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A busy month for Arashi!

March sure was a busy month for our boys and there is still more to come this week! So, let me write about the highlights of the last two weeks! ^.^

As soon as I wrote last post, on the next day, it was launched Hana Arashi campaign on FTV, exactly like Fuku no Arashi that came before! Something to celebrate the end of Lucky Seven, Nazodi Special, VS Arashi Special and Riida’s new drama – Locked Room or Kage no Kakatta Heya! This week (and on next one) we had short videos with them promoting all the TV Shows and interacting with each other! Nino had a special message to Jun-kun as well as Jun-kun had one to Aiba-chan! XD So, from now on, Jun-kun will send a message to Nino informing him when he will use a strange outfit and Aiba-chan will not give Jun-kun colored T-Shirts that lost their colors and stain Jun-kun’s sheets! XD


The best part of the campaign was that, on Friday 16th, Tokyo Tower was illuminated with Arashi colors! It became even more beautiful! *.* I love Tokyo Tower and I love Arashi so this was like a dream to me, look how beautiful it became:

On the last VS Arashi, we had the boys pointing out their best and their worst moments and Sho-chan was chose as the Most Most Damn Arashi, poor thing… But, the best part was the preview for the Special to come this week, with a new game created by the boys and a corner called Bet de Arashi, in which they will compete against each other! I can’t wait! ^.^

Since I am writing about their regular TV Shows, let me write a little about the other two! The last Shiyagare was a Special one, with the boys having fun, and, in the end, they aired another short video of the Concert the boys did on Miyagi, this time, we could watch Hatenai Sora performance and their words! It was touching! Not only that, but NTV announce a day full of Aiba-chan on the April 14th, the day his new drama will start – Mikineko Holmes no Suiri! The symbol of the campaign is so cute, perfect for Aiba-chan! ^.^

Oh! And great news – Arashi will sing the theme song for Aiba-chan’s drama, which means we will have new single, new performance and new PV (I hope)! ^.^

Finally, into TBS, it was announced another Mannequin Five Special and they are taking votes already! It’s hard to say who is who although everybody (myself included) has their own guesses… I voted and it’s pretty easy to guess my choice – there is a color in there that I love so I couldn’t help! XD Anyway, honestly, all that I want is that Jun-kun doesn’t lose again… u.u

Still about TBS, yesterday, it was aired a Special TV Show in commemoration of HnA anniversary in which we had the boys, just the five of them, having lunch and talking, being them and having fun! It was really an adorable special! ^.^ And with some Juntoshi moments to make my heart happy! ^.^

Oh! And the boys are in a new Kirin CM, which is really fun and full of Aimiya! ^.^ I miss having more CMs with the five of them!

Writing about my dear Jun-kun, on the day Tokyo Tower was Arashified, he and Lucky Seven Team were there filming a scene for the last episode of the drama! Yes, this time, Arashified Tokyo Tower was the cameo in Jun-kun’s drama! XD

And, on Monday 19th, the same day the last episode would air, Jun-kun went to Mezamashi to promote it, he was really cute and some scenes of the crank up were showed! ^.^

And, Lucky Seven ended… u.u I will miss the drama so much! >.< In my opinion, it was really a good drama, the casting was amazing and, not only that, but, for me, even the script was ok and well planned! For it is like those American series that we have one case per episode and we get to know the main characters little by little! Of course, that was adapted to the fact that they knew Eita-kun would be leaving for his play in the middle (because, honestly, we would be really naïve if we think they didn’t know).

Anyway, in the firsts episodes, we got to know Shuntarou and Nitta better, we had their interaction and Shuntarou was always trying to surpass Nitta and failing… Also, since the very first episode, the boss’s father drama was being showed, little by little, as a mysterious theme.

Then, on the middle, Nitta leaves and Shuntarou has his chance to keep growing and the others team members gain the focus – episode 06 was about Tsukushi-san, episode 07 about Junpei-san, episode 08 about Asuka-chan and, finally, the last two episodes about the boss and her father’s mystery! Not only that but, on the last two episodes, we can see how much their bounds grew and their team work is perfect! And, as a bonus, we have Nitta back and the opportunity to see that, now, he and Shuntarou are on the same level! The scene in which he discovered Nitta, wining from him on the fight, shows that! ^.^

So, even the plot was well written and organized in my opinion! Like I said, the cast was amazing and nobody says anything on the contrary! The action was the highlight of the drama! The episodes with the lower ratings were the ones with less action and more human drama. Being honest, I really like those episodes, but I guess Japan is more into action right now…

Anyway, to crown this great drama, in the end, the ratings were really good and Lucky Seven was the best winter drama in terms of ratings (Taiga Drama and Aibou 10 are not winter dramas since they are longer)!

I am really happy for Jun-kun and all the cast, they deserved it! ^.^

Now, onto the episodes… Episode 09 was about Shuntarou being fooled by a girl and the great action scenes were back! Not only that, but we had the boss’s kidnapping as a cliffhanger in the end! Bonus of the episode – Shuntarou in glasses again! ^.^





Episode 10 was about the team rescuing the boss, finding Nitta in the process and working as a team to solve the boss’s father case! A lot of action and funny moments, it was trilling! And the team work touched my heart! ^.^ As well as Inu and Saru reunion, I really love those two together!












I will miss Shuntarou and Lucky Seven so much… u.u That’s why I can’t wait for the DVD Box to be released and to all the extras! ^.~

That’s it… Now, I am looking forward to VS Arashi Special, Mannequin Five Special, Nazodi Special, Riida’s and Aiba-chan’s new dramas and Nino’s movie! ^.^ Jun-kun, I hope you can rest a little now! ^.^

To the one who comment, thanks in advance, see you on next post! ^.^

Credits: gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine.

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