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Happy Birthday, Riida! ^.^

Today is Ohno Satoshi 31st Birthday! \o/

He sure doesn´t look like a 31 old man… And I hope he keeps looking cute and awesome at the same time! ^.^ To him, I wish all the best! ^.^ But what can an already amazing dancer-singer-artist-actor have to be happier? More time to sleep, to go fishing, to play with radio controlled cars and to finish his painting before he has to shave his eyes browns! XD Oh! And to be with his Jun-kun too, after all, love is everything! *Juntoshi biased*
There are so many pictures and gifs being shared that the only “new” thing I could thought to celebrate his b-day was to share all the Junotshi fanarts I requested from Huda-san together with the original pictures in which they were (kind of) based on! Nothing better than some Juntoshi on Riida´s day:

Riida, I really admire you, your quiet-but-attentive and silly-but-fast thinking way of being, I love your voice and your songs, your dance is amazing, your acting is flawless, but, above all, the way you guide Arashi as their Riida is the best! Like Jun-kun said at Waku Waku Event:
“But Ohno-kun's very kind.. and he accepts everything and anything. A lot of people say that Arashi members are very close to each other, that watching us makes them laugh, that watching us gives them joy and courage. I personally think that this is all thanks to Ohno-kun. Because even as our leader, he doesn't push his opinion on us; rather, he listens carefully to our opinions and acts on them instead. So I think Arashi is Arashi... because of Ohno-kun.”

So, please, Ohno-san keep being the best Riida ever so that Arashi can keep being the best group ever! ^.^
Happy Birthday, Ohno Satoshi-san! ^.^

Credits: gifs from tumblr.
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