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April and the best “yatta” ever!

Long time no see my own LJ! XD

It’s been almost a month since I last posted here… I guess the end of Lucky Seven and not having Jun-kun every week made my motivation go down a little… u.u I really miss that drama... Not only that, but also their regular TV Shows didn’t air for a couple of weeks which made my motivation to post almost zero… I missed them and, mainly, I missed my dear Jun-kun… u.u That and RL being hectic and still is… >.<

Anyway, let’s talk about the boys to make things better! ^.^

We all know how busy they all are – Nino is filming his movie (and he is in new CMs still looking cute and forever 17); Aiba-chan is filming Mikeneko; Riida is filming Kagi no Kakatta Heya; and Sho-chan ended his filming his Black Board Special, which has already aired by the way, as well as Nazodi Special, and now I think he is preparing for the London Olympics!

By the way, I have watched the first episode of both new dramas and I really liked both, because Mystery is my thing! XD Aiba-chan is too cute with Holmes and his role is perfect for him! ^.^ Riida is cute and a little creepy as Enomoto, but the best is all hands porn we got on the first episode! XD

What about Jun-kun? Well, he finally had time to rest a little and he went to Spain! ^.^ Nino confirmed it on his radio show and said Jun-kun brought football shirts to them, with their names written on it – isn’t he adorable? *biased is biased*

Not only that but he met with Hanadan cast – F4 and Mao-chan – to celebrate Shun-kun’s marriage! I love the friendship between all of them! ^.^ Probably, it is the secret of the drama’s success! ^.^

Now, he is back to work and today he went to the inauguration of the JAL flight between Narita and Boston! ^.^ He was really cute! ^.^

Not only that but he must be busy helping to prepare our future new DVD! \o/ Yes, it was announced the release of Beautiful World Concert’s DVDs! Finally! I was already worried… It’s a little sad that we will just have Kokuritsu Concert (and I won’t see all my precious Juntoshi moments u.u), but it is better than nothing! ^.^ At least, we will have this:


And on the LE edition we will have and extra DVD with Waku Waku School footage! \o/

It was also announced the release of their new single “Face Down” that is the theme of Riida’s drama, Kagi no Kakatta Heya! The song is partially out already and I love it! The electronic feeling it has is really my thing! *.* Not only that, but a preview of the PV was aired and they were all so hot and gorgeous that I almost didn’t notice there was no dancing!


I am really curious about the future performance of this song…

Aiba-chan’s drama, Mikeneko, also has a theme song by Arashi called “Your Eyes”, I liked it too and it is like a slow ballad. It wasn’t possible to hear much of it since it just aired on the drama… And JE is making us go crazy wondering if we will have another new single or a new album, if we will have a new PV… We will have to wait for more information…

On to their TV Shows, The VS Arashi Special with the new game and Bet de Arashi aired and it was really fun! The new game is really interesting and they had Toma-kun to help them as the plus one guest!

Bet de Arashi was really good, all the tension while they played against each other and they were all gorgeous! The sad thing is that my dear Jun-kun lost his two games to Riida and to Nino… But he was flawless to me anyway! ^.^ And it was the goodbye of Ito-san, VS Arashi’s narrator… I miss him already…




Finally, let me write about what really made me motivated to post again! Mannequin Five Special! ^.^

A couple of days before the show, it was aired an interview with the boys, Jun-kun was so nervous that he stumbled on his own words…


But, he didn’t need to be nervous because, finally, he won! \o/ His outfit was chosen as the best and the first one! ^.^ To make things better, I voted for him (it was my second time voting for him, the first one was when he won second place)! It was impossible for me not to choose his outfit – all that blue and that sweet accessories! He was so happy and screaming “Yatta” that it was touching, everybody was clapping hands to celebrate his victory! I was really happy for him! ^.^

Also, it was funny to see all of them trying to add something purple to their outfit! XD And Juntoshi was precious! Jun-kun calling Riida “Satoshi” was extremely sweet and Riida “copying” Jun-kun’s shirt and going into a little (love) quarrel with him was really fun!

Nino cheated and, like it always happens to the one who cheats, he was the second! XD Sho-chan was the third with his serious outfit, Riida the fourth, but still the number 01 in Italy and, finally, Aiba-chan… I still think he chose that outfit on purpose to loose and promote himself and his drama (because he is usually so well dressed), but he was so sad in the end that I am not sure anymore…

Anyway, it was a really fun show and I was really happy for Jun-kun! Who was gorgeous in that great outfit, by the way! ^.^









Just to write a little about my OTP, I finally received the Juntoshi’s doujinshi I bought from boblemon and she sent them with a sweet little note that had a fanart she made of the pair, look how cute it is! Juntoshi Wild At Heart Version – really cute, isn’t it? Thanks again boblemon .

And let’s say goodbye with Juntoshi having fun at a Mago Mago Episode!


I was almost forgetting – I changed my layout! Again, Jun-kun in blue because that is how I like him! XD Please, tell me what you think ok? ^.^

Thanks in advance for the ones who comment! ^.^

Credits: gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine.

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