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The dream trip and Arafes 2013!

Long time no see, LJ! *cleans the dust*

Finally, after more than six months, I found time to write about my trip to Japan last September! Probably, this is more like a personal post, but, since my first post was about the trip I did to Japan in 2010, I thought it was a good idea to leave a record on my LJ about this trip too, especially since it was the trip in which I first saw Arashi in front of my eyes! *.*
So, here it is a little report so I can keep my memories registered! ^.^
When I first went to Japan, I went with a group, we visited several cities and everything was already scheduled! This time, since I wanted more freedom, I did everything on my own (we did, since I was with my boyfriend) and we just stayed in Tokyo! And it was the best – I could explore Tokyo better, I could go to Arashi and anime related places and I could meet my friends! boblemon doctoggy and mylittlecthulhu - it was a great pleasure meeting you guys! A special thanks to boblemon, who gave me several tips and helped me in so many ways! You were an angel to us! ^.~
After the long trip – more than 36 hours travelling, 24 hours flying, we arrived in Narita on Saturday, September 14th, we were exhausted… So, we went out to eat and walk a little around Shinagawa, where we stayed. Also, I watched Shiyagare in live! *.* It was the first episode of the new version! ^.^

On Sunday, we met boblemon and doctoggy and we went to Shibuya! We found pocky Nino there! ^.^

We went to Johnny’s Family Club!

We walked around in Shibuya and ate at Sweet Paradise! Then, we went to Asakusa! In Shibuya station, we found Nino’s Platina Data poster and, in Asakusa, some Arashi merchandising! XD

We ended the day eating okonomiyaki and taking purikuras! It was really a special day, thank you so much, girls! ^.^
On Monday, we went to a doujinshi event with boblemon! It was quite fun despite the rain (it was the day when typhoon hit Tokyo)! She also introduced a very nice restaurant to us and a Pokemon Center! ^.^

On Tuesday, we went to Odaiba! It was a really beautiful day! We walked a lot!

We also went to see the Gundam and the Gundam Museum, did some shopping and went to Fuji TV! One Piece Restaurant and Arashi stuff were the highlights!

It was a really great day and I finished it spotting Jun-kun’s Hidamari no Kanojo’s poster!

On Wednesday, we visited Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower (my favorite tower since I am a CLAMP fan) and went to have dinner at boblemon house!

On Thursday, we went to Ebisu Garden Place (Hanadan and Maotsujun forever in my heart), Takeshita Street and Shibuya again, to One Piece store and restaurant! ^.^ Oh, and we found a bookstore selling Hidamari no Kanojo’s book!

Later, I watched VS Arashi in live at the hotel but didn’t take pictures because I wanted to pay attention! XDD
On Friday, we went to Tokyo Tower again and bought the gifts we brought back to Brazil! Later, we met boblemon to buy Arafes’ goods and had dinner with her in Shibuya! They (Arashi) were rehearsing and we could hear Aiba-chan’s “Hello Goodbye” pretty well! It gave me goose bumps to think they were so close! *.*

On Saturday, we went to Akihabara and we ended our day meeting mylittlecthulhu in Shibuya to eat at Sweet Paradise again, but not before going to Mandarake with her and buying a lot! XD We also spotted Sho-chan there!

Finally, on Sunday, it was Arafes day! I was so anxious! We met boblemon to have lunch and go to Kokuritsu! I couldn’t believe I was there when we got in! And we got perfect seats in the Arena!
I still don’t know how to describe how I felt during the concert, it still seems like a dream to me… Sho-chan came really close to us; Riida quite close too! Juntoshi danced “Love Situation” right in front of eyes! Aiba-chan and Nino were always cheering us and calling us to jump! They are amazing and really great with the fans! Of course, the most special part was when they celebrated Jun-kun’s and Nino’s 30th B-Day! I still can’t believe I sang “Happy Birthday” to Jun-kun on his 30th B-Day! He was so touched, Nino was too, it was a really sweet moment! I will never forget this concert and Arashi, I am so proud to be their fan! They are the most thoughtful, sweet, funny, gorgeous and talented idols! ^.^
But, please… I would love to have Arafes 2013 DVD…
Here, some pictures I took with my phone:

On Monday, our last day, we went to buy more gifts and I watched Hajimari no Uta in live at the hotel! ^.^ I bought so many magazines because I bought all the ones with Jun-kun and he was promoting Hidamari no Kanojo! These ones were only the beginning! XD

On Tuesday morning, we went to Narita and our long trip back started…

Like I mentioned in the beginning, it’s only a small report so I can register my memories! It was a really special trip to me! I was able to do things that seemed impossible to me – meet my overseas friends and attend to a concert! Japan always has been a dream to me, but with those bonuses, it was a perfect trip! ^.^
I hope you can all visit Japan someday because it is a really beautiful country! ^.^
Thanks in advance to the ones who will read and comment! ^.^
Credits: Fanart requested by me and made by nhbsakakude (so, please, don’t copy nor share it and don’t claim as yours). Pictures taken by me!

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