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Happy Birthday, Jun-kun! ^.^

It´s Jun-kun B-Day! \o/ Let´s celebrate! \o/ My last post was about Chibi Jun-kun… And since I like Chibi pictures, here it is some more:

But, today, I would like to see Chibi Jun-kun with his friends since I really do hope he can celebrate his birthday with the Arashi members and with the ones he loves! ^.^

Of course, I will start with Juntoshi:

There aren´t many Chibi Sakumoto pictures in my collection… u.u but here it is what I have:

Finally, Kaze Trio:


Chibi Arashi is always cute isn´t it?! ^.~

That was my way to celebrate… Why Chibi pictures? No, it is not only because I like… But because I wish Jun-kun can look back at his life and treasure all he has lived, the good and the bad moments, and all he learned up until now so he can face the future with courage and wisdom! He deserves all the best and that is what I wish to him, from the bottom of my heart! ^.^
I know he will never read this, but I have to write it anyway… Jun-kun, I got to know you through Hana Yori Dango Drama and you don´t know how much that helped me back then… You were the reason why I got to know Arashi and why I started to love all the other four, but you still are my ichiban and you will always be! ^.^ You are a great actor, you can sing, dance, create shows, entertain and you are gorgeous, sexy and really hot! XD You are not perfect, but you have many qualities that I admire – you are kind, gentle, intelligent, humble and always want to give your best for yourself and for your friends! I hope you can keep these great qualities and learn other ones in your life! ^.^ I know you make thousands of people happy so you deserve all the happiness in the world because of that! ^.^

Happy 28th Birthday to Matsumoto Jun! ^.^ All the best today and always! ^.^

Thanks for the ones who are celebrating his birthday and thanks for who will comment! ^.^ Credits: pictures from tumblr and gif from .
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