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27 February 2013 @ 11:24 pm
While it’s still February!  

Let´s talk about Arashi’s activities this month!
Starting with a fanart showing the most adorable friendship shared by Jun-kun and Oguri Shun-kun! Because they are always happy and smiling together! ^.^

Writing about their individual activities, Sho-chan finished filming for Kami-Karute 2 and probably has already started or will soon start to film for his next drama, Family Game; also, he is currently filming for his individual variety show “Face TV” or “Currently, this face is amazing!”, not to mention News Zero.
Talking about individual shows, another one was announced – Nino will have an individual show on NTV called “Nino-san”; starting on April, 10 shows will be aired and they will be directed by different directors and suggested by different comedians. The one that will have the best reaction from the audience will become Nino’s regular show from October.
When I heard the news, I was happy for Nino because he always says he likes variety shows and that he wants to keep doing them; so, now, he will have his own! I really hope it will be a success and that he will be happy with it! ^.^
But… At the same time, I couldn’t help feeling uneasy with individual shows being announced one after another… Because I am worried with their future on TV as five, especially with HnA ending… Also, I am worried about their time for their activities as five, it will become even hard to match their schedules… Not only that, but I guess it´s unlikely that each of them will have their own individual shows – so what about Jun-kun and Riida? They will keep working behind the stage for their concerts, focused on working for Arashi as five while the others will be focused on their individual careers? It doesn’t sound fair… And before someone calls me biased, of course I would be happy if Jun-kun had a regular individual show, but, if I could choose, I would prefer another show with the five of them instead of an individual one for him because, for me, Arashi is the best when they are five. So, yes, I am feeling uneasy with all that is happening but I guess I have no choice but wish luck to Sho-chan, Nino and Aiba-chan (that already has TSD) and keep my fingers crossed to not see any of their other two TV Shows cancelled…
Still writing about Nino, not only he is busy with his show but he is promoting Platina Data that will be on Japanese’s cinemas from March 16th! He even showed with a shorter and a little lighter hair on the Press Conference! Jun-kun already watched the movie on the pre-released and he liked it and even sent Nino a picture of himself with the poster of the movie – how adorable is Matsumiya! ^.^
Aiba-chan is still busy filming Last Hope and, from what I could watch (from the episodes that were subbed), it really is a good drama, that keeps us hooked with the suspense related to each member of the team’s past! Unfortunately, the ratings for the drama have been dropping and I am sad and worried with that… u.u
Riida is… free?! XD At least, on his radio’s shows, he has been talking about his paintings and he also want to go back to work with clay. So, it seems Riida, the artist, is back! ^.^
Finally, about my dear Jun-kun, he is still busy filming for Hidamari no Kanojo but it seems they will finish the filming in a couple of days, according to the staff’s tweets. I hope he will be able to rest a little after that! ^.^

Still about Jun-kun, Kimi Wa Petto Blue Ray Disk was released and, although I don’t usually write about this type of news, I thought it was a good opportunity to share Momo love! ^.^ And Eita-kun and Jun-kun’s perfect chemistry too! ^.~

Writing about their activities as five, the covers of the new single are out and we have three versions – the LE A, the LE B and RE. The same pictures are now used on their profile on J-Net. Also, the preview and the short version of Calling and Breathless PV were out – this will certainly will be a hot Aimiya single! Calling has a non-dance PV, full of close ups of the gorgeous five with an fast up beat anime like song, while Breathless is a dance PV, with an amazing choreography, five hot men in black and a fast but more suspense like song – I loved both of them a lot! ^.^ By the way, this Friday, they will perform both of them in Music Station, I really can’t wait! ^.^

On a recent Shonen Club Premium, they talked about Arashi’s Popcorn Concert and new scenes of the Concert were showed, including Super Fresh’s choreography! I really want Popcorn DVD to be release soon!

The winter issue of FC pamphlet was out this week with several pictures of Popcorn Concert and rehearsals! On Jun-kun’s part, he talked about Lucky Seven Special filming!

On February 17th, Arashi made a video appearance on NHK’s Show talking about NCon – the NHK’s Nationwide School Song Competition that is making its 80th anniversary and the song chosen for the elementary division was Arashi’s Furusato! They talked about singing, about their memories of songs they sang when they were children and what they expect children to feel with Furusato!

Into the TV world, a new JAL CM with the five of them is out, with a poetic and winter concept, take a look!

