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Mada Minu Sekai E PV and others news!

Yay! Here I am with my second post! I never thought that I would post again so fast! XD But, a big motivation to post appeared and I have to talk about it… Yes, it is about what all the fandon is talking about and, so, I have to express my opinion too… Arashi´s new PV is out – Mada Minu Sekai E! \o/ And I am in love with it! *.* It´s so refreshing! It´s so different from their recent PVs! On the other hand, it gave a feeling of some of their old PVs! For me, it is a mix of A.Ra.Shi, Typhoon Generation and Step and Go.
Well, for those who saw the PV Making Of, the studio and the staff were the same of their debut PV, so it was expected that it makes us remember A.Ra.Shi – that full of squares background is so similar and the PV is also full of dance! Their hair style made me remember of Typhoon Generation, specially Aiba-chan´s hair style! By the way, he seems so young and the others too! But, when I saw Aiba-chan, I thought “they took Aiba-chan from Typhoon Generation and put him in Mada Minu Sekai E!”! XDD Finally, their colorful outfit and the light effects made me remember of Step and Go! Despite all these resemblances, Mada Minu Sekai E is a unique PV – the dance is amazing, the visual, both the retro one and the black and white one, catch our attention, they are gorgeous and young and the music is great! Perfect! I really loved this PV! ^.^
I know that there are some fans that didn´t like the music nor the PV… But, I think they are trying new things because they need to keep reinventing themselves to always be refreshing to the fans and to themselves. ^.^ Also, I read some really harsh words about the PV and I was really sad about that… In my opinion, if you are a fan, even when your idol do something that you don´t like much, you keep supporting him or them (in this case)… I can´t never imagine myself saying such harsh words about any of the five members… So, please, people, let´s be real fans…
And, yes I really liked the PV, the music and their visual! For me, all five of them were handsome! Both in the retro clothes and in the black ones! ^.^ Of course, Jun-kun was the most gorgeous to me! XDDD He is so sexy in that black outfit! *.* XDD

Another news:

Talking about other Arashi news, I also really liked the new song that was used in JAL CM – this one is in the old Arashi style and it is also great! ^.^ And, today, Riida´s solo was out and what a surprise – it´s a Yama combination! Sho-chan does the rap part! It´s a great song and I just can imagine the dance Riida is going to perform, it will be hot! ^.~
To celebrate the new post and the new PV – a new PV icon from my dear friend - [info]shaizadi . Gifs from [info]arashi_gifs  and
I still need to watch the whole new DVD (thanks Shai-san for the links), but I will do it, I am anxious for the camping report! ^.^ And I am anxious to receive my copy of the DVD! \o/ And for the new album too! *.* That´s all for today! ^.^ Thanks in advance for the ones who will read this and, if possible, I will be happy if you can comment! ^.^


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