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ひさしぶり, 日本!

Because this dream will come true!

A rare personal post to share my happiness! In a few days, I will be going to Japan again! This time, with my boyfriend – we will be in Tokyo from the 14th until the 24th. And… we are going to see Arashi! *.* I still can’t believe my dream will come true!
Dear boblemon, thanks for everything you are doing to help me! I am really looking forward to meet you! And to meet doctoggy too! It will be so much fun! ^.^
By the way, if anyone is in Tokyo during this time and want to meet, just contact me! ^.^ I don’t have that many LJ friends, but I thought I should let you all know and share my happiness! ^.^ After all, I always felt happy when I read about international fans being able to see Arashi and making their dreams to come true! Now, it will be my turn! I really do hope everything will be fine! ^.^
Well, that’s it for my personal post! XD
Sorry, again, for not being around but one of the reasons was to make this dream come true and I am sure as fellow fans you will understand! ^.~

A really nice September to all of us! ^.^
Credits: Fanart requested by me and made by nhbsakakude (so, please, don’t copy nor share it and don’t claim as yours).

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