Still on the CM topic, Jun-kun is on a new CM for Elleair + Water tissues! I don’t know why, but I love these CMs, even when he is only sneezing! XD He is so gorgeous! ^.^ All the seasons were featured on this CM! ^.^

Finally, writing about their regular TV Shows, VS Arashi keeps being fun and with good ratings lately! ^.^ The highlights of the last for episodes, for me, of course, were Aiba-chan picking up his cellphone while he was recording and Sho-chan thinking Aiba-chan’s junior was itching as well as Riida sneezing in the middle of the game on the episode with soccer players; Aiba-chan being super adorable celebrating his miracle and Arashi’s victory as well as Juntoshi playing amazingly on Coro Coro Vicking on the episode with Getsu 9 Team and Akira from Exile was there; Jun-kun acting like Riida’s manager while Riida talked with his “fan” (jealous Jun-kun), Jun-kun being a success hitting the red pin and a failure dropping the coin tower and Aimiya being a complete fail on Kicking Sniper and MDA together, on the episode of Takarazuka Team; finally, a little Matsumiya and Riida, Nino and Aiba-chan teasing Jun-kun on the 10 seconds challenge on the episode of the athletes team! In next one, we will have some Matsumiya!



On HnA, there were a Juntoshi Share a House and a Junba Share House. Of course, the Juntoshi one was more special to me, especially with Riida touching Jun-kun on the “before show”! *.* The best parts for me were Riida being annoyed that Jun-kun showed later for the show (and he even went to check his room) and the both of them acting like a married couple; Riida showing his skills with baby dolls but not with making baby faces; Juntoshi trolling Toma-kun, Juntoshi holding and touching all the time, Jun-kun doing imitations… well, everything was pure love on this episode! ^.^ On Junba one, the conversation with other idols was interesting, although, once again, they said that Jun-kun and Aiba-chan were the only ones who wanted to continue in JE when they debuted, which is always a little sad to think… Both Jun-kun and Aiba-chan were so cute on Mannequin Must Item, Jun-kun should have been chosen too, poor thing! So adorable!






Lastly, on Shiyagare, for me, the highlights were: on the Mukai Osamu-kun’s episode, Jun-kun being adorable and showing how he says tadaima when he gets home even living alone and how he says oyasumi to himself XD as well as being able to climb the wall as a good sport guy; on the episode of the famous soccer player, Jun-kun telling how he received chocolates from all girls in his classroom when he was a little boy and the boys trying their luck with the ball and Aiba-chan failing adorably XD; on the sumo guy episode, the boys having sumo experiences and looking funny with that bizarre wig/cap and Jun-kun back to his Bambino days and trying to cook a Mont Blanc that ended up looking terrible but tasting good; and, on the last aired episode, the boys laughing a lot watching the professionals on imitating people, especially Jun-kun when the guy started to talk like Oguri Shun-kun. And, in next one, the guest will be Oizumi Yo-san and it will certainly be fun! ^.^




To finish my post, a part dedicated to my OTP, as usual! XD There were two Juntoshi photo shoots on magazines recently that were so adorable that I had to post here! Not only that but, recently, we are having a Riida Magazines Matsuri (he is in every magazine, like Aiba-chan and Nino) and, in the most recent TV Pia, he told he received a message on his cell phone from Jun-kun, when Aiba-chan was giving him and Sho-chan their b-day’s presents, asking what he wanted for birthday and he said he would reply he wanted Jun-kun with a heart mark in the end! XDDD

And I just received this from my dear Shun-chan, so, I had to post it here! Thank you for all your support, Shun-chan! *hugs*

Still on Juntoshi topic, I keep addicted to doujinshi and these are the ones boblemon helped me to get recently, the art is just too cute! *.*

Also, together with the doujinshi, she sent me this adorable fanart of the five of them in their detective roles (although Nino is not exactly a detective) and Enomoto and Shuntarou’s love, aren’t they all cute?! ^.^

I guess that’s all for this month… Thanks in advance to the ones who comment! ^.^ And, since February is ending, happy March to all my LJ friends! ^.^

Credits: Colored Fanart requested by me and made by nhbsakakude and black and white fanart made by boblemon (so, please, don’t copy nor share them and don’t claim as yours). Gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs makers.

