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It’s Aiba-chan’s month – December!

It’s the last month of 2012 and I hope it will be good for dear Aiba-chan, for all Arashi’s members and for all of us! ^.^

And to start it really well, how about a cute fanart?!

As always, the fanart was requested by me and made by nhbsakakude, based on Out of the Blue or Blueshift, the arc focused on Juntoshi inside Red Shift’ Verse bymylittlecthulhu !

The five rainbow-colored boys keep being really busy! Right now, they are in the middle of Popcorn Tour, which will last until January, and they will perform in FNS tomorrow (today, there, actually), on the 21st on Music Station Special and they will be hosting Kouhaku on the 31st! Yes, several activities! That’s why I really do hope they are taking care of their health! But, as a fangirl, I am looking forward to everything! ^.^

About their individual activities, Nino’s Platina Data trailer was out and it seems really interesting and thrilling, it will be on the cinemas on March! Next year, there will also be Sho-chan’s Nazodi movie! Although, right now, I don’t think both of them are doing anything related to it…

The same goes for Riida, but he was busy creating the choreography for Popcorn Tour and working in the Concert production together with Jun-kun, as they told on the Concert’s pamphlet! (Yay for Juntoshi!) ^.~

Aiba-chan is busy now that Last Hope shooting has started, the drama will start on January! Gambatte, Aiba-chan! ^.^

Finally, my beloved Jun-kun finished filming Lucky Seven Special and the drama will air on January 3rd! I am so anxious for it! *.* To see Shuntarou back and all the team again! And for Shuntarou and Nitta moments too, especially because they will have to pretend to be a gay couple for an investigation, take a look on this teaser and on the poster!

But, no, Jun-kun is not free to relax! It was just announced he will be on the movie “Hidamari no Kanojo”, together with Ueno Juri-san (Nodame-chan \o/), that will go to the cinemas on October next year! It is based on a novel that sold several copies in Japan and it is a romance fantasy story, Jun-kun will be Okuda Kosuke and Ueno-san will be Watarai Mao! I am already looking forward to it, even though I will have to wait for the DVD! XD It’s really nice to have him back to the cinemas! ^.^

Still writing about Jun-kun, he is staring the new Nissan CM, isn’t he super stylish?!

Writing about their activities as five, Arashi will be releasing Arafes DVD on the 26th! (I like to think of it as my earlier b-day present XD) Luckily, I was able to pre-order it almost in the same time the LE editions were ending… *clean the drop of sweat* I really can’t wait for it! *.*

Since the topic is concerts, their Popcorn Tour Started on November 16th, they have been to Osaka and Sapporo, three concerts at each place, and they will be in Fukuoka and Tokyo still on this month! They will finish the tour in Nagoya in January!

From the reports, the concert seems really fun, with the boys wearing their popcorn heads for a while, with cute and funny videos being showed and with the amazing choreography created by Riida! Being biased and talking about Jun-kun’s solo, he changes his cloth on the stage and he performs his DJ MJ again! I can’t wait to see it on the DVD! And still on my biased side, in all the concerts, there were several Juntoshi moments, especially in “A Day In Our Life”, check the pictures!

These are not so good quality because they are from last Sunday concert in Sapporo, but I had to post them for obvious reasons! XD My fangirl heart exploded! XD

Since the tour started, the sales of the concert goods also started, so check some pictures of the concert pamphlet, Arashi’s pictures, Jun-kun’s pictures and, also, the pictures he took of his Riida! Not only that, but a second set of shop photos from Popcorn was released, and, OMG, I have never seen so many Juntoshi pictures from the same set! It made me really happy! Does anyone want popcorn?! XDD

A new Fan Club pamphlet was out and it brought pictures of Arafes and Nino’s pictures and report of Kokuritsu’s rehearsals! Sho-chan wrote about his trip to Gunjo Hachiman, Aiba-chan wrote about his songs list, Riida wrote about Juntoshiba trip to New York and Jun-kun’s part was about taking care of yourself and of your mind – he visited Enkaku temple in Kamakura, tried meditation and ate different food!


