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While it’s still February!

Let´s talk about Arashi’s activities this month!
Starting with a fanart showing the most adorable friendship shared by Jun-kun and Oguri Shun-kun! Because they are always happy and smiling together! ^.^

Writing about their individual activities, Sho-chan finished filming for Kami-Karute 2 and probably has already started or will soon start to film for his next drama, Family Game; also, he is currently filming for his individual variety show “Face TV” or “Currently, this face is amazing!”, not to mention News Zero.
Talking about individual shows, another one was announced – Nino will have an individual show on NTV called “Nino-san”; starting on April, 10 shows will be aired and they will be directed by different directors and suggested by different comedians. The one that will have the best reaction from the audience will become Nino’s regular show from October.
When I heard the news, I was happy for Nino because he always says he likes variety shows and that he wants to keep doing them; so, now, he will have his own! I really hope it will be a success and that he will be happy with it! ^.^
But… At the same time, I couldn’t help feeling uneasy with individual shows being announced one after another… Because I am worried with their future on TV as five, especially with HnA ending… Also, I am worried about their time for their activities as five, it will become even hard to match their schedules… Not only that, but I guess it´s unlikely that each of them will have their own individual shows – so what about Jun-kun and Riida? They will keep working behind the stage for their concerts, focused on working for Arashi as five while the others will be focused on their individual careers? It doesn’t sound fair… And before someone calls me biased, of course I would be happy if Jun-kun had a regular individual show, but, if I could choose, I would prefer another show with the five of them instead of an individual one for him because, for me, Arashi is the best when they are five. So, yes, I am feeling uneasy with all that is happening but I guess I have no choice but wish luck to Sho-chan, Nino and Aiba-chan (that already has TSD) and keep my fingers crossed to not see any of their other two TV Shows cancelled…
Still writing about Nino, not only he is busy with his show but he is promoting Platina Data that will be on Japanese’s cinemas from March 16th! He even showed with a shorter and a little lighter hair on the Press Conference! Jun-kun already watched the movie on the pre-released and he liked it and even sent Nino a picture of himself with the poster of the movie – how adorable is Matsumiya! ^.^
Aiba-chan is still busy filming Last Hope and, from what I could watch (from the episodes that were subbed), it really is a good drama, that keeps us hooked with the suspense related to each member of the team’s past! Unfortunately, the ratings for the drama have been dropping and I am sad and worried with that… u.u
Riida is… free?! XD At least, on his radio’s shows, he has been talking about his paintings and he also want to go back to work with clay. So, it seems Riida, the artist, is back! ^.^
Finally, about my dear Jun-kun, he is still busy filming for Hidamari no Kanojo but it seems they will finish the filming in a couple of days, according to the staff’s tweets. I hope he will be able to rest a little after that! ^.^

Still about Jun-kun, Kimi Wa Petto Blue Ray Disk was released and, although I don’t usually write about this type of news, I thought it was a good opportunity to share Momo love! ^.^ And Eita-kun and Jun-kun’s perfect chemistry too! ^.~

Writing about their activities as five, the covers of the new single are out and we have three versions – the LE A, the LE B and RE. The same pictures are now used on their profile on J-Net. Also, the preview and the short version of Calling and Breathless PV were out – this will certainly will be a hot Aimiya single! Calling has a non-dance PV, full of close ups of the gorgeous five with an fast up beat anime like song, while Breathless is a dance PV, with an amazing choreography, five hot men in black and a fast but more suspense like song – I loved both of them a lot! ^.^ By the way, this Friday, they will perform both of them in Music Station, I really can’t wait! ^.^

On a recent Shonen Club Premium, they talked about Arashi’s Popcorn Concert and new scenes of the Concert were showed, including Super Fresh’s choreography! I really want Popcorn DVD to be release soon!

The winter issue of FC pamphlet was out this week with several pictures of Popcorn Concert and rehearsals! On Jun-kun’s part, he talked about Lucky Seven Special filming!

On February 17th, Arashi made a video appearance on NHK’s Show talking about NCon – the NHK’s Nationwide School Song Competition that is making its 80th anniversary and the song chosen for the elementary division was Arashi’s Furusato! They talked about singing, about their memories of songs they sang when they were children and what they expect children to feel with Furusato!

Into the TV world, a new JAL CM with the five of them is out, with a poetic and winter concept, take a look!

Still on the CM topic, Jun-kun is on a new CM for Elleair + Water tissues! I don’t know why, but I love these CMs, even when he is only sneezing! XD He is so gorgeous! ^.^ All the seasons were featured on this CM! ^.^

Finally, writing about their regular TV Shows, VS Arashi keeps being fun and with good ratings lately! ^.^ The highlights of the last for episodes, for me, of course, were Aiba-chan picking up his cellphone while he was recording and Sho-chan thinking Aiba-chan’s junior was itching as well as Riida sneezing in the middle of the game on the episode with soccer players; Aiba-chan being super adorable celebrating his miracle and Arashi’s victory as well as Juntoshi playing amazingly on Coro Coro Vicking on the episode with Getsu 9 Team and Akira from Exile was there; Jun-kun acting like Riida’s manager while Riida talked with his “fan” (jealous Jun-kun), Jun-kun being a success hitting the red pin and a failure dropping the coin tower and Aimiya being a complete fail on Kicking Sniper and MDA together, on the episode of Takarazuka Team; finally, a little Matsumiya and Riida, Nino and Aiba-chan teasing Jun-kun on the 10 seconds challenge on the episode of the athletes team! In next one, we will have some Matsumiya!



On HnA, there were a Juntoshi Share a House and a Junba Share House. Of course, the Juntoshi one was more special to me, especially with Riida touching Jun-kun on the “before show”! *.* The best parts for me were Riida being annoyed that Jun-kun showed later for the show (and he even went to check his room) and the both of them acting like a married couple; Riida showing his skills with baby dolls but not with making baby faces; Juntoshi trolling Toma-kun, Juntoshi holding and touching all the time, Jun-kun doing imitations… well, everything was pure love on this episode! ^.^ On Junba one, the conversation with other idols was interesting, although, once again, they said that Jun-kun and Aiba-chan were the only ones who wanted to continue in JE when they debuted, which is always a little sad to think… Both Jun-kun and Aiba-chan were so cute on Mannequin Must Item, Jun-kun should have been chosen too, poor thing! So adorable!






Lastly, on Shiyagare, for me, the highlights were: on the Mukai Osamu-kun’s episode, Jun-kun being adorable and showing how he says tadaima when he gets home even living alone and how he says oyasumi to himself XD as well as being able to climb the wall as a good sport guy; on the episode of the famous soccer player, Jun-kun telling how he received chocolates from all girls in his classroom when he was a little boy and the boys trying their luck with the ball and Aiba-chan failing adorably XD; on the sumo guy episode, the boys having sumo experiences and looking funny with that bizarre wig/cap and Jun-kun back to his Bambino days and trying to cook a Mont Blanc that ended up looking terrible but tasting good; and, on the last aired episode, the boys laughing a lot watching the professionals on imitating people, especially Jun-kun when the guy started to talk like Oguri Shun-kun. And, in next one, the guest will be Oizumi Yo-san and it will certainly be fun! ^.^




To finish my post, a part dedicated to my OTP, as usual! XD There were two Juntoshi photo shoots on magazines recently that were so adorable that I had to post here! Not only that but, recently, we are having a Riida Magazines Matsuri (he is in every magazine, like Aiba-chan and Nino) and, in the most recent TV Pia, he told he received a message on his cell phone from Jun-kun, when Aiba-chan was giving him and Sho-chan their b-day’s presents, asking what he wanted for birthday and he said he would reply he wanted Jun-kun with a heart mark in the end! XDDD

And I just received this from my dear Shun-chan, so, I had to post it here! Thank you for all your support, Shun-chan! *hugs*

Still on Juntoshi topic, I keep addicted to doujinshi and these are the ones boblemon helped me to get recently, the art is just too cute! *.*

Also, together with the doujinshi, she sent me this adorable fanart of the five of them in their detective roles (although Nino is not exactly a detective) and Enomoto and Shuntarou’s love, aren’t they all cute?! ^.^

I guess that’s all for this month… Thanks in advance to the ones who comment! ^.^ And, since February is ending, happy March to all my LJ friends! ^.^

Credits: Colored Fanart requested by me and made by nhbsakakude and black and white fanart made by boblemon (so, please, don’t copy nor share them and don’t claim as yours). Gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs makers.

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