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September Highlights and I am back! ^.^

Hello, LJ! I am back! XD Actually, I was back from my trip a week ago, but I couldn´t find the time to post because I have already got back to work… u.u
Anyway, my trip was great and Italy is beautiful, history pops out all the time in front of your eyes! Unfortunately, I didn´t find anything about Arashi there… But, since I am an addicted fangirl, I thought about them all the time! XD To prove, a picture of what I got myself there – rainbow pencils! XD And almost all the little things I bought were purple, Jun-kun´s color! XD

In Venice, there is an island called Burano which is known for its little colored houses and, in there, I had a fun time looking for Arashi´s colored houses together! XD Yes, I am a silly fangirl…

That´s enough about me! After all, my LJ is mainly about Arashi… And, a lot of things happened in September, right? I am glad that I had internet connection in my hotels and I was able to follow everything! ^.^ I think the highlights were the charity video and the CMs, right?!

About the charity video for Marching J project, I bought it and it was really worthy! They are all so gorgeous in the charity video and their voices are so serious, calm and gentle! A great video! I just wish I was able to understand Japanese and the poems…

And, OMG! There are so many new CMs! O.O To remember some of them:


Hot Pepper:



Also, Jun-kun attended to a press conference of his butai, he was so hot! *.* I really hope they make a DVD of the play…

On the sad side, Jun Style ended… The last show was really sweet, the messages he received from the fans were great! Also, there was a little Juntoshi moment in which he played an old show in which Riida went to celebrate his birthday! Satoshi Style was priceless! XD
On the happy side, I am looking forward to watch the show in which he is the MC! He looks so gorgeous and happy! ^.^

Also, I am looking forward to Mannequin Five Special (although I am a bit afraid of what Jun-kun chose), to the coming back of HnA and VS Arashi and to Nazodi Drama! By the way, the new song is out! ^.^ And I liked it, although I want to hear full version… It´s different and the lyrics are so romantic! ^.^ The new single will be out on November 2nd and it will have 5 five new tunes (counting LE and RE), I can´t wait for my copy to arrive! ^.^

That´s it… I hope you all had a great month! ^.^
Thanks in advance for the ones who comment! ^.^
Credits: pictures and gifs from my camera and from tumblr.
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