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It’s March already!

And so much has happened! We are not even in the middle of the month and Arashi has done so much! This post will be long and full of gifs! ^.^

On March 7th, Wild at Heart Single was released and, together with the LE edition, we have the full PV! The Sinlge is really good, being Wild at Heart and How Can I love my favorites, and it has sold a lot on its first week, congratulations to the boys! \o/ The PV, like we could see from the preview, is indeed so much fun! To have the five of them inside a box was unique and extremely special! ^.^



During this last week, Arashi promote their new single! First, they went to Hey! Hey! Hey! The talk part of the show was nice and fun, we could learn about the first CD each of them bought and their top 10 songs. Not only that, but they aired a short video of Sho-chan’s b-day party at Fukuoka Concert! How I wish this would be on the DVD! Take a look on the hotness and on the fun:


Their performance of Wild at Heart in Hey! Hey! Hey! was the best for me, perfect and flawless! They were all gorgeous, especially Jun-kun, shining the most in the theme song of his drama! And he interacts with all of them, but especially with Riida, which made my Juntoshi heart happy! ^.^ The dance is amazing and Jun-kun kicking the mic is the best part! Seriously, I am in love with this song and this performance!

After, we had Ongaku no Chikara, in which Sho-chan was the host and in which was aired a video of their visit to the temporary houses and the mini concert they performed at the affected areas! They performed Wild at Heart, Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi and Happiness. Remember that little boy that gave them candies that I wrote about on my last post? Take a look at him during the concert, so cute! *.* I want to hug him! XD

Finally, they performed live in Music Station last Friday! I was in love with their outfit in the blue version, especially with Jun-kun wearing necklaces with purple stones! He was so gorgeous and hot! And hyper too, he kept playing during the whole show! ^.^ Take a look:






Meanwhile, during the week, a new JAL CM with the five of them aired – it’s magical Arashi flying on a magic carpet around Sky Tree! ^.^ I love CMs with the five of them! ^.^

But, of course, being biased, I love CMs with Jun-kun! And his new Meiji CM was aired and he was so gorgeous and the squirrels (or chipmunks) are so funny! XD



Like always, I have also to talk about Lucky Seven! ^.^ Today, episode 09 was aired, just one to end! How sad! I will really miss this drama and Shuntarou! The ratings raised again and I am extremely happy because the drama deserves it – it is really entertaining! The actions scenes and their team work are better at each episode! ^.^ And, on the final one, he will be back! Saru and Inu together again! *.*

On episode 07, Junpei-san tried an arranged date, with Shuntarou and Asuka-chan spying on him, while he and Shuntarou helped an old lady who thought the ghost of her beloved man was on her house… It was a touching episode!

On episode 08, the focus was Asuka-chan, who was thinking about marriage while helping a young lady, who was being spied on and Shuntarou was there to save them! The action part was trilling!


I will leave the two finals episodes to another post! ^.^ All can I say is that I really love this drama, call me biased, I don’t mind! XDD

Back to Arashi, they left a message on J-Net about their new single and, yesterday, a video with the five of them was screened at Marching J! They couldn’t attend it since they are all busy with their solo works, but we all know how much Arashi has been doing to help the affected areas and I am really proud of them! ^.^

Finally, I must say their regular TV Shows have been quite entertaining this lasts weeks but I guess my post is already too long… Most Most Dam Arashi, Jun-kun riding roller coasters on HnA, Arashi ni Shiyagare with Toma-kun, several great shows! And we will have VS Arashi Special with a new game created by the boys and Toma-kun will be the guest! Not only that, but another Mannequim Five Special is coming up! I hope Jun-kun can have a better luck this time! ^.^

Thanks for the ones who comments and see you in my next post! ^.~

Credits: nothing made by me, nothing mine, gifs from tumblr, weibo and from dear kiriezero, who made the Juntoshi one at Hey!x3.

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