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Neko-Bot: Juntoshinekobot01 on February 28th, 2013 02:44 am (UTC)
Where did you read about Jun taking a picture with the Platina Data poster? That is so cute and so Jun!! He shows his support to his Arashi. :♥

And Calling/Breathless... I love both the PV previews! In Calling, Jun's hair is so good!!! And the dancing in Breathless is really amazing. I wonder if Riida helped with it?

I understand what you are saying about the variety shows~ I wish they were more as five but at least we still have VSA and ANS.

DID YOU SEE JUN WEARING THE USA SCARF IN THAT NHK CON video?! KYAAAA! I love his swoopy hair so much.

Ohno is always so cute on Share House. It is a good format for him~ he seems very comfortable in the "house" setting. ♥ My favorite Share House all have Ohno in them.


Sah-chan: matsumiyachibihugsesquerdo on February 28th, 2013 03:15 am (UTC)
Oh! You are here! Thanks for your comment! ♥
I read it on Yamakaze-san’s twitter, she read it in one of the several Nino’s magazine that are all out lately – Nino told that in a magazine interview, I think it’s a tweet form this week in case you want to search. Yes, this is so much like Jun-kun, especially when it comes to his Kazu! ^.~
I was asking myself the same thing – maybe Riida helped in Breathless choreography because it’s so amazing! ^.^
I saw it! I saw it! And I was like, OMG, “it’s almost like my scarf” and I thanked you mentally again for the gift! *hugs my scarf XD*
Riida loves fishing, but he also loves to be indoors, maybe that’s why Share a House is a good segment for him and he makes the others feel relaxed too! ^.^ I will miss HnA and Share a House… u.u
Thank you! Now, it’s my turn to ganbatte and your turn to relax a little neh?! ^.~
Ok, need to go to bed… Thanks again for your comment and for my scarf! ♥
Take care and all the best! ^.^
PS: Editing this comment to tell you that maybe Nino said that on his radio show, all I remember is that I read it on Yamakaze-san’s twitter and that Nino was the one who talked about it! Sorry for not being more precise.

Edited at 2013-02-28 08:33 pm (UTC)
Kirie: juntoshikiriezero on February 28th, 2013 03:35 am (UTC)
woooh! I loved Kimi wa petto! :D I liked so much that strange "love" relationship, because it wasn't 100% a couple-like love but it wasn't 100% family-love either... did Eita work there? O.o? I don't remember (probably because I didn't know his name and face at the time I watched petto :P)
I agree about the variety shows part, I'm not very happy about it because when the 5 of them are together is when they shine the most! that complicity and chemistry they have is what made them so popular <3 and also, if the show is boring and gets cancelled, the media will say things like "it's Nino/Sho's fault!" when the main problem when a show is boring lays in the director and creative staffs! >.< at least Aiba will be ok, because he's not the main MC :)
I can't wait for Breathless and Calling! I avoided the short versions and previews longer than 10 seconds of footage/music to enjoy the full pv to the max! I learnt the lesson when I watched Troublemaker's short version so much that when the full version was available it didn't have as much impact anymore XD
thanks for this month's update Sah-chan! :D I hope you're doing fine, take care! ^-^/
Sah-chan: juntoshipchandkisssesquerdo on February 28th, 2013 08:34 pm (UTC)
Kirie-san! \o/
As always, thanks for your comment! ^.^
I am happy to know you liked Kimi Wa Petto, it’s an adorable drama neh?! ^.^ Yes, Eita was there, he was on the ballet school with Jun-kun (Momo) and he liked the girl who liked Momo! Ishihara Satomi-chan played this girl! XD That’s why they said it was Kimi Wa Petto reunion on Lucky Seven Special! ^.^
Exactly, what made Arashi so famous is their special chemistry when the five are together so I don’t get all these individual shows… u.u Let’s just hope for the best neh?! ^.^
I hope my post didn’t spoil you with the PVs preview… that’s what the cuts are for neh?! I am too curious to wait, I always have to see the preview! XD Will you watch tomorrow’s performance on Music Station? I can’t wait to see them dancing live! *.*
I also hope you are doing fine, Kirie-san! ^.^ Oh, by the way, I don’t know if you follow, but Holic Drama first episode was subbed! ^.^
Take care, Kirie-san! ^.^
Kirie: ccskiriezero on February 28th, 2013 10:07 pm (UTC)
Satomi-chan was there too???? it's funny to notice how newbie I was to japanese showbiz at the time! XD it makes want to re-watch it! :P
Yes! I'll watch MS! *---*b it was ok to see just short news previews and things like that, I was just avoiding the longer versions... but I consider MS presentation as the "real" release (cause they'll sing at least 80% of the song... if not the 100%! :D) I'm looking forward to Breathless! *.*
oh yes!!! I watched the first episode of Holic yesterday! I liked it a lot! well, Himawari was a bit strange ^^U but all the photography was really pretty! *o* I just wish the histeric side of Watanuki is shown some time in the future (it was funny everytime he freaked out and acted like a furious cat XD)
Sah-chan: juntoshichibifanartsesquerdo on February 28th, 2013 11:44 pm (UTC)
Yes, she was there! She liked Momo and she and Jun-kun even kissed, do you remember the girl he kissed on the stairs?! And Eita-kun’s character liked her! XDD Riida even mentioned Jun-kun and Satomi-chan kiss from Kimi Wa Petto on VS Arashi Special when Lucky Seven Team went to play dual curling! XDD
Nice to know you will watch MS! I can’t wait to see Breathless being performed, that amazing dance! *.* You need to watch their dance in the PV when it’s fully released, you will love it! ^.^
Yes, Himawari was not exactly like I imagined… And Watanuki also was a little more serious and less hysterical than I imagined, but, overall, it was good, wasn’t it?! Let’s wait for the next one! ^.^
blind_maidenblind_maiden on February 28th, 2013 05:34 am (UTC)
hello o/
Hi there!! \o/ you made it!! \o/*throws confetti*

