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Happy Birthday, Aiba-chan! And Merry Christmas! ^.^

Finally, it is the Sunshine boy 29th B-Day!

So let´s celebrate! \o/

Aiba-chan´s smile sure has magical powers! It can heal anyone from anything! So, I hope he can keep smiling a lot and being this wonderful, sweet, creative, gorgeous, funny, caring, cute, animal lover and miraculous person that he is! ^.^ All the best for you, Aiba-chan, not only today, but always! \o/ Please, keep being the warm member that brings Arashi together, making everybody melts with your laugh! ^.^
And, since Aiba-chan is special, his birthday is on Christmas´s eve, so, I want to wish Merry Christmas to all my LJ friends! \o/ I hope you can have a peaceful and full of love Christmas, together with the ones that are important to you! ^.^

How about celebrating with Arashi?!

As a gift, I am sharing some new fanarts that I requested from Huda-san nhbsakakude (as well as both above) and, as always, please, don't copy and share these fanarts because she was the one who made them to me ok?! So, here you go chibi Kaze Trio and chibi Sakumotohno! ^.^

I hope these cute fanarts can warm your Christmas! ^.^
Merry X´Mas and happy Aiba-chan´s day! \o/

Credits: fanarts from Huda-san and gifs from tumblr.
Tags: aiba-chan, arashi, birthday, fanart, jun-kun, junba, kaze trio
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