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December 27th...

Well, it´s my day... I wasn´t going to post anything because it is a little strange to post about your own birthday but I thought it was a good reason to share this:

Yes, it is me and Jun-kun made by Huda-san nhbsakakude  (as always, please, don´t copy nor share it). If this fanart could be real, it would be the most perfect birthday gift ever! *.* But, I will just wish that someday I can go back to Japan and attend to an Arashi concert, that would be a great and possible gift! ^.^

And just to give a better reason to this post, yesterday, it was Oguri Shun-kun´s birthday. Since he is one of Jun-kun´s best friends and the great Hanazawa Rui of Hanadan, I have to wish him all the best! ^.^ Shun-kun, please, keep taking care of Jun-kun! ^.^

Finally, for the ones who celebrate it, I hope you all had a great Christmas! ^.^

In the next post, Arashi´s news! ^.^

credits: fanart from Huda-san and gif from tumblr.
Tags: birthday, fanart, jun-kun, oguri shun
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