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19 December 2011 @ 12:54 am
Highlights of mid-December!  
Hello, December! ^.^ It´s almost Aiba-chan´s day and I didn´t post again in Aiba-chan´s month… Shame on me… Like always, I will write about the important happenings in Arashi´s world since my last post!
In the beginning of the month, Arashi made a press conference to promote their end of the year TV Shows – Fuku no Arashi started! We will have VS Arashi Special, Kotatsu no Arashi, the end of Nazodi, Riida´s Special Drama and Jun-kun´s new drama – Lucky Seven! Not only that, Sho-chan, as Kageyama, and Jun-kun, as Shuntaro, will appear as cameos in Riida´s drama, I am so happy for the Sakumotohno collaboration! ^.^ Also, Jun-kun´s Lucky Seven will have an Arashi song, so, we will have a new song and a new single, I can´t wait! *.*

Besides all that, in others TV Stations, we will have Music Station Special, Arashi ni Shiyagare Special and Jun-kun as a MC of World Number 01 Show Time again! \o/ I am so happy for him! But, I am a little worried… He has been working nonstop – the butai ended, he started filming Lucky Seven, he keeps filming their TV Shows and all the specials to come, there will be the music shows, the MC work and all the concerts in January… I hope he is taking care of his health… And I wish all the best to him in all that he is doing! My fangirl heart is happy to be able to see him in several activities! ^.^

And, we will have Kohaku! \o/ A promotional video was out and it was so beautiful! All the six of them – including Mao-chan – were beautiful and the words were touching! I can´t wait for Kohaku! \o/

Arashi also has a new video message on j-net, they are talking about all these news and being chummy like always! Especially Juntoshi, to my happiness! *.*


On a not so happy side, we had the FNS Song Festival… Their collaboration performance, in which they sang an old song called Imouto, was beautiful and I really liked the song! ^.^ The five of them were gorgeous in the golden outfit! *.*

But… The Meikyuu Love Song performance, which had everything to be perfect because they were gorgeous and danced perfectly, was disastrous… The staff did a mistake with the mics, the orchestra was too loud and the staff lost their earpieces… So, they sang out of tune and not in sync… But, I was proud of them – even with all this happening at the moment, they kept the smile on their faces and went with the performance until the end, like real professionals! Shame on FNS staff to say little… (let´s not talk about the conspiracy theories) And a huge congratulations to the boys!

On the bright side again, the last VS Arashi of 2011 was a really special one – with audience from the areas affected by the tsunami. It was a fun show and, in the end, they shook hands with all the audience, it was so touching!

And, like the fangirl I am, I have to write about the Juntoshi HnA! It was so cute and funny and made me so happy! First, those two together is always too much love for my heart! But, if I can watch Juntoshi with dogs, then, I am in heaven! XD It was funny to see Jun-kun being ignored by Burguer (the trained dog), but, at the same time, the “Burguer ja nai” (the black dog) was in love with him, licked his face and went to him all the time! XD It was a really cute show, after all, nothing can be more adorable than Juntoshi! *.*

And, since we have so much to look forward in the end of 2011 and in the beginning of 2012, all the magazines have Arashi on them! It is like a festival of photo-shoots and pictures, with almost all the pairings, and a lot of member-ai! Let´s take a look on some Juntoshi (of course).

They had fun all the time:


That´s it for now… Next, it will be Aiba-chan´s day! And we have to stay tuned to all the shows to come, ganbatte, Arashi! \o/
Credits: pictures and gifs from tumblr.
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blind_maiden: Jun smileblind_maiden on December 19th, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)
This is a very cute post^^

First, I'm happy with the magazines this month \o/ They are making all fans happy ^^ Plus, Fuku Arashi and their Christmas video were super cute in many levels! ^^

Second, the shows are amazing. VSArashi was touching and FNS performance was also very touching - in many ways.

HnA was cute and funny! I love arashi with animals, and Jun was super cute with "Burguer and Burguer ja nai"!

I all excited about Kouhaku (for many reasons \o/) and the specials they will have ^^ hope we can watch some together ^^

And third, about Lucky Seven! You can here a bit of their new single here:



It's awesome, isn't it? ^^ I have a feeling that you will like it!

See you, Jun-chan!!
(PS: I will answer your message later, ok? Just wait a bit ^3^)

Sah-chan: juntoshipijamassesquerdo on December 19th, 2011 11:29 pm (UTC)
Hi, Yama-chan! ^.^ Thanks for always commenting on my posts! ^.^
We have so much to look forward to, neh?! And I hope we can see several of the end of the year/beginning of new year´s shows together! ^.^
And thanks for the links, I saw the promotional video of Lucky Seven and, OMG, my heart stopped for a second… The music is so nice and happy and Jun-kun is gorgeous! I can´t wait for Shuntaro! ^.~
And why is that, whenever I make a new post here, on the other day, there are several news… ¬.¬
Take care, Yama-chan! ^.^
marichamaricha74 on December 19th, 2011 11:43 pm (UTC)
Your arashi activities resumé just keep on growing every month!

They're getting busier and busier much to our enjoyment!

My favourite was the vsA with the people from Tohaku.
I really cried in the end!So emotional!

I really want to forget about the FNS already and can't wait for the MS and Kouhahu

I'm loving Nazodi more and more and I can't wait for the finale

On the OTP side, December is indeed a good month for you like i'm seeing you enjoy yourself but for us sakumoto fans too lol

And really the L7 preview just blew my mind
I can't wait...
I just have one wish : please the script!! the script!!!
Sah-chan: sakumotosesquerdo on December 20th, 2011 01:28 am (UTC)
Thanks for your comment, Mari-san! ^.^
Yes, they are so busy, aren´t they? Well, we can´t complain! XD
And I think all the OTPs had a chance this month will all the magazines that were out, every fangirl is happy! ^.^ (using Sakumoto icon for you)
And, let´s not talk about Lucky Seven, I am so anxious for seeing Shuntaro in action! *.*
Here, the best smile ever to you:


Take care, Mari-san! ^.^
Kirie: juntoshikiriezero on December 19th, 2011 11:47 pm (UTC)
ahhh, so much info! where to start...
cameos! I didn't know about that! I like them a lot, like when Sho appeared on Uta no oniisan or Aiba in Freeter :D looking forward to that ^^
the FNS... no comments! but I couldn't help to think in a conspiracy theory :P ... there were too many staff mistakes! >.< I read that other artists had some little problems but Arashi had a lot! not fair u_u
oh, I haven't watched that HnA ep but I'm glad to read that Jun had a little of puppy love this time :P animals help to release the stress and Jun must be really stressed right now~
and now, to see all those magazines!!! (can you believe I downloaded them all but I haven't seen them yet? unforgetable!!!)

thanks for the update! ^------^V
Sah-chan: juntoshifireworkssesquerdo on December 20th, 2011 01:29 am (UTC)
Thanks for your comment, Kirie-san! ^.^
So, you didn´t know about the cameos?! It is great isn´t it? We will have both Sho-chan and Jun-kun as cameos at Riida´s drama, it will be fun! ^.^
Like you, I also think (and kind of believe, in this case) in a conspiracy theory, especially if we consider that FTV didn´t apologize properly… That was really strange…
Oh! And you should watch Juntoshi HnA, I bet you will like it, it is so sweet! ^.^
And the magazines are great, you should take a look on them! ^.~
Take care, Kirei-san! ^.^