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Before January ends!

Here I am to make my usual recapitulation post of Arashi’s activities!

There are a lot to write about, so, as usual, this will turn out a really big post… well, let me start!

Regarding their individual activities, the boys are quite busy! And I am not talking about the several new CMs in which each of them is appearing! XD

Sho-chan is filming for Kami-Karute 2 since the beginning of January and it was just announced this week that he will have a new drama, called “Family Game”, for Spring Season on FTV; he will portray a home tutor who is very peculiar. Of course, I am happy to have a new Arashi drama, which usually means a new single and new performances, but I can’t help but feel a little worried with Sho-chan, isn’t he overworking himself? Because he will also have the TBS’s new show to host when HnA ends… Although there is a speculation about the boys rotating as MCs, the only official information is that Sho-chan will be the main MC together with Ariyoshi Hiroyuki-san and, according to TBS’s website, sometimes the other members will have their own turn appearing on the show… So, we will have Sho-chan in News Zero, in Family Game, in VS, in Face TV (TBS’s new show) and in Shiyagare… It’s certainly a lot of work! I hope Sho-chan will take care of his health and I wish him luck in so many activities! ^.^

Aiba-chan keeps filming his drama Last Hope and he was quite busy in the beginning of January going to several Shows to promote his drama, that finally started on the 15th! I watched the first episode and I was hooked, I loved the cast and Aiba-chan is doing a great job, I am so curious about his dark side and his past! *.*

Nino is not working in any individual project, at least, not that we know… But, soon, he will be busy doing promotions for his movie Platina Data, that will be on theatres on March 16th! The new trailer is even more trilling; I wish I could watch it on cinema…

I guess Riida is the one having a tranquil time right now, without any individual project (as far as we know). He went to Panama with his family in the beginning of the year and, now, he is focused on his painting, according to what he has been saying on his radio show. I hope you can rest all you want, Riida, since you are always wishing for days off! XD

Finally, my dear Jun-kun started filming for his new movie, Hidamari no Kanojo! And, because of that, he changed his hair style again! He looks really cute and younger, although I still miss the brown hair and Shuntarou’s hair! XDD Here are some pictures of the filming!

Also, on the beginning of January, he went to Hawaii to celebrate Shun-kun and Yuu-chan’s marriage! Mao-chan and Toma-kun were also there, as well as several of their friends! Nino was supposed to be there too, but he didn’t go (and his reason is a mystery)… Jun-kun, Toma-kun and the others best men even performed Arashi’s songs like One Love and Happiness! And Mao-chan got the bride’s bouquet (my Maotsujun feelings tickled when I got to know that XD)! They sure had a nice time there and I hope Jun-kun had all the fun he deserves! ^.^

Writing about their activities as five, a new Arashi single was announced and it will be a double A-side one! Calling and Breathless, the theme song’s for Aiba-chan’s Last Hope and Nino’s Platina Data! The Aimiya single will be released on March 6th! Calling was played on their radio shows and it’s a great, with a rock style and it resembles a shounen anime song, I loved it! *.* And the little we could hear of Breathless in Platina Data’s trailer is also amazing! I am sure I will love this single, especially after all the work I had to preorder both LE versions of it! XD

The last time I posted, it was still December so I have to write about what happened on the last day of last year!

A new message from the boys was on J-Net, in which they wished us a happy new year and they talked about their future projects! Of course, what amused me was Riida asking Jun-kun if he would have a kiss scene on his movie when Jun-kun was promoting his movie! Riida is always asking about his kiss scenes! XDD

And as the last and main event of Arashi on December 31st, they were the hosts of Kouhaku! This time, I was able to watch the whole show live in my cable TV and it was a wonderful show! The boys did a really good job, they seemed more relaxed than in the previous years and I hope they had more fun! The highlights were their performance with Disney, Furusato (with new lyrics), the tribute to the recent deceased ones (it was touching and Jun-kun was the one talking about Mori-san and Nakamura Kanzaburou-san, showing all his respect to them) and, finally, their own performance – it was AMAZING! They started with Wild At Heart, that is always fun, and, then, they performed Face Down with a new CG technology that was beautiful and incredible! And, as a reward for such a great job, the white team won and Riida could hold the flag again! ^.^



