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Still here… To make a special post!

Long time no see LJ!

As some of you might have noticed, I have not been around here on LJ… Actually, I have been around, but I haven’t been posting nor commenting much and I think I should explain myself for those who might be wondering what is happening…
In short, real life is happening – my volume of work changed, too much work and too short deadlines, which means short time for internet at work… My personal life also changed, but, for better, although it took away some of my free time to be online…
Due to all these changes, I decided to also change the way I deal with my LJ – I won’t be making my usual and monthly recapitulation posts anymore… At least, not while I don’t have time for it… I still follow the boys, of course, but I don’t have time to make my usual long and full of gifs posts… Since my posts were mainly for myself, because I like to keep track of Arashi’s activities, I think it’s not a problem to change, although I will miss the time I spent making them. I will probably post once in a while to share the fanarts that I commissioned, to share what I bought and things like that, I still don’t know… And I will keep posting on each of their b-days because b-days are special! ^.^
I will try to keep commenting once in a while in my friend’s LJ, but, please, I hope you can understand when I am not able to do it. If anyone wants to talk with me, send me a message and I will reply as soon as I can! ^.^
To my fic writers friends, I know I owe you some comments and I miss reading fics a lot… I hope life will get back to its track soon so I can find time to do it…
Finally, I know I owe some of you replies and I will send them as soon as I find time to write…
Today, I am here only because it’s a special day to me! As I mentioned above, it’s the B-Day of two special friends so I had to make a post!

First, Mari-chan (maricha74)! I know we haven’t been talking a lot lately and I miss the way we shared our love towards Jun-kun together and flailed together, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are one of the most special friends I met here on LJ! I hope you can keep being the sweet and loyal friend you are and I wish you all the best! Not only today, but forever! \o/ You deserve all the happiness in the world and I will be always crossing my fingers to see your dreams coming true! Happy Birthday, my dear friend! To you, a little of Jun-kun’s love to make you smile on your day!

Second but not least important, it’s you and you know it’s you, Shun-chan (blind_maiden)! My Shun-chan! Did you think I wouldn’t make a post to you? Well, you were wrong! Of course I am here to celebrate your birthday also on LJ because you deserve to celebrate a lot your own special day! \o/

Cí, you know how important you are to me, right? My best friend, the one who always listens to me, who comforts me, who also argues with me when it is needed, who takes care of me, who laughs with me, who day dream with me, who spends time with me, enjoying the same hobbies, in short, the one who is a big part of my life! I love you and, please, never forget that!
And because I love you, I only wish you the best on your birthday and in every day of your life! I hope all your dreams will come true and that you will have strength to face any obstacle life will bring you! I hope you can keep being the special person you are, never losing your sweet and adorable way of being!
Dear Shun-chan, or, Ci, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Let’s celebrate?! This time the celebration will be a little shorter and a little different, but, still, full of the things you love!
First, Arashi!!! Look at the lips on the first gif, they are wishing you happy birthday!


Second, our OTP!

And my OTP because I can’t help myself, but I know you understand! ^.~

Third, dramas and our OTP again! XD

Fourth, babies! And Jun-kun too because I can’t help it! XDD

Does Mana-chan count as an adorable baby?!

Fifth, adorable animals – cats, dogs and your precious owl!

Sixth, games! My green Sackgirl, you need to play Wii with me! XDD

Seventh, Pokémon and the best gif ever! XD

Eighth, our new discovery – NEWS!!!

Last, but not least, two gifs that show what you are to me!

My Lilo, because you are like family, Ohana, you know?! XDD

And my Shun-chan, my dear and precious best friend!

Again, Happy Birthday and a rainbow colored day to you! The hug I will give you in person! ^.~
Congratulations and all the best always! \o/

Today is also the day in which Jun-kun entered JE, his 17th anniversary as a JE member! Congratulations Jun-kun to all your hard work during these 17 years and for bringing happiness into our lives being the great entertainer you are! Your smile certainly makes my world better so I hope you can also be smiling today and enjoying your work! ^.^

Finally, to finish this post, a completely random and personal part… Riida, since I promised I would post these for you whenever I made a new post on my LJ, here they are, together with the precious memories they bring to us! Thanks for being my own Riida! ^.~

Thanks in advance if anyone comments and I am sorry again for not being around… Unfortunately, it will keep like this for a while, but I am still an Arashian and I think I will always be! If you need to talk with me, just pm me! ^.~ All the best to my LJ friends and a happy May to all of you!

Credits: Fanarts requested by me and made by nhbsakakude (so, please, don’t copy nor share it and don’t claim as yours). Gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs makers.

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