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Happy 13th CD Debut Anniversary! It’s Ohnovember!

It’s still the 3rd in Japan, so, Happy 13th Anniversary to Arashi! \o/

Thank you, Arashi, for providing us great songs, singles, albuns, PVs, amazing concerts and DVDs during these last 13 years, making my days happier and brighter! ^.^ I hope there is a lot more to come! From A.Ra.Shi to Your Eyes, from all the singles, let’s celebrate with 13 random PV gifs! \o/

Also, as a celebration, I am sharing the fanart above requested by me and made by nhbsakakude, based on Shinobu, an amazing ninja fic series by boblemon! Maybe some of you have seen it already on her fic community, but I am sharing it anyway, after all it’s a celebration day! \o/

And if it is Arashi’s CD Debut Anniversary, it means Riida’s month has started! \o/ Let’s hope for a great Ohnovember to all of us! \o/

Since it’s their anniversary, I will start this post writing about their