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Absence notice and some news!

Yes, like the title says, I will be away for almost the entire month, so, this will probably be the one and only post for September! But, it is for a good reason – my vacations (from work) started and I will be travelling! My second international trip – this time, to Italy! ^.^ Although, I must confess that I would rather come back to Japan… XD
Anyway, since I will be away, I won´t be able to comment like I usually do on my friend´s LJ and in the communities, but I will try to keep in touch with Arashi´s news… It will depend on the internet connection of the hotels… Well, please, wish me luck! ^.^
Since I will be going to Italy, I automatically remember of Jun-kun on Bambino, so I have to post this:

Writing about the recent Jun-kun´s news, finally, his butai´s promo poster was out and he is so sexy:

I just hope there will be a DVD of this stage play! >.<
Regarding Jun-kun, unfortunately, not all news are happy… He announced the end of his weekly radio show – Jun Style… I must say that I was and still am really sad because of this… I loved to hear his voice and the songs that he chose… Not only that, but I am extremely worried with him since his motives were not clear and he is with less work than he usually has… I just hope for the best and wish for his happiness!
Writing about Arashi´s news, the new JAL CM is out and they are really gorgeous in it, all the five of them! ^.^ I just wished they had used another Arashi´s song… But the song they used is fun too! ^.^

Finally, they made this year´s Kokuritsu concert and it was a great success! Despite the change of dates because of the typhoon and despite the rain, the reports say they did a great performance, like always! ^.^ A lot of famous people went to the concert! Sugoi, Arashi! ^.^ Here are some pictures so you can check it out:

(yes, I am Jun-kun and Juntoshi biased XD)

That´s it… Thanks in advance to the ones who will read this posts! See you in October! ^.~

Credits: pictures and gifs from tumblr.
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