I’m happy you post it \o/ and it started so well! Awww, it is really a wonderful relationship between Shun and Jun, ne? :)

Oh boy!! They are working so hard!!Well, like always, but now we can point out their solo activities more easily. I agree with you, individual activities are good, but not as much as a regular show with the five! We have different feelings in a tv show with all of them, don’t we? I hope another show to be announced – or a concert, it would be great too – really soon. Honestly, maybe Jun will focus more on acting right now? I just have this feeling… maybe is because of Hidamari (and Kimi wa Petto DVD Blueray… \o/ so cute \o/), I don’t know…

This month was full of “demonstrations”: with the double single PVs and with Popcorn Concert! Like ‘here, take a look, but much, of what you will see soon” … like teasing…why!!! XD I’m excited for both singles presentation on Music Station!! \o/ I hope we can watch it together!

About the NHK show, will they appear in this or it was only a message? It would be nice to see them with children :3
CMs! CMs! \o/ JAL’s one I a bit emotional, considering that most of the time they are more like in the fun side, ne? I like it ^^ (and I know you like another thing about this CM too ;D)
Jun’s new CM for Elleair + Water tissues is so cute and I liked the 4 season Jun \o/ on the CM! I really want to use it to see how it is…

Oh, dear!! Thanks for the highlights on their regular TV shows!!! It helped me a lot!! It’s always easier to recap everything they do with your posts!! So many precious moments!! \o/ The only thing I can say is that I curious for the MDA of the year!!

About Share House… it’s so sad it ending, but I’m glad they are making the episodes interesting ^^ (oh! Juntoshi + Toma, Junba in pink… how can they look so cute in pink!!)

On Shiyagare side, I really want subs… I get some funny parts, but I
wish I could understand the talking too, couse it’s always so interesting! Oh, Mont Blanc!! Chocolate pasta XD I would eat it!

And, now, me!!! I’m glad you liked the “photo edition” I’ve made for you!! I hope it helped you to do your post :) It’s from of those magazines you talked about! I’ve only seen some small pics, bu they are all nice and cute! I don’t know why, but I like to see that they cook! XD (the knitting clothes one I saw with you, ne?)

Hehe, really, you’ll have a Juntoshi doujinshi library soon \o/ How many do you have? And the boblemon fanart it’s the cutest bonus!! They’re all cute, and this one is very into fanfics/doujinshis story style, ne? Lovely ^w^

Dear, I’m really have you posted! You can breath and enjoy the news for March, and I’ll wait for your next post, the Arashi review :D

