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Happy Valentine’s Day! ^.^

It’s February! It’s Valentine’s Day! ^.^ Let’s celebrate with Arashi! \o/

Since all of them have already made CMs for sweets and chocolates, we can choose the sweet and the Arashi we want! XD

Of course, for me, it has to be Mr. Meiji, Jun-kun! ^.^ Although, I confess that, as a sweet, I also love pocky! XD

Being serious, I really like the way Japanese people celebrate Valentine’s Day – the chocolate is not only for the beloved person, but also for friends and family! And there is even a day to the retribution – the White Day on March 14th. I think, this way, everybody can celebrate the Valentine’s Day and not only the ones who have someone!

So, Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends, I hope you all have a nice and sweet day, with the flavor of chocolate! Consider this whish as a Tomo-choco from me! ^.^

Since this is my first February post, I have to talk a little about Arashi and Jun-kun’s news! ^.^ For Arashi, I think the only relevant news is that Wild At Heart Single will be released on March 7th, together with the PV! I can’t wait for it! *.* Although, I would prefer to see it released earlier, so they could promote Lucky Seven better…

For each of the boys, Aiba-chan is busy promoting the movie in which he worked as a narrator, Nino is probably busy filming his new movie, as well as Sho-chan, who finished filming Nazodi Special and started filming TBS Drama Special. Riida must be resting, fishing, painting… or planning something that we will know in the future! ^.~

Finally, Jun-kun is busy with Lucky Seven! ^.^ Before talking about the episodes, I must point out that he appeared on today’s Hey! Hey! Hey! and he was so cute, talking about his beloved love song – Kabutomushi from Aiko! He really loves the song! ^.^

Talking about Lucky Seven, I am still in love with the drama because the plot keeps being good, the actors’ interactions are better at each episode and Jun-kun is gorgeous! *biased is biased*

On episode 03, there was a mix that always wins my heart – Jun-kun, a dog and a little girl! *.* Yes, I am silly! XD The plot wasn’t so complicated this time, but it touched me because child-parent relationship always gets my heart…

On episode 04, the action and the mystery came back with full force! This time, Nitta is the suspect! Jun-kun and Eita-kun interactions were great in this episode! But, it ended without giving us the reply to the mystery…

Episode 05 aired yesterday, but I will wait the subbed version to talk about it better, although I watched the raw! XD *anxious fan is anxious*

But, I already know we will have a big change in the drama and that is worrying me… The ratings are steady and I really, really hope it keeps this way otherwise Jun-kun will be sad, and I don’t want to see him depressed like in Natsuniji times… u.u (don’t get me wrong, I love Natsuniji, but the ratings weren’t good) I hope Saru will be back…

Finally, since today is Valentine’s Day, I decided to give myself a gift and post lots of Juntoshi gifs! \o/ They are the gifs I love the most, but I confess that are several that I also love that aren’t here! XD

Probably, not many people will like my celebration, but I can’t help it – Juntoshi love makes my heart happier! ^.^ So, some Juntoshi love at concerts, making offs, TV shows, butai, for me and for anyone that likes them! ^.^










Happy Valentine’s Day! ^.^

Credits – gifs and pictures from tumblr, not mine! Fanart from not mine.

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