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Beautiful World Tour and Jun-kun´s Month!

Continuing on July´s highlights, finally, the Beautiful World Tour started! \o/ I wish I could go to the concerts… u.u Anyway, the reports and the pictures that have already been leaked inform us that it is a great show as always! With great performances as usual! Oh, and I can´t forget to mention that Jun-kun fell while he was singing on the first show, he slipped exactly in his part while walking in the stage, poor Jun-kun… At least, he was gorgeous as always! ^.^

The solos performances seem to be amazing – Jun-kun is so sexy in his with a dark purple trouser and a red coat with his entire chest appearing! *.*  I can´t wait to see it in the future DVD! *.* Sho-chan made a sweet performance and Aiba-chan too! ^.^ Riida´s performance was with an amazing dance and Nino played the guitar in his! I need a DVD of this tour soon! XDD

But, the best part for me is always the member-ai parts! There were so many Juntoshi moments in the three concerts that my fangirl heart is full of happiness! XDD In the first one, Jun-kun kissed Riida´s hand and Riida made a dazed face! XD In the second, Jun-kun kissed Riida´s cheek (I wish I had a picture of that) and, finally, in the third one, he kissed Riida´s hand again! *.* They also sang together, with their arms around each other in many parts of the show! I hope there will be Juntoshi´s moments and kisses in all the concerts! *.* XDD

And, talking about Jun-kun, it was announced that he will have a stage play in this semester in which he will play a boxer! It will be called "Aa, Kouya" (Ah! Wild Field)! And he is working his body for it – he will be even sexier! *.* I can´t wait to see! *.* I just hope they make a DVD of the play…
To finish today´s post, it is August! \o/ It is Jun-kun´s month! \o/ I hope to see everybody celebrating it! ^.^ Here it is a sweet gif of a recent HnA episode that I loved – Jun-kun, Aiba-chan and Udonburi-chan! \o/

Like always, I wrote a lot… Thanks in advance to the ones who will be reading! ^.^ (I wonder if anyone will read it since it is all about old news… XDD)

Credits: pictures and gif from tumblr.

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