Take care!!
Sah-chan: shunjunbfsesquerdo on February 28th, 2013 08:35 pm (UTC)
Re: hello o/
Shun-chan! \o/
I made it! \o/ And your cute support was an adorable help! ♥ Thanks again and thanks for your comment, as always! ♥
Of course Jun-kun and Shun-kun have a wonderful relationship, that’s why you are my Shun-chan and you even have your Yuu-kun! XDD
Arashi is famous for their special chemistry as five, that’s why I hope they keep doing TV Shows as five… I don’t think we will have any concerts before Arafes because they are super busy and they still have 24hs TV this year… But, let’s hope for the best! ^.^
I really can’t wait for tomorrow’s MS – Breathless dancing live! *.*
No, they just appeared on video message on NHK show, not with the kids… But they will appear again according to Yamakaze-san, so, who knows, maybe we can see them with the kids or in the finals of the contest! ^.^
All my love to JAL CM, OTPs! *.* Jun + Water is a perfect combination! XD
I thought the same, only Junba to make me like pink a little… and Sakura too! XDD
Ok, I give you the Mont Blanc and I keep the cooker, Jun-kun, for me, do we have a deal?! XDD
I can show you the full magazine from where you took the Juntoshi picture when we meet, it’s adorable! ^.^ Thanks again for your gift! ^.^
A doujinshi library?! *.* That would be a dream! XDD
Thanks again for everything, Shun-chan! ♥ *hugs*
Take care! ^.^

Edited at 2013-02-28 08:36 pm (UTC)
blind_maidenblind_maiden on March 1st, 2013 04:26 pm (UTC)
Re: hello o/
^w^ *hugs*
I'm glad you liked
oh, well, I just hope they can be together, even if we can't see this happening...
I'm flailing!! MS's presentation is super hot! This is awesome *.*
Yes, doujinshi library! Wouldn't that be nice?
So I acept the Mont Blanc, the problem is how I'll give you Jun... I'll think on something XD
Jun-chan, take care!!
bye o/
Sah-chan: shunjunbrossesquerdo on March 2nd, 2013 05:26 pm (UTC)
Re: hello o/
MS performance was amazing! You need to see in ts! ^.~ With me! ^.^ And there was Juntoshi, so happy! *.*
Oh, you can just send me to Japan to meet Jun-kun, that will be fine! XDD
Take care, dear! ^.^
bob lemon: together juntoshiboblemon on February 28th, 2013 11:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your monthly update like usual! ^__^ Just a few short comments:

I agree with you about the new shows, but we've already talked about it haven't we? I don't think the others are leaving Arashi behind, but I can understand your feelings. Honestly, I'm not interested in shows where only one member is the host, even if it was Sho-kun (as illustrated by the fact that I don't watch NewsZero regularly). If it's all five I'd watch it juts for them, but with the new shows if they're not actually interesting I don't know if I'll keep up on them...

I know Jun is your ichiban, but I have to say personally that I think Aiba-chan is the one for me in the two new PVs. He looks so handsome, I can't stand it!

My school has begun to learn Furusato to compete in the contest for NHK! Actually my teachers think they have a good chance since our school is so big... 1000 students singing Furusato at the same time is pretty amazing, don't you think? :D I hope I can be involved with it as it comes closer to the time!

I'm glad you're enjoying the doujinshil. ^__^ I think my fanart looks better after you scanned it, haha.

I sent you a fast message and I'll reply to the other one soon too! Take care!
Sah-chan: juntoshibwbitesesquerdo on March 1st, 2013 12:16 am (UTC)
Thanks for your comment, as always! ^.^
I know the others are not leaving Arashi behind, still, all this seems unbalanced and not the best choice. Arashi became famous as they are now because of the chemistry they have when they are five, they are a team… Anyway, I hope we can keep having them together on TV Shows!
LOL Yes, Jun-kun is my ichiban and the center of my posts, but, I love Aiba-chan a lot and I am not blind XD, he is indeed really hot on the PVs, all of them are, actually, but Aiba-chan is oozing his gorgeous side! ^.~
OMG! Your school is going to sing for NHK contest! That’s so cool! Indeed, 1000 students singing Furusato will cause a huge impact! I will be cheering for your school! \o/ Let me know how things will go! ^.^
Your fanart is cute and the scanner didn’t do anything to it, just showed what it already is! ^.^
I replied to your message and, as I said there, don’t worry about my other message! Thanks again for your comment, especially when you are so busy, good luck with everything and take care! ^.^
hana_saku_moonhana_saku_moon on March 1st, 2013 03:01 am (UTC)
Cuando leía sobre el trabajo individual era como leer mis pensamientos... sé que es un poco egoísta pero quiero ver a los 5 trabajando juntos, porque ARASHI SON 5. Eso no quiere decir que no me guste que tengan trabajos individuales... creo que eso los fortaleza como persona y los hace crecer como grupo también... pienso que conocer a nuevas personas y y tener nuevas experiencia es algo positivo. Pero también pienso que con su carga laborar… lo más prudente es que en el caso de sus trabajos individuales los proyectos que sean regulares sean solo 1.

