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Happy Birthday, Sho-chan! ^.^

Finally, our Keio Boy is turning 30 and becoming the mature Candle Sho! XD

So, let’s celebrate!

Dear Sho-kun (as Jun-kun says), although you are known for your fails (especially at games XD), you never fail to entertain me and make me laugh with your dork moments! XD Or with your great dramas! You also never fail to make me admire you because of your serious and responsible side, especially when talking about worldwide matters at News Zero or being nice and deep at press conferences. Finally, you never fail to make me go high with your rap and, together with Arashi, to make songs that I can’t stop singing!
To you, I wish all the best and all the happiness because you deserve! Please keep being the dork, the fail, the rapper, the caster, the hard-working and the intellectual guy that only you, Sho-chan, can be, the one that all the other four Arashi can rely on!

And, since you probably were the one that got to know the precious Chibi Jun-kun better, I wish you can both be smiling like in the old days in this special day, together with the others members!



Happy Birthday, Sakurai Sho!


Oh! And Congratulations for your new drama! That was a very special news on your b-day! ^.^

Credits: fanart made by Huda-san nhbsakakude (don’t copy nor share it) and gifs from tumblr.

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