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And January ends!

Hello, LJ! ^.^ Finally, I am here again to write about the end of January highlights! ^.^ Of course, it has to be about Lucky Seven! \o/

Jun-kun’s new drama started on January 16th but, before it, on the same day, he went to several TV shows to promote his drama! ^.^ He was gorgeous, as always, and he was also shy and cute! ^.^ And he seems to get along really well with Oizumi-san and Eita-kun! ^.^


On another day on another promotional show, we could see Jun-kun eating his precious toast with margarine, honey and mayonnaise! I think I will try this…

Let’s talk about the drama! Yes, I am biased, we all know that, but I am really adoring Lucky Seven! Not only because of Jun-kun… Sure he is gorgeous and I really like his acting, his Shuntaro is funny, cute and determinate! But, all the casting is amazing! His interactions with Eita-kun, especially, are really nice! And the story is interesting, a mix of mystery, action and human drama!
The action scenes, by the way, are amazing! Of course, they are being direct by Gantz director and he is doing an amazing job! ^.^
And their team work in the story is great too, it seems a fun place to work! ^.^ Let’s take a look on gifs of episode 01!

And, now, on episode 02!


The ratings are good and I hope it stays steady because Jun-kun is really working hard so he deserves his drama to be a success! ^.^
And the theme song is singed by Arashi – Wild At Heart! The single will be released with the PV on March 7th, I can’t wait because the song is catchy and up! ^.^

Talking about the five of them, on 14th and 15th of January, they made their last concert of Beautiful World Tour at Fukuoka and they were concerts full of happenings!

On the 15th, they celebrated Sho-chan’s birthday! \o/ First, they left him alone on the stage during the MC. Afterwards, the other four appeared dressed like in the pictures below while Taboo was playing on the screen, a video made by the four of them, with the four of them performing and singing it! It was so much fun! I bet Sho-chan will never forget this celebration! ^.^

Not only that, but, Fukuoka concerts were full of Juntoshi moments! *.* My fangirl heart was so happy!
Happy moments!

Holding hands moments! Look at Riida’s face! XD

And, finally, the most commented moment – at, A Day in our Life (aka Juntoshi song), they were singing together and Riida asked for a kiss in his cheek and what Jun-kun gave him was… a bite! XD A love bite! My heart almost exploded with so much love! *.*

Beautiful World Tour will be sure one of my favorites with so much Juntoshi! ^.~

On a not so happy side, I need to take this opportunity to ramble a little… Since Jun-kun is on the spotlight with his drama and since there were so many Juntoshi moments at the concert, several Juntoshi and Jun-kun haters started to voice their hate… That really, really, made me sad… And they even call themselves Arashi fans… How can you be a fan if you hate any of the members? All the other four love Jun-kun and that’s is clear to anyone! Not only that, why does someone need to hate a pairing? If you don’t like the pairing, ok, don’t talk about and leave the ones who like them alone… Everybody can like any pair and any member! Why can’t people respect each other? They don’t need to like the same thing, they just need to respect… This fandom can be scary and tiring sometimes…
But, well, I guess haters will always hate…

Still on the ramble, I am not going to talk about SOPA and ACTA since the topic everywhere… All I can say is that we have to do what we can to try to stop it… Not only fandom will at risky, but also our liberty on the net… So, please, put your voices out!

Back to Arashi, please, let’s keep watching Lucky Seven and all their TV Shows! ^.^ And we also have Nazodi Special, Sho-chan’s Special Drama at TBS and Nino’s movie to look forward to! ^.^
See you in February! ^.^

Credits: gifs and pictures from tumblr, not mine.
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