En el caso de nino la verdad me dio felicidad por el… estoy ansiosa por ver otra faceta de el

Pero en el caso de sho... no lo sé... siendo sincera.... más me preocupo que me alegre su trabajo individual. Y la razón es que siento que sho trabaja como loco sin descanso, desde hace bastante tiempo que es adicto al trabajo. Ha veces cuando lo miro pienso que toda la alegría que muestra en tv no es tan real (no es que este fingiendo en tv) como decirlo... es como si se esfuerza al máximo para hacernos reír haciendo sus bakas pero su sonrisa en realidad no brilla como debería brillar porque está muy agotado para eso… pienso que cuando se apague la cámara el llagara a su casa solo para dormir y mañana nuevamente a trabajar... y así sucesivamente… no siento que el en este instante el está disfrutando y sintiendo al 100% todo lo que está haciendo... y eso me preocupa… al principio pensaba que era mi imaginación, pero cada vez que lo miro no dejo de sentir eso…. Además después de leer algunos reportes que decían que sho luce muy cansado y triste en algunas ocasiones. Y agregando que veo a jun tan feliz al lado de sho que luce tan agotado… la verdad me es doloroso ver a sho… y me preocupa su carga laboral

Con jun... quizás si yo extraño verlo en mas doramas y proyectos...como era antes... pero de alguna manera... no me preocupa porque para mí lo más importante es verlo sonreír… y ahora veo que el disfruta todo lo que está haciendo... su sonrisa es cada vez más cálida y hermosa... verlo feliz me hace feliz a mí, y lo único que mi importa es eso.

Aun no me explico cómo no lo eligieron en Manequin 5. Me hizo reír mucho cuando elogiaron el rostro de jun por ser tan hermoso… y él fue tan tímido y avergonzado…. Ese corte de cabello con ese flequillo lo hace ver muy tierno… me pregunto porque no lo ha usado en los últimos capítulos.. Quizás se siente avergonzado… porque le dijeron que era muy cute ^^

Junatoshi y matsumiya…. Cada día hay más momentos lindos… mi corazón es doki doki ….

Espero que en el kohaku hagan una colaboración con los niños del coro

Haaaaa creo que otra vez me emociones escribiendo… es que ver tu post me trae tantos recuerdo de este mes LOL, y no puedo parar de escribir

Espero que tengas un lindo día hoy….

Ya quiero que sea mañana para ver MS

Edited at 2013-03-01 03:08 am (UTC)
Sah-chan: juntoshipchandkissclosesesquerdo on March 1st, 2013 02:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your comment here! ^.^
I don’t think we are egoists because we want to see them working as five… They became famous as they are now exactly because of the amazing chemistry they have when they are five, so, it’d the best for them and for the fans! Of course, individual works are important, but they can’t become the main focus otherwise the team feeling Arashi shows us will end… And I still prefer them to be alone on dramas and movies, not on variety shows…
We also agree about this – I think I am happier for Nino than for Sho-chan. Nino is not filming anything now and he loves variety shows, so, I really hope he will be happy with his show! But, Sho-chan just finish filming for a movie, is starting filming for a drama and he has News Zero every week! Also, he doesn’t seem to love variety shows as Nino does, for me, he took the offer of his solo show just because he can’t say no to work… I wonder up until when he is going to support on this rhythm… He needs to slow down for his on good in my humble opinion…
Yes, Jun-kun has been happy and he has been busy in a healthy way for a while now – after he stage play, he has Lucky Seven, then, Lucky Seven Special and, now, his movie. I hope he can rest a little after the filming for the movie ends and go back with another new project in the future! But, above all, I hope he keeps being happy as he is now! ^.^
Matsumiya and Juntoshi are always adorable neh?! ^.~
I also hope to see Arashi collaborating with the kids singing in NCon, let’s wait and see if this will become true! ^.~
And Music Station was amazing! *.* I hope you will like it and I hope you will have a nice day! ^.^
Take care and thanks again! ^.^
Zewlazewla on March 2nd, 2013 03:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you for this! :)
Hah, Kimi wa Petto, how nostalgic... It was my first drama with MutsuJun ♥♥♥. And I didn't know, that there was Eita too, I know it only for few weeks :D
I saw a CM with the same type of tissues before few days in some old show with Arashi and I love it... MatsuJun in pyjamas :D I must see this one too. And I must see HnA too. I saw some parts of it, but not all... Oh, my lovely Juntoshi :♥
I read the interview before. This photos are amazing... :)
And I should introduce myself. My name is Martina. I'm from Czech Republic (it's in Europe), so my english is not so good, sorry.
m(_ _)m
I'm fan of MatsuJun, and of course Arashi. I love almost all Jun's dramas and other his work (and his smile :D And his style, ok all about him XD). So that's me.
Sah-chan: juniloveyousesquerdo on March 2nd, 2013 05:26 pm (UTC)
Hi, Martina-san, nice to meet you! I know where Czech Republic is, don’t woory and don’t worry about English, mine is not so good either since it’s not my first language! ^.^
If you want, you can add me ok? I am a huge fan of Jun-kun too and of Arashi and LJ is focused on them and on my dear Jun-kun, the man with most beautiful smile! ^.~
Yes, Eita-kun was on Kimi Wa Petto and the tissues CMs are always perfect, you will like this one too! ^.^
Juntoshi s my OTP, so, they are always pure love to me! ^.~
Thanks for your comment! ^.^ Take care!
Fiona ღ: Junotshifionasan on March 4th, 2013 05:17 pm (UTC)
Happy March, Sah-chan! *waves*

