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Happy New Year! ^.^

2012 is ending and so, on its last day, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! \o/ May 2013 be good to us and better than 2012! ^.^ I hope new dreams will shine our way and that we all will have strength, health and courage to pursue them, while being supported by the ones we love! And by Arashi, of course!

The idea of this fanart is Arashi spending New Year’s on my country! XD So, a summer theme! ^.^

2012 was an amazing year for Arashi and, therefore, to the fandom! 2 DVDs, 3 singles, two albums (if we consider Ura Arashi Mania), Arafes in Kokuritsu, Popcorn Tour, Waku Waku Gakou in several cities, hosts of 24hs TV, MC of Kouhaku, 3 dramas, 03 Special Dramas, one more Special Drama and a new Drama to come, as well as 3 movies for next year, several CMs endorsements, besides their regular TV Shows and some individual works as MCs!

I hope 2013 will be a good year for the boys too, not only for their individual activities, but especially for their activities as five, since they are the best together! ^.^ I wish them health to face their crazy schedule and happiness on their private and professional life! To Arashi, only the best! ^.^

Since I am writing about Arashi, let’s take a look on the busy month they had in December!

As for individual activities, I guess, right now, Aiba-chan is the only one busy filming his drama Last Hope! Jun-kun will start filming his new movie on January. I guess the same will happen to Sho-chan, because he also has a new movie – a sequence to Kamisama no Karute, and he will have Fujiwara Tatsuya as his “rival”!

On a not so happy side, all the five of them attended Mori Mitsuko-san’s funeral; and, just some days later, Jun-kun attended Nakamura Kanzaburou-san’s funeral. Riida, Nino and Sho-chan also went to his funeral ceremony some days afterwards. I was quite worried with Jun-kun since he respected Mori-san a lot (both of them worked together on Hitsuyo no Nai Hito, one of the firsts dramas Jun-kun did) and Nakamura Kanzaburou-san was the father of his two childhood friends and treated him like his own son… Two important people went away in a short time but I think he hanged in there and kept working like a professional! I just hope time will heal eventual wounds in his heart.

As for their activities as five, they appeared on Hey! Hey! Hey! last show on a video message, saying their nice words to Downtown duo!

Again in a video appearance, they performed Face Down and Wild At Heart on FNS. Everybody was expecting them to appear in live in the show, but since Aiba-chan wouldn’t be able to go (he had another work, probably also related to his drama and FTV), Riida asked if they could appear in video since Arashi is five! Riida, you are the best! The performances were really good, although the “live” feeling was missing…



On the 21st, they appeared live in Music Station Special – they performed Akashi, Love So Sweet and Wild At Heart! Jun-kun was especially adorable! ^.^




Still on the musical activities, they had Popcorn Concerts on Fukuoka and Tokyo – they were as fun and amazing as the previous ones, according to all the reports and papa pictures! Not only that, but we had media coverage for Tokyo Concerts, so we could have an idea of how great Popcorn Concert is! And, also, full of Juntoshi, especially on “A Day in Our Life”.

I mentioned on my last post, but, I think I should mention again – on the last day of concerts in Tokyo, the boys celebrated Aiba-chan’s 30th B-Day! They performed and sang Friendship, they showed a special video message to him and they sang Happy Birthday to him dressed as Chinese waitress and Jun-kun as a cooker! XD It was touching! ^.^

Finally, on January, they will end Popcorn Tour in Nagoya!






Finally, Arafes DVD was released! \o/ Since my copy will only arrive probably in middle January (thanks to my terrible mail system), of course, I watched the leaked version and it was great! Shake It by the five of them is the highlight and I am sure all the fans agree with me! XD All the solos were great, actually, and being Rain a favorite of mine, I was thrilled watching Riida dancing it again, with the other four on the screen! Love Situation, La Tormenta, Tokei Jikake No Umbrella, One Love, Truth, 5x10, Still, Sketch… so many favorite of mine, it really is a great DVD! ^.^






Moving to TV Shows topic, NHK Special Show called Arashi no Asu ni Kakeru Tabi was aired, specifically, Aiba-chan’s, Jun-kun’a and Sho-chan’s tasks! I watched all of them, but, being biased, I enjoyed Jun-kun’s the most! Aiba-chan’s one was quite fun too, especially with the research group for eco cars! Jun-kun went to Kyoto and showed us how they grew and sell fresh vegetable there, together with high school girls! He was adorable (Taka Jun! XD) and he even cooked for the whole group! ^.^









Isn’t this adorable? I found on weibo, it’s not mine, but I had to share it! XD

Also, Asaichi aired a little about their special corners in Kouhaku, they met famous people and talked with them about their “home town” or “furusato”. Jun-kun interviewed Tamasaburo Bando-san, from Kabuki theatre!


