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Arashi Waku Waku School!

Hello! ^.^ It´s been a while since I updated here... Because of that I will write about several Arashi´s news that I feel that I have to comment about, so, let´s go! ^.^
First, something that made me really proud of being an Arashi fan! ^.^ Last weekend´s Charity Event – Waku Waku School!

In this event, each of the boys acted like a teacher and talked about important subjects, especially now that Japan is trying to recover from the earthquake and tsunami disaster… And they managed to do this in their special way, of course, giving classes full of laughs, member ai and touching moments! ^.^ No only that, they managed to save a lot of electricity power that they would use if they had made a concert! They boys gave all their fans a great example and, for me, they showed they are more than idols with that – they are worried with their country and tried to help showing they can talk about serious subjects and entertain at the same time!
Nino-sensei talked about taking care of your health and your heart so you can face any hardships! ^.^ They boys even run like in the 4x100,it was so much fun! Jun-sensei showed everybody the importance of electricity and even made all of them to ride a bicycle to generate power, showing that we have to use the electricity wisely to not waste it! Aiba-sensei cooked for the other four and, after, he showed how the ingredients that they ate arrived to the table, showing that we can´t waste food! Sho-sensei talked about the importance of praising the important things and happenings in our life, clapping whenever we can! Finally, Ohno-sensei taught the importance of communication, specially face to face, telling us to always say thank you to the ones that are important to us. Riida´s message touched me and it was this (taken from 
"There are many ways to communicate, phone, email, but it's words that are the most important. They say that the number of people you will meet is about the same as the number in this dome, but the number of people whose names and faces you recognize are about 500. The number that are your friends are 30. Your best friends are about 5. To sum up my lesson, please tell the people that are important to you, thank you. Satoshi."
Also, at the end of each Riida´s classes (there were 5 events), Riida made they say thank you words to each member, it was a touching moment full of member ai! ^.^ Since I am a Jun-kun hardcore fan, I will share what he said to the others and what the others told him! ^.^
Actually, he was the first one to be thanked, at the first day of event, and here is what the other four said to him (taken from [info]yarukizero):
Sho: "This was during one of my first drama filmings. It was during winter and very cold. My birthday came and I got three great presents from the others, but Jun gave me something like gloves or earmuffs. Something warm. The warmth is what I remember most. Thank you."

Nino: "Jun-kun. The reason why I usually call you Jun-kun is that you entered the company a month before me and over the 12 years, never once have you treated me like you were better. You were always respectful. I respect you for that too."

Aiba: "Matsumoto Jun-kun. At Arashi's concerts, there have been incidents during the performances with my outfits. Also with not taking them off. But I know, to make a good show, I'm the same as the audience, that you like me the same. Please keep helping me with my outfits from now on."

Ohno: "Matsujun. About 5 years ago, during one of my stage plays, my throat was sore from the performance. You didn't say anything and I didn't either, but you went home and brought medicine for me. You noticed it. Thank you."

And here is what Jun-kun said to the others (taken from 
[info]yarukizero [info]yamakaze067 and [info]aatash):
To Nino – “Kazunari Ninomiya-san, you usually watch various matters. you watch carefully how people move and feel a lot then you think how you should do. when we talk, in the case our atmosphere gets heavy. but you transform this to laughter. I like this atmosphere. Please keep making us laugh a lot just like very Nino in future as well. Thank you always.”

To Aiba-chan – “Thank you for everything. Recently, in the tour DVD, we did interviews. I was the last one. The director told me Aiba said, 'I go out to dinner with friends all the time, but not so much with him. I want to invite him out. Could you tell him?' It made me happy. We've been together for over 10 years, but there are things that are hard to talk about that you can do during dinner. So although it may not happen until summer, let's go out to dinner together. Thank you."
To Sho-chan - “what I feel grateful with Sho Sakurai-kun by Jun Matsumoto” (he make kid’s voice) at debut the rap written by other, but since Sho-kun write rap lyric, our feeling is transmitted by Sho-kun’s rap, so this comes more Arashi-ish. Please make tune of 5 Arashi-shi in future as well.”
To (his beloved) Riida – “My thank you message to Ohno-kun. By Matsumoto Jun. I've known Leader for 12 years since debut... more if we count our years as Johnnys Juniors. When we became members of the same group, Arashi, I didn't really know how to interact with him. We would go home together sometimes as Juniors, but it's kind of different when we became bandmates. Plus, he's also my senior, so I didn't really know how to interact with him. But Ohno-kun's very kind.. and he accepts everything and anything. A lot of people say that Arashi members are very close to each other, that watching us makes them laugh, that watching us gives them joy and courage. I personally think that this is all thanks to Ohno-kun. Because even as our leader, he doesn't push his opinion on us; rather, he listens carefully to our opinions and acts on them instead. So I think Arashi is Arashi... because of Ohno-kun.”

As a Juntoshi fan, I need to say that Riida almost cried when Jun-kun was thanking him! *.* Jun-kun words to him were really beautiful, weren´t?!
It was really a great event! ^.^
For the others news, see next post! ^.^
Scans from: and .

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