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02 August 2011 @ 01:39 pm
July's Highlights!  

Wow! It has been a month since I last updated here… First, I was full of work and, after, LJ wasn´t working… u.u But, finally, I am here to write about the most important Arashi´s happenings in July! \o/ Well, at least, in my opinion… I know that it will be just “old news” but I felt like registering my opinion about it…
July started with the release of Beautiful World Album (which I loved) and, few days after, we were caught by surprise by the new Arashi CM that was made to stimulate the tourism in Japan again! It isn´t a common CM, it is like a short movie that will be showing in several different countries! Sugoi neh?! *.* In the CM, each of them went to a different location in Japan and showed us the nice things of these places! Also, they thanked everybody for the help with the disaster that happened in March… I simple loved this CM, it is so sweet and they are so happy in it! *.* It is really a sweet Message From Japan! ^.^ Also, it is a really great happening in their career since they will be appearing as tourism navigators in so many countries! Congratulations to the boys! ^.^ Nyaa! XDD

And I can´t forget to mention that, in the press conference for this CM, it was first time Aiba-chan appeared after being hospitalized, so I was really happy to see him recovered and smiling again! ^.^

After that, we had the boys appearing in Music Station and performing Mada Minu Sekai E live! It was simply amazing! *.* They were gorgeous! The dance is so great and special effects were incredible even though there were too much light effects… They also talked about many funny episodes but the best part, for me, was when Jun-kun showed he was jealous of Aiba-chan and Riida, he even asked if they were dating just because they exchanges many messages when Aiba-chan was in hospital! XDD

It was a great Music Station and Jun-kun was so handsome and sexy! *.*

The two last highlights, see the next post! ^.^
Credits: gifs and pictures from tumblr and fanart from - fuckyeaharashifanart.tumblr.com/ .

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blind_maiden: matsumiyablind_maiden on August 3rd, 2011 02:07 am (UTC)
~.^ Ohayo!!
Again, so happy to see your posts!!
Well, I think the CM was one of the cutest and most intelligente thing I ever seen about tourism. Of course I'm suspicious (I like everything they do!)but is very well informative, fun and gives the curiosity to know more \o/
I wanna go to Japan... someday!
Ok, for now, that's it! ;)
Sah-chan: sakumotochildsesquerdo on August 4th, 2011 01:25 pm (UTC)
Ohayo! ^.^ The CM is really a clever way to promote Japan´s tourism!
I hope you can go to Japan in the future and me too! XD I want to come back to Japan... u.u Let´s go together?! ^.~