The boys are now endorsing Gree and they appeared on new CMs! Gree is social networking service focused on games and the boys appeared to be inside a game in the CMs! XD

Still on the CMs topic, a new version of Jun-kun’s Meiji CM was aired and I had to post about it because Jun-kun together with mangas (Slum Dunk!) and chocolate is always relevant! XD

Since I am writing about Jun-kun, he appeared on a press conference to promote Lucky Seven Special, he talked about the drama and about his co-stars, he was surprise that Nanako Matsushima-san loves sweets so much! ^.^



On the 30th, Jun-kun appeared on FTV’s Bokura no Jidai, together with Eita-kun and Hideki Noda-san! They talked about several subjects, being the highlight the fact that Eita-kun said he accepted to act in Lucky Seven because Jun-kun would be in it! XD They also talked how Jun-kun met Noda-san and he is always at his house and about marriage and children! Once again, Jun-kun expressed his wish to marry and have a child soon after it because he is worried about the age difference between him and his child! He is always thinking too much, so cute! ^.^ Also, let me say that Eita-kun was so cute with his cap and glasses! *.*





Writing about their regular TV Shows, VS Arashi was fun as always, especially with Nino and Riida’s funny outfits and with Riida being serious about silly details! XD The ratings were better too! ^.^





About HnA, first, I have to write about the sad news that was out this month – HnA will end in March of next year… They will have an interview show with Sho-kun and a comedian on its place… I was truly sad with this news… I knew the ratings were quite bad since they weren’t as five on the show anymore… Still, I liked Share a House and HnA was on for so long… Not only that, but I always had the hope that, eventually, they would be as five again on TBS and, now, this chance is over… u.u

At least, before the end, I could have my dear Juntoshi on Share a House! They were both adorable and so fluffy on the beginning of the show, it made me really happy! Riida flirting all the time and Jun-kun being embarrassed was adorable! But the noisy comedians made them sit apart… u.u Honestly, in my humble opinion, the comedians were really too noisy this time…










Finally, on Shiyagare, we had them playing against NTV announcers - that knew more about JE songs than Arashi did! XD The next episode was with a famous baseball player, but it was not so fun for me, especially because Jun-kun had swollen eyes since he had stayed up all night in Nakamura Kanzaburou-san’s funeral before the recording… At least, Nino made the show entertaining being carried by the other four like a boss! XD On the Christmas Special, again, the boys exchanged presents with gays entertainers! XD

On the 1st, we will have Shiyagare Special, and several interesting corners – Jun-kun being scared, Riida as a (beautiful) woman and Jun-kun kissing two men?! XD Also, a very important JE senpai!








So, the boys will be a lot on TV the beginning of 2013, after Kouhaku, they will have Shiyagare Special on the 1st and Ichiban Show Time with Jun-kun as MC on the 2nd on NTV; Kotatsu de Arashi, VS Arashi Special and Lucky Seven Special on the 3rd on FTV; also, on the 15th, Last Hope starts!

Since they have so many special shows, they are doing promotion in ZIP (NTV), Mezamashi (FTV) and, also, with the special corners of Tokio and Arashi (Jun-kun appeared with Nagase-san to talk about fart XD, and alone to promote Ichiban Show Time and talk about his embarrassing moments this year XD) in NTV and Fuku de Arashi on FTV! Jun-kun was adorable during Junba and Matsumiya confessions on Fuku de Arashi! ^.^






Since December was such a busy month to the boys, this post turned out huge! So, thanks in advance to the ones who comment! ^.^

Again, Happy New Year to all my LJ friends! ^.^

Credits: Fanart requested by me and made by nhbsakakude (so, please, don’t copy nor share it and don’t claim as yours). Gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs makers.

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