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Chibi Jun-kun! ^.^

Hello, minna-san! ^.^ Again, I wasn´t able to update here for quite some time… And it isJun-kun´s month… Shame on me! >.< It was my work and my health that prevented me from do it… But, now, I am here! ^.^

Actually, there aren´t many news, especially about Jun-kun… He is probably rehearsing for his stage play and planning Kokuritsu´s concerts…The news are about the other four – Nino and Riida will be doing drama specials for Freeter and Kaibutsu-kun; Aiba-chan will be doing works as narrator; and, Sho-chan will have his movie finally released and he will be on a new drama! \o/ I am really anxious for his movie (although I bet I will cry a lot while watching) and for his drama! ^.^

Since there aren´t many news, to keep celebrating Jun-kun´s month, I bring you Baby Jun! \o/ Because I love his pictures when he was a baby and just a chibi Jun-kun! ^.^

Isn´t incredible that we can see his gorgeous features since he was a child?!

Jun-kun as a baby:

A little child:

Chibi Jun-kun:

In teens years:

Happy Jun-kun´s month to everybody! \o/ 

Credits: pictures from tumblr.

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