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Arashi, Happy 14th CD Debut Anniversary! ^.^

Hi LJ! *clean the dust*

It’s been a while since my last post… I know still have to make a post about my dream-that-came-true trip (with the wonderful Arafes experience) and I know I still owe several replies, but… Not today… Considering it is still the 3rd in my country, today, I am here only to celebrate another special date for Arashi! Their 14th CD Debut Anniversary! Congratulations to the five of them! ^.^

From A.Ra.Shi to Endless Game!

41 singles released – a lot of work and amazing achievements, the most important of them all – to make so many people happy, including the one who is writing this short post. Thanks for the great songs, for the hard work and for all the happiness! May you five keep having great achievements and celebrating several more anniversaries! Thanks for everything, Arashi! ^.^ Happy 14th CD Debut Anniversary!

Thanks in advance for the ones who eventually comment! I know I am still not around but I hope to be able to be next month, when I supposedly will have more free time… So, please, bear with me a little more and be sure that I keep following the boys in everything they do, especially after seeing them in front of my eyes! *.* But, that will be a story for a future post… Until then, Happy Ohnovember to you all! ^.^

Credits: Gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs makers.

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