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Happy 2012! ^.^ And Sho-chan´s month starts!

It is still 1st of January in my time zone so I can still wish a happy new year! \o/ And a happy Sho-chan´s month! ^.^

To all my LJ/DW friends, it was really nice to be able to “meet” you all in 2011! Having others fans to talk to makes fangirling much more fun! ^.^ Not only that, but being able to get to know a little about several different people from several different places of the world is something amazing! *.* So, thanks a lot to all of you! I hope we can keep fangirling together in 2012 and sharing life experiences! ^.^
Of course, I don´t need to say that I wish all the best for our five wonderful boys – may 2012 be another amazing year for Arashi! And we will be there following everything they do! ^.~
Talking about them, there are several highlights for the end of December, so let´s go to them! ^.^

The CM of Lucky Seven and a preview of the drama were out and I am really anxious for it – the cast is amazing, it is a detective story, the plot seems interesting and Jun-kun is too hot for words! *.* I really can’t wait for it and I hope it gets good ratings! ^.^

On 23rd December, Arashi performed at Music Station Special and everything was perfect! ^.^ Look at the great outfit they were wearing at the beginning of the show! I wished they have performed with it…

This time, we had Lotus, Happiness and Meikyuu Love Song and they did a great performance! ^.^ The part with the balloons was really fun! ^.^

On the last week of 2011, to promote they end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 shows, they appeared with the Tokio members every day on TV and, also, the five of them appeared together every day in their Fuku no Arashi campaign! It was really fun! ^.^

We could also watch a video made by Jun-kun on Lucky Seven set! ^.^

The only thing is that he looks really tired… Drama, Kohaku, Concerts… He sure is working a lot so I hope he is taking proper care of his health…

Still on TV subject, finally, we have the five of them together on a Kirin CM – so funny! XD


Finally, talking about to what we were all looking forward – Kohaku! It was AMAZING!
They were great as MCs, better than last year, in my humble opinion, I think they were less nervous… And Mao-chan was great too!

And their performances were wonderful! First, they did a collaboration with Disney Characters, it was too cute for words! And Jun-kun was finally able to dance with his beloved Mickey! XD We all know he loves Disney and Mickey! But the five of them were great and having fun! ^.^

Furusato was touching! More than last year… And Sho-chan playing the piano was beautiful, please, do that more times, Sho-chan! ^.~

Finally, the medley was amazing! They performed Meikyuu Love Song and Hatenai Sora and they did it with amazing effects! The same 3D effects Jun-kun saw on Number 01 Show Time – I had a feeling he would use those effects since then! ^.^

I just hope they don’t be too much frustrated about White Team loosing because their part they did perfectly! ^.^

And, after Kohaku, they appeared on Johnny's countdown! Although, it seems it was a recorded video… Nevertheless, Arashi + Tokyo Tower is always a beautiful view to me! And they performed Happiness, Monster and Meikyuu Love Song direct from a rooftop! It was cool! ^.^

Since the new year has begun, we already have a new year message of the boys on johnny's net! ^.^ They are promoting Jun-kun´s drama and all the DVD´s that are to come! ^.^

And, today, we had a big announcement on Shiyagare Special – Arashi will be the main personality for the next 24hs TV! \o/ I am really happy for them and I love to see them doing this kind of work! ^.^ The biggest mystery is, who will write the letter this time? Riida, Sho-chan or Jun-kun?! I will cry no matter who will be because it sure will be emotional! ^.^

That’s it… And there are a lot of things to come – Riida´s Special Drama, VS Arashi Special, Kotatsu no Arashi, Lucky Seven, Jun-kun as MC at Show Time and concerts! January will be a busy month, busy like Sho-chan´s month should be! ^.^
To all of you, I wish a great month and a great 2012! \o/
credits: gifs from tumblr.
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