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It’s June! It’s Nino’s month!

The month of the cutest brat ever has started! So, let’s celebrate! \o/

On his month, I guess Nino is busy filming the 24hs Drama Special! The same goes to Riida and Aiba-chan who are filming their dramas! Both dramas are going into the final episodes, I really can’t wait! Sho-chan, who can’t stop working and need to learn to take a break, is filming a movie! Yes, Nazodi will have a movie which will be aired next year! I am really looking forward to it since I liked Nazodi a lot! ^.^

Finally, the owner of my heart, Jun-kun is still enjoying his less busy days! ^.^ Not only that, but he is probably busy preparing the whole Waku Waku Gakou event that will be held next weekend! Yes, this year, we will have several  Waku Waku events in Tokyo, Osaka and Miyagi! I wonder what they will teach this year… Well, Jun-kun said on his Enjoy that, this time, he recorded a video for his class, I really can’t wait for the fans reports! ^.^

So, as their future activities as five, we have Waku Waku and 24hs TV to look forward to! ^.^

Still talking about the five of them, finally, Your Eyes single, PV and shop photos were released! The single is really nice, I enjoyed all the coupling songs! Voice, the last one to be out, has a different feeling compared to the others, but it is quite a happy song although the lyrics are not so happy! XD The PV is really beautiful, it matches the song and the lighting and the set is amazing! I really like it! Finally, Jun-kun is so gorgeous on the shop photos, I love his new hair! *.*


Not only that, but the boys promoted Your Eyes at Music Station! The performance was beautiful too, not with a sharp dance but with a lot of emotion from all of them! ^.^ Jun-kun talked about his trip to Spain in the talk part, how much he liked the food and the architecture and about the gifts he bought to the other four, sweet as always! ^.^






The boys also are starring two new CMs! A new Kirin CM that even had a press conference to which Jun-kun and Sho-chan attended!  And a new JAL CM – this time it’s not a flying carpet, it is a space ship with an alien and everything! But, still, magical Arashi! ^.^




Talking about Jun-kun, he appeared on a video message at J-Melo, the English-language music show that airs on NHK World! He was thanking the international fans and was really sweet, as he always is! *biased is biased*


Back to the boys, a little about their regular TV Shows! This week, on HnA, we had a Mannequin Battle between Sho-chan and Jun-kun and their teams! Not the most fun thing, but, well, I enjoyed because Jun-kun likes fashion and made all his cute expressions! But I still prefer the “Share a House” thing…




VS Arashi has been so much fun lately! I really don’t know why the ratings drop so much… u.u Their fight with Momoiro Clover was epic and fun and they really had a good time with Lola and the comedians on the next episode! (yes, Lola is annoying in my opinion, but she can make them laugh a lot XD) Not forgetting to mention Matsumiya as Jack and Rose at the titanic pose, those two… XD


Finally, on Shiyagare, we had them climbing Mount Takao and having fun like school kids! Also, they announced who will be the 24hrs TV marathon runner - Sasaki Kensuke and his family – do you remember them from HnA? Since the theme is bounds, they will have the whole family running! ^.^ And, this week, we had Higashiyama-senpai as guest and, well, whenever they have a senpai in the show, it is fun because they behave like in their junior days! Jun-kun, my dear, don’t worry, for me, you are more stylish than him although he said he won’t lose to you! XD



On a side note, is it just me or are we having a lot of Matsumiya moments lately?! Well, it’s Nino’s month after all! XD

This is it for now… Next post, Nino’s b-day! \o/

Thanks in advance for the ones who comment! ^.^

Credits: gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine.

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