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Because Arashi is my world!

I have been a LJ user for some years now (I used it to look into some anime/manga communities), but I just started using it for real for less than a year and the reason was ARASHI! *.* Yes, I love them, the five of them, they really own my soul! XD And, it is because of them that I decided to try to have a real LJ... Probably, I will just use it to talk about them and share my thoughts about these 05 wonderful men! That's why my layout is an Arashi one and it was made by: keyzti  in rainbowdump . Despite the fact that I like the five of them, my Ichiban is Matsujun as you might have noticed! ^.~ By the way, English is not my first language so pardon me for the eventual mistakes...

Well, for my first entry, I just tought to share some pictures that I took in September of last year when I went to Japan!

Yes, I was able to visit the country that I love! But, I was with a group and I didn't have the liberty to go wherever I wish, so I didn't see many of Arashi or Johnny's places... u.u But, I saw them in everywhere! There as always an advertisement with then or an outdoor! It was really amazing to see Arashi everywhere I went! This was a precious memory for me! ^.^ So, I tought to share some of the pictures I took from theirs advertisements:

The AU Cel Phones:

 The Kirin Green Label:


And, finally, Natsuniji:


I hope I can go back to Japan one day and go to Arashi's Concert! *.*

That's all for today... ^.^

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