There was also a new message from Arashi on J-Net in which they talked about their activities, Riida even showed some of his choreography XD and they wished us Merry Christmas! ^.^


On November 28th, the boys performed in NTV’s Best Artist, the musical show that had Sho-chan as one of the MCs! They performed Troublemaker in the beginning of the show and, in the end, the performed Your Eyes and Wild At Heart! All of them gorgeous as always! ^.^


Like I mentioned above, they will be on FNS and on Kouhaku! By the way, new CMs for Kouhaku were out, check below!

Also, it was announced a special documentary in NHK that will consist in five episodes, one for each of them, called Arashi no Asu ni Kakeru Tabi - Kibou no Tane wo Sagashini ikou - Arashi's journeys through bridges with tomorrow - Let's search for the seeds of hope. Jun-kun’s, Aiba-chan’s and Sho-chan’s episodes will air on the 18th, 17th and 19th, respectively; Riida’s and Nino’s episodes will air on March! Jun-kun’s episode will be about his trip to Kyoto, to show a little more about the Japanese Cuisine! I am looking forward to it! ^.^

Finally, talking about their weekly TV Shows, the ratings keep worrying, although VS got a little better! And, writing about VS, I guess the highlights were Aiba-chan as Arashi’s Oguri Shun, performing Rui from Hanadan XD, Toma-kun’s drama team as the opposite team, Jun-kun doing great in bowling twice and magical hands on Rolling Coin Tower! XD






In HnA, we had Matsumiya sharing a house twice! They received Chara and Takei Emi! Also, on the second show, they received Naka Riisa (Nino’s twin) and Masuda-chan form News on the Mannequin Must item!



I also need to mention that there was an Aimiya sharing a house with Mao-chan as guest… I really like her and, well, I ship Maotsujun on the heterosexual front for Jun-kun, so, I had to post this here! XD Because, yes, she entered the room nobody had entered! ^.~

And, as my earlier Christmas present, there will be a Juntoshi sharing a house on the 20th! FINALLY! I really can’t wait! ^.~

About Shiyagare, there were so many funny moments! Daigo’s episode is so interesting and fun, the whole episode! The next one with Sho-chan’s senpai from News Zero was less interesting to me, but they were really gorgeous in suits! In the “horror stories” one, the highlight for me was Jun-kun being called an alien! XD In the dubbing one, they seemed to have a lot of fun! Finally, on the last week, we had a scientist doing interesting tests with them! Jun-kun with the kids was so adorable! *.* The Junba part was also fun, although, I still think Aiba-chan knew it was Jun-kun…




To finish this post, considering I wrote a little about myself on my lasts posts, I decided to finish the subject that I started… My life keep being out of its right track and it is also sadder because my grandfather passed away on the 12th… I know the pain will go away with time, but, right now, it is hurting… But, yes, it will pass and only the good memories will stay.

Having said that, I guess I won’t post about my personal life any time soon… I am sorry if these little RL parts were a bother to some of you, after all, I could notice how people run away from you when something serious is happening… So, yes, I think I will focus on the main reason I started using my LJ properly – Arashi. The ones who want to know about me can always ask me… By the way, there were the ones who run away, but there were also the ones who gave me a lot of support and cared, so my big thank you to all of you! It really was important to me and it still is! ^.^

To end the post with a happy note, I keep addicted to doujinshi and, again, boblemon sent me some together with another cute fanart! The members are the cutest popcorn, aren't they?! ^.^

That’s all for now… But there will be a lot to look forward to from now on – FNS, Concerts, NHK Special Documentary, Music Station Special, Kouhaku, Shiyagare Special, Kotatsu de Arashi, VS Arashi Special and Lucky Seven Special drama! \o/

Again, I wish you all a happy December and thanks in advance for the ones who comment! ^.^

Credits: Colored Fanart requested by me and made by nhbsakakude and black and white fanart made by boblemon (so, please, don’t copy nor share them and don’t claim as yours). Gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs makers.

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