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Bye Bye, February!

Almost on last day of February, but here I am again! ^.^

We had several Arashi news during the last half of the month! Aiba-chan and Riida’s new dramas were announced! ^.^ I am really happy for them and for having all the five of them doing solo activities! It’s strange and interesting (for me since I like the genre) that both will also be doing dramas of mystery, I think mystery is on the spotlight in Japan! And Aiba-chan will count with the help of a cat to solve the cases – is there any better combination than Aiba-chan and animals? Maybe Aiba-chan and kids! XD Anyway, I am really looking forward for both dramas and also for Nazodi Special, TBS Special drama and Nino’s movie! ^.^ They are quite busy so I hope they are taking care of their health! ^.^

Talking about the group activities, Aiba-chan played two new songs that will be out with Wild At Heart Single on his radio show - Tsuite Oide and How Can I Love. I really liked both, but I loved the last one – it is been a while since their last slow ballad and the lyrics are beautiful too! I can’t wait for the single to be released!

Not only that, but a preview of Wild At Heart PV was out and, OMG, it is so much fun! Pure fun, by the way! XD Take a look for yourselves:


They will be promoting their new song and their new single at Music Shows! They will go to Hey! Hey! Hey! (the show has already been recorded) and it seems they will go to Music Station! I am really looking forward to March! ^.^

Also, they will perform at Ongaku no Chikara and Sho-chan will be the MC for the show! Not only that, but it will be showed a video of a mini-concert they did on Miyagi as well as their visit to temporary houses there! It is impossible not to be proud of the boys!

The media already showed a video about their visit to the temporary houses in Miyagi and there was a little boy who really touched me – he was so happy to receive Arashi’s visit that he gave them his candies and even gave one to the cameraman, he is so sweet despite everything!

Of course, this was the most sweet to my heart too! XD

Talking about Jun-kun, he is still busy with Lucky Seven and it seems he is sick with his pollen allergy, poor thing… u.u I hope he is trying to rest when he can!

The drama keeps being interesting to me, the audience didn’t respond well to the fact that Eita-kun will be away for some episodes (he has a butai) and the ratings ended up falling… I am not going to write about my thoughts related to all this situation because I might scare some people since I am really irritated with all this, Jun-kun doesn’t deserve that… Anyway, all I can and will keep doing is support him. And that will be easy because I am really enjoying Lucky Seven! I can be biased, but I really like the drama, it makes me relax with the comedy parts and it makes me want to join their team when I see them working together. The human drama parts touch me! It is not a deep drama, but it is a good entertainment, exactly like Nazodi was. And I love the cast! ^.^

In episode five, we had the solution of Nitta’s case and his (strange) farewell… Although, there still the mystery of who asked for the crime and about the boss’ father… I guess Nitta is taking care of this case! ^.~

On episode six, Shuntarou could meet the actor that plays the detective that he was a fan and that his nephew is a fan too! ^.^ Also, he could save Tsukushi-san from someone who was not happy with their investigation, the action part was really interesting!



Episode seven has already been aired this week, but I will talk about it in my next post! Just three more episodes to the end, I will miss Lucky Seven…

Still on the TV Shows, there was a Shiyagare couple weeks ago that made my heart skip a beat since I am fan of both MJ – Michael Jackson and Matsumoto Jun! Having Arashi performing MJ was really special, and Jun-kun performing Billie Jean was breathtaking! *.*

Finally, I want to thank you the ones who commented on my last post! I thought I wasn’t going to have so many comments because Juntoshi is an underrated pairing, but it seems it was a good way to celebrate Valentines’ with all those gifs! Thank you, really! ^.^

And let’s look forward to March and to all Arashi activities; it will be a busy month! ^.^

Credits: gifs from tumblr, not mine, I didn’t make any of them.

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