Shun-chan, these are for you and you know why! XDDD

After Kouhaku, some TV’s programs showed their preparation and rehearsal for the show (you can see them with AKB and Kanjani below) as well as some interview with them after the show. Also, on January 14th, NHK aired a special program with the full interview that each of the boys did for the Furusato corner, called “Message to the future from Senpais” or something like that (未来を生きる君たちへ嵐が聞く!人生の先輩からのメッセージ); again, Jun-kun was with Tamasaburo Bando-san, it was an interesting show! ^.^

Still on the end of the year subject, Arashi appeared in a video performance on Countdown and they performed Wild At Heart and gave their new year’s greetings! ^.^ It sure was windy on the rooftop the day they recorded it! XD

On the 11th, 12th and 13th, they did their first activity as five in 2013 and the final concerts of Popcorn Tour on Nagoya! From the reports, the concerts were really fun and amazing, as the previous ones! ^.^ On the last day, during A Day in Our Life, Juntoshi held hands with their fingers intertwined, they kissed each other’s hands and, when they lowered their hands after the kiss, Riida tried to kiss Jun-kun on the lips, but Jun-kun pulled himself back! XD Look at Riida’s feet on the last picture! XD

I am happy to know the tour ended fine and I am already anxious for the DVD! Popcorn Tour had its main concepts created by Jun-kun and Riida and it had so many Juntoshi moments – my fangirl heart really needs the DVD soon! XDD Since Juntoshi gave us an amazing fanservice during the whole tour, I decided to make a selection of their best moments of the tour during A Day in Our Life, here you go (except for the last picture that it’s there just because it’s fun XD):

Still on the topic of my fangirl heart, I love mangas and, this week, Arashi members were drew as mangas’ characters by Wataru Yoshizumi-sensei, a mangaka that I really like, famous for Marmalade Boy! Jun-kun and his brown hair is such a perfect prince! *.* Aren’t they all cute?! The magazine also brought a poll about which manga’s famous characters the members should do individually and as a group! Of course, Jun-kun is all about shoujo characters! XDD

Into the new CMs topic, Arashi appeared on a new Nissan CM as sailors – first, the five of them and, after, a Matsumiya version! ^.^

I don’t usually write about individual CMs (besides Jun-kun ones), but since Riida is a purple hero, I had to post about it because of the Juntoshi feeling the combination Riida + purple gives me! XDD

Jun-kun is in a new Meiji CM for the Valentine’s Day, giving advice to a school girl making chocolate! Nothing better than Jun-kun and chocolate! ^.^

Into the TV’s Shows topic, I have to start with Lucky Seven Special Drama that was aired on the 3rd! Call me biased, but I loved it and it was perfect! Nice story, nice plot, great acting from the whole cast and great soundtrack! I missed Shuntarou and the whole team so much and I am already missing them again… The action scenes were amazing and the Shuntarou x Nitta moments were perfect for my fangirl heart! XD Especially the hotel scene in which they pretended to be a gay couple – it was hilarious! XDD And Jun-kun was gorgeous as always, thanks for all the close ups, FTV! XD Best New Year Gift to me! ^.^






















I saw this on weibo and I had to share because Inu and Saru are just too cute!

What is funny is that Riida is Arashi’s Saru and Jun-kun is Arashi’s Inu, so, I am always about Inu and Saru! XDD (not to mention Riida and Eita-kun are both Sagittarius, zodiacally speaking, with a great chemistry with Jun-kun! ^.~)

Still writing about Jun-kun, a new movie of Kindaichi staring HSJ’s Yamada was aired and to promote it, NTV did a recapitulation of the best moments of Kindaichi series, including Jun-kun’s season! I love his Kindaichi so much! *.*

On the 2nd, Jun-kun was one of the MCs of Sekai Ichi no Show Time again and it sure was a long and entertaining show! ^.^

