 and Disc 02 – it is the last concert of the tour, the one they did in Fukuoka! It is an amazing show like the one they did in Kokuritsu, with some differences since it is in Dome!

There is a lot of member ai in the show and it is really funny! XD The best parts are during the MC and during the encore! In the MC, the whole story about Riida liking Jun-kun´s hair in the "down version" and calling him kawaii was so funny and sweet! *.* Jun-kun was so shy, especially when all of them said that his “down hair” is kawaii! XD The best part was when Jun-kun said he was going to take a picture of his "down hair" after he get home and shower and send to Riida and Riida said that he was going to sleep better with the picture! XD My Juntoshi heart was really happy in this part! ^.^ Another funny moment was when they asked Aiba-chan the name of their new song that would be the theme of his new Drama, Bartender, (of course Sho-chan joked saying it was “My Girl 02” – Sakuraiba is always sweet) and Aiba-chan said “Lutas” and I went LOL! XD It is Lotus, Aiba-chan! XDD
The encore was full of member ai, Sho-chan and Nino were in a hyper mood, it is so fun to watch the two of them! XD Nino even made a hole in Aiba-chan´s shirt and Aiba-chan chased him angry but he ended up falling! XD Jun-kun wasn´t able to make the last speech because he was laughing of Aiba-chan belly showing! XD 


Also, during the encore my Juntoshi heart was happy again – Jun-kun and Riida holding hands while singing was so sweet! And I can´t forget to mention Jun-kun grabbing Riida´s but – Jun-kun you can be a pervert sometimes! XD
Finally, in both Discs, there are their personal interviews that are really interesting, they even talk about their thoughts of each other, it is a must see interview! Jun-kun said he looks for his Riida a lot! *.* Yes, Jun-kun, we know Juntoshi is fact! XD
That´s all… Yes, I know I wrote a lot and I know maybe no one will read everything but I had to do it since it is a special DVD for me! ^.^ To the ones who will comment, thanks in advance! ^.^
Now, let´s wait to Beautiful World Album to be released! \o/

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