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My dear Shun-chan!

My dear Shun-chan!

It’s today... The day when I make a post just for you! A very special day! Your day! So…

Happy Birthday!!!

It’s getting hard to write something new about you… After all, you keep being a wonderful person with whom I want to always be together! You keep being my best friend! But! Yes, there is always a but… There is a big difference this year… You moved away… And I can’t hug on your day… I can’t see you whenever I want… Despite this change, our friendship keeps being strong and my best thought are always with you! So, please, keep being the wonderful person you are and keep being my dear friend! ^.^
Also, since today is your day, more than ever, I will be thinking about you and wishing you all the best – health, courage, love, friends, smiles, hugs and everything that makes life better! Because you deserve only the best – today and always! ^.^
Congratulations, my dear Cecilia!
I hope you can celebrate this day even if just for a short while! And, to celebrate with you, here are some gifs that will make you smile! ^.~
First, of course, Arashi!

The pelvic movements!!!

Funashi Arashi!!!

Marvel Arashi!!! XD

Arashi and the adorable “cats” from Youkai Watch!!!

Our OTP!

My OTP! (sorry, but they have to be here XD)

Babies! They become even cuter with Jun-kun and Shun-kun with them! ^.~

Cute animals!

Aiba-chan with cute animals!

Sherlock and Poirot!!! (because we love them!!!)

Pokemon!!! Partying with you!!!

And, hugs from Baymax and flowers to you!!!

I hope this post will make you smile and feel my friendship on your day!!! Happy Birthday, dear Shun-chan! ^.^

Also, today, is Jun-kun’s anniversary of entering JE! 19 years being an entertainer, an actor, a singer, a producer, in short, an artist who makes us happy and smile! Keep being the wonderful person and professional you are, my dear ichiban! ^.^

Credits: Gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs makers.

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