Writing about their regular shows and all the specials they had, I will start with FTV! On FTV, it was Arashi’s day on the 3rd, with Kotatsu de Arashi, VS Arashi Special and Lucky Seven Special Drama! To promote all the shows, we had Fuku the Arashi until the 2nd with Riida’s confession to Arashi, Jun-kun filming Lucky Seven’s cast and trolling Riida! XDD

Kotatsu de Arashi was fun – first, they watched again their epic moments of old shows, sitting on the Kotatsu and eating winter food and, afterwards, the did several 10 seconds challenge that were proposed by the audience! It was really fun! Especially when they failed! XDD





VS Arashi Special was also fun - first, they had a regular competition against “manly team” lead by Tunnels and Arashi won! And, afterwards, we had the Bet de Arashi corner but only with Old Maid card game  - Baba de Arashi - in which they played several rounds with famous people and the ones who lost played a final game with Riida to know who was the weakest one (Baba)! XDD Also, there was a special part in which Riida, Aiba-chan, Nino and Sho-chan got into Lucky Seven Special’s set and invited Lucky Seven Team to a dual curling game! Riida, once again, asked if it would have a kiss scene on the special, showing a funny face and making Satomi-chan and Jun-kun laugh! XDD As I mentioned above, he is always interested in Jun-kun’s kiss scenes! XDD And Shuntarou appeared on the end of VS Special! XDD








The next two episodes were also fun, especially Aimiya having fun on cliff climbing, to Juntoshi’s amusement and the Last Hope Team episode – Aiba-chan was enjoying himself and showing how good he can be playing! Also, his team mates had a great chemistry and they seemed to have fun together, I felt really happy for Aiba-chan to be working with such a good and close cast! ^.^ But I think Arashi missed him on their team! XDD Oh and we could see Jun-kun’s new hair in action! ^.^



On TBS, HnA was back and we had a Share a House and a Mannequin Must Item corner with Jun-kun and Sho-chan, it was a normal episode. And this Thursday, there will be another Juntoshi Share a House! \o/ They will learn how to take care of babies! XD And, afterwards, on “final mission”, they compete with Toma-kun! \o/ It will certainly be fun! ^.^




Finally, on NTV, on the 1st, we had Shiyagare Special! Since there was another “fateful” announcement in the end of the show, I will start with it – Arashi will be main the personality for this year's NTV 24-hour TV! Yes, again! In such an important year, because it will be NTV’s 60th Anniversary, so it sure is an honor to them! ^.^ This year’s theme will be "If you say Japan...? The embodiment of this country”, in other words, Japan as a country. Congratulations to Arashi and I hope everything will go smoothly like last year! ^.^ I am looking forward to it! ^.^

Writing about Shiyagare itself, the Special was a long but entertaining show – there were special corners to each of them and there was a “normal” episode with their senpai Masahiko Kondo. For me, the highlights were Jun-kun being scared, kissing a snake and two guys XD and Riida as a beautiful woman, Satoko-chan stole our hearts! XDD



The next episode was with Nagase-senpai and it sure was fun! The last one was with Masanobu Katsumura-san, who is close to Nino and Jun-kun and he probably told several personal information because the episode was clearly edited… (that’s JE), still it was fun! ^.^ Next episode will be with Mukai Osamu-kun and I am looking forward to it! ^.^








On a personal note, I bought myself several Arashi’s goods as Christmas and B-Day gifts but they took a while to arrive since my mail system is terrible… But, finally, my Arafes DVD reached me as well as my Popcorn goods, my shop photos (Jun-kun’s and Juntoshi’s whole set and some Arashi) and more doujinshi because I am addicted! XDD Thanks to boblemon, I have the goods and the doujinshi here with me, together with the cute fanart she sent! ^.^

I guess that’s all for now… As I thought, this post turned out huge! So, thanks in advance to the ones who comment! ^.^ I hope 2013 is treating you all nicely! ^.^

Credits: All Colored Fanarts from weibo and black and white fanart made by boblemon (so, please, don’t copy nor share it and don’t claim as yours). Gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs maker

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