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January is flying by!

It’s almost mid-January! And, like always, there are several Arashi and Jun-kun’ news! ^.^
But, before starting with the usual highlights, I need to share this amazing fanart that I requested for 
nhbsakakude and she made a great work:

Huda-san was able to draw all the details I asked for her – the sunset sky with a golden moon, the sakura trees, the canvas, the painting, the camera, the picture and, most important, Juntoshi! And the final result is beautiful, isn’t it?! I have to say that I requested this fanart from her inspired by one of my favorites Juntoshi fanfics , A Golden Moon written by mylittlecthulhu, which is beautiful and deep! ^.^
I hope you like it and, as always, please, don´t copy nor share it!
Starting with the highlights from the first two weeks of 2012! ^.^

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Arashi had a Shiyagare Special on the first day of the year, in which they announced they will be the main personality for this year 24hs TV! But, I didn’t talk about the show properly… It was a fun special, with games, funny and full of jokes sketches and even old VTRs of each of them, that they watched together with Hatori-san. Look at Jun-kun watching himself at Boys Be:

On another show, we also had Hatori-san and Jun-kun as MCs of Number 01 Show Time and they did an great job again! ^.^

On the third, we had several hours of Arashi on FTV, it was a great day for the fandom! ^.^
First, we had Kotatsu de Arashi, in which the five of them watched VTRs and talked about their old TV Shows, it was a really fun and full of memories show!



During the comercials, they did Speaking Sniper (a parody with VS Arashi’s game Kicking Sniper) to promote the VS Arashi Special and they had to read the promotion fast otherwise they were punished… it was priceless! XD


Finally, we had VS Arashi Special with Arashi Team, Lucky Seven Team and Nadeshiko Japan Team! It was a great show! Jun-kun played against Arashi in Lucky Seven Team! Unfortunately, they lost (yes, I was cheering for Jun-kun's L7 Team), but Jun-kun played almost all the games and he did really fine! ^.^

And after all these shows, we had Riida’s drama Special - Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai, in which Jun-kun and Sho-chan appeared as cameos! I have already watched it and It is fun and relaxing entertainment! The beginning is a little slow, almost boring, but, in the middle, the plot hooked me and it was fun! And there are several amazing actors in it! ^.^

Still on the TV topic, Jun-kun and his colleagues from Lucky Sevem went to Variety Shows to promote the drama – Honmadekka and Tunnels, and we were able to see their good interaction as well as more scenes of the drama! ^.^




Still about Lucky Seven, at the 12th, it was the press conference of the drama, full of sweet talk between Jun-kun and Eita-kun and him and Nanako-san and, in which, Oizumi-san was daring and asked Jun-kun if he has a girlfriend and Jun-kun avoided the reply, laughing… Why did you have to do that to our fangirl’s heart, Oizumi-san?! XDD


Still on TV subject, the new Fasio CM was out and, OMG, Jun-kun is too gorgeous and hot for words… And Kiritani Mirei is the luckiest girl in the world because she received his kiss in her eyelashes! XD But the sweetest moment was on the making of, Jun-kun playing with a dog, really cute! ^.^

Finally, out of the TV, Arashi had Beautiful World Tour concerts since the 3rd! The last ones will be on this weekend! And I hope the DVD will be out soon… But, while we don’t have the DVD, we have fancans! Look at Jun-kun hot and sexy performance of Shake It!





But, for me, concerts are specials because they are the stage for member-ai and, in my case, for Juntoshi moments, how can they be so cute?!

Finally, with Lucky Seven starting on Monday, we have Jun-kun magazine festival, causing our pockets to be empty! But it is worthy because he is really gorgeous!

And, just to end the post, this was aired as a moment that was cut from Music Lovers, it was so cute, Riida is almost like a cat, nekoriida!

That’s it… I hope everything goes smoothly in Fukuoka Concerts and I can’t wait to Lucky Seven! Please, let it get high ratings!
See you soon and thanks in advance for the ones who comment! ^.^

Credits: gifs and pictures from tumblr, not mine, and fanart by
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