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Beautiful World and Aiba-chan!

Continuing the previous post, the second news is that Arashi´s new album Beautiful World leaked! \o/


It is a great album, I liked all the songs, it already became one of my favorites album together with Time and Boku no Miteiru Fuukei. My favorite songs (of the new ones) are Joy, Negai, Always, Mada Minu Sekai E and Tooku Made! The solos are great too, all the five of them! Of course, I loved Jun-kun solo, it is such a danceable song, it matches him! I can´t wait to see his live performance, he will be sexy for sure! *.* Nino´s solo is so beautiful and touching, certainly it is  a message to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami... I loved it! Sho-chan´s solo is a nice surprise! It is a romantic song, he never did one like that, it is so sweet! ^.^ Aiba-chan´s solo certainly is about something he lived several times and a nice song! Riida´s solo is his style and certainly will have a great live performance, I can´t wait to see his dance! ^.^


Finally, the last news that I want to write about, it is not so happy… As everyone knows, our dear Aiba-chan was hospitalized with spontaneous pneumothorax… It was said that all he needs is rest and that he will soon be back… I hope that is really all it takes to make him better… I already miss him in the news, but I wish he can rest all the time he needs and be 100% healthy, without worrying about the others and about work! Please, Aiba-chan, take care, we are waiting and praying for you!
That´s all for today… Thanks for the ones who will read everything of both new posts and comment! ^.^
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