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May, the Arashi Matsuri month!

Another month is ending… It’s just me or 2012 is passing fast?! Anyway, May was certainly an Arashi Matsuri month, with several releases that made all the fangirls happy and… poor! XD

First, writing about the boys, Riida and Aiba-chan are still busy with their dramas (and I am following both of them and enjoying them! ^.^). Sho-chan is probably preparing himself for the Olympics Games since he will be the newscaster for NTV. Nino is busy again filming the 24hs TV Special Drama because he will be the main character on it! I am sure he will make all of us cry with his acting skills! ^.^ And, because of the drama, he also changed his hair… It’s blond, really blond or better, yellow… Yes, not the best color for him in my humble opinion, but, a professional actor has to do what their roles require, right?! I am sure he will change back again when the filming ends! ^.^

Finally, my beloved Jun-kun! I guess he is doing his part for 24hs TV and working on Arashi related things… Apart from that, he must be enjoying the free time he is having now – he went to Mr. Children Concert with Shun-kun, his wife and Toma-kun; he went to watch two butais of two different friends, or, at least, that is what the gossips say… Anyway, I really hope he is having a nice time with his friends because he deserves after the long nonstop working time he had! ^.^

About the group related activities, now, it is time for “Your Eyes” promotion! The single will be out on the 6th, but the song was played on the boys’ radio shows, as well as two of the coupling songs – Kimi Ga Iru Kara and Hanabi. The only one missing is Voice… As always, I don’t know why, but I love the LE coupling song – Kimi Ga Iru Kara! It is a mix of their old songs with some recent arrangements… And it has a summer feeling! ^.^ But I enjoyed Hanabi too and I like Your Eyes!

Not only that, but a preview of the PV was out! They are all really gorgeous and the scenery is beautiful! Not a dancing PV, still, for me, it matched the feeling of the song and I like it! ^.^ Check for yourselves!

Oh, and, this time, we have gifs made by aya_mcdonald (the first ones and “bigger” ones)!


Next Friday, on the 1st, they will be performing Your Eyes on Music Station! I can’t wait! ^.^

Still on the group news, finally, Beautiful World Tour DVD was released! \o/ I love Arashi’s Concert DVDs because it was their performances at Concerts that hooked me into all of them (after being almost three years with only Jun-kun XD)! So I really enjoyed the DVD and watching it made me happy! But… I won’t be extremely biased, the edition wasn’t the best one and I really miss the MC part… u.u Even so, it sure is fun and amazing, full of great effects, like Arashi Concerts always are! And 5x10 on the rain is so heartwarming! *.*









Because he was gorgeous, as always! ^.^




The Concert was full of member-ai but, as you know, my eyes always go towards Juntoshi! And concerts are their main stage! ^.~ There were more moments but I didn’t find gifs of them…






Finally, Jun-kun’s solo – Shake it! Hot! Extremely hot! Too hot for words! He really wanted to kill all his fangirls with that sexy performance… How come people manage to leave the concert alive after seeing it?! It’s better if you check for yourselves before calling me biased…




Disk 03 of the LE edition of the DVD was the footage of Waku Waku Gakou that happened one year ago and I posted about it here on my LJ! The Charity event they did at Tokyo Dome instead of a Concert and in which they were teachers, talking about important aspects of our lives! I was really touched and proud of them at the time they did this event so it is really nice to have it on DVD! ^.^ It seems the footage used parts of the 5 times they did the show so they are not all from the same day as you might feel while watching it… Although, the “thank you” part was of the last event, in which the four of them said their gratitude words to Riida! Jun-kun words to him were really special because, yes, Arashi is Arashi because Ohno Satoshi is their leader (and because the other four members are amazing, but that was not the point XD)! ^.^









I guess that’s it about BW DVD… Writing a little about their regular TV Shows…

As I mentioned on my previous post, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones went to VS Arashi to promote MIB III! It was a little awkward because they were late and I guess the boys really didn’t know they were coming but… Jun-kun was so happy! And gorgeous! And such a fanboy! So, yes, I enjoyed it! ^.^ Oh, and, on the last week’s episode, we had cute little girls as guests (Umi-chan from Natsuniji XD) and Oizumi Yo-san, so I like it too! ^.^ On the next week’s one, I think, Arashi will play rolling coin tower with real students, how nice is that?! I can’t wait to see the students’ faces! ^.^


On Hna, it was Junba time to share a house! Their guest was Lola who is annoying… But they laughed so much with her that the episode turned out nice! ^.^ Since I didn’t find to many gifs with Aiba-chan, have some Aimiya playing with the colored room doors! ^.~




Finally, on Shiyagare, they showed the 24hs TV T-shirt with Nara-san’s drawing and Riida’s kanjis! I found it cute! ^.^ Last week’s episode was not so fun, but Jun-kun was so cute and we had a little Juntoshi, so I had to post about it! And the next one will be so much fun! *.* They will climb Mount Takao, yes, on-site shooting! \o/






I guess that’s all for now… May was quite a great Matsuri, wasn’t it?! ^.~ Next, Music Station Performance and Your Eyes single and PV! ^.^

Thanks in advance for the ones who comment! ^.^

Credits: gifs from tumblr and weibo and by aya_mcdonald, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine.

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