That is so Jun-kun like when he gets all excited with the other member's work. I bet he was super smiley in the photo displaying signs of proud-ness(is this even a word lol) of our Nino-chan. ^_^

Kimi wa Petto brings back so many good memories, Eito and him truly are wonderful chemistry together. I hope they will have more collaborations together.

I adore the choreography in both Calling and Breathless. I saw their Music Station performances and it was amazing, as well as, breathtaking. XD

I absolutely agree with you that have all five on a variety show is the best since they shine brighter together than individually. We'll just have to wait and see if they have any more surprises with Jun-kun and Ohno. If another one is aired, it should be a Juntoshi combi one ne?! ;) Wouldn't it be a refreshing change to have two Arashi members rather than one. :)

The Sharehouse with Oh-chan are always fun to watch since he's enjoying himself in his "house." The other members always seem to have some tricks up their sleeves, most of the time is being late. :) Yeah, the Juntoshi ones are special and love the pre-shows when they are just being themselves.

I did receive your reply and will get back to you soon! Take care, dearie and have an awesome March! XD
Sah-chan: juntoshisecretssesquerdo on March 4th, 2013 11:57 pm (UTC)
Fiona-chan! \o/
It’s nice to see you here! *hugs*
Thanks for your comment! ^.^
Jun-kun always take good care of the ones he likes and that includes his beloved members, right?! ^.~
It would certainly be wonderful to see Jun-kun interacting with Eita-kun again in the future, let’s hope for that! ^.~
Music Station sure was breathtaking and amazing! The new PVs are really great, especially Breathless! *.*
OMG! Fiona-chan, you had the best idea – a Juntoshi show would make my fangirl heart so happy, it would be like a dream coming true! *.* I honestly believe it’s unlikely to happen, but we can dream, right?! ^.~
I really enjoy Share a House corner (especially the few Juntoshi ones, of course), although I know several people don’t like it… I will miss it and I will miss HnA a lot… u.u
Nice to know you got my reply and, don’t worry, take your time! Happy March for you too, Fiona-chan! ^.^
marichamaricha74 on March 10th, 2013 04:00 pm (UTC)
Oh I'm just seeing your post now, Sah-chan!
As usual, you got a good resume of what happened in february

I didn't know KWP was released on blueray!
I remember fondly this drama, I think i will treat me to a re-watch session of it really soon ^.^
And Inu and Saru, how much they have changed!

as for the TV shows as 5, I may be pessimistic but it seems like the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.
I just hope, we still have a couple of years left to see them often as five
because Arashi is a living proof that you see 5 persons sharing an uncanny chemistry at the same time

One more proof is their latest performance which was great!
I really embarrassed myself all alone when I was finally been able to watch it

They are so great!
I love them so much!
Sah-chan: junchibiredsesquerdo on May 17th, 2013 03:53 am (UTC)
I took so much time to reply that I don't have anything to add to your comment, Mari-chan! Just that there is a new post and a post to you, my dear friend! ^.~