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Happy 12th CD Debut Anniversary! ^.^

03.November.1999 – Arashi releases their first single A.Ra.Shi .
02.November.2011 – Arashi releases their 36th single Meikyuu Love Song.
Twelve years later and they continue to sing great songs, providing us with amazing performances, spectacular concerts, interesting and funny TV Shows, unique individual works, but supported by all the others, everything with much member-ai and friendship – they continue to make us smile!
Thanks for keeping shining our way, Arashi! And Congratulations for the 12th CD Debut Anniversary! ^.^

From A.Ra.Shi:

To Meikyuu Love Song:

Thanks for everything, Arashi! ^.^ You really own my soul! ^.^
Credits: gifs from tumblr and picture made by me with scans from tumblr.
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