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October´s News!

Hello my LJ! XD It´s been a while, isn´t it? And so much happened in October! Well, there is several news every month, I should update more often to keep up with them here… XD Anyway, here are October´s highlights!
Jun-kun was the MC for the World Number 01 Show Time and he did a great job together with Hatori-san and Hasegawa Jun-san! And all the performances were amazing, especially the man that drew with sand, the orchestra and the guy who seemed to be in a live 3D movie! It was indeed a great show! ^.^

In the beginning of the month, Arashi did a special collaboration with ZIP and, from Monday to Friday, one of them appeared on ZIP and gave an interview to Masu-san! ^.^ Jun-kun, Riida and Nino were a bit cruel with Masu-san but Sakuraiba were sweet with him, it was a fun week! ^.^

The second charity video for Marching J was out and it was another great video with them reading poems in beautiful places! ^.^

And, now, to the bigger news, first, Arashi was announced again as the MC for the White Team for this year´s Kohaku Uta Gassen! \o/ I am so happy for them! ^.^ And the MC for the red team will Inoue Mao-chan, which made me happier and brought my Hanadan´s memories back! ^.^ I hope they will do a great work together! ^.^

Arashi also made a new video for J-Web and they will be appearing in several music shows in November! I am looking forward to it! ^.^

Why? Because they will be promoting their new single, Meikyuu Love Song, Nazodi´s ending song (the drama is really fun in my opinion, I am liking it ^.^). By the way, the single was out on the net today and I really loved all the B-Sides songs! *.* Kienu Omoi has such great lyrics and the melody is sweet like old style songs; Wanna be is so different, it has a fast beat and kind of sexy and hot lyrics; Utakata also has a fast beat, a dramatic-romantic lyrics and a so fast Sho-kun´s rap; Together Forever has beautiful lyrics and the beat keeps playing on my mind XD; finally, Meikyuu Love Song is a romantic and very Arashi-like song! ^.^ And the booklet of the Single is gorgeous! *.* Jun-kun is perfect in it!

And not only the single was out on the net today, but also their new PV for Meikyuu Love Song! \o/ I am in love with it! *.* It is such a fun PV, it is been a while since they did something like this! ^.^ The best part for me, of course, is the Juntoshi moment when Riida was like Jun-kun´s pet! XD I miss Momo! XDD

Also, today was the premier of Jun-kun´s stage play, Ah! Wild Field! I hope it will be a success and that he will feel confident about his acting´s skills again! ^.^ He worked very hard for this butai (he even lost 5 kg) so he sure deserves all the best! ^.^

Finally, these are the new fanart that I requested from nhbsakakude . All the credits goes to nhbsakakude , if you want to request fanarts from her, she is accepting commissions! Please, don't copy and share these fanarts because she was the one who made them to me ok?!
The first is me and my two real life´s friends blind_maiden and mayumituboi together with Arashi! The second is a sweet Juntoshi stargazing! ^.^

That´s it… Thanks in advance for the ones who comment! ^.^
Credits: pictures and gifs are not mine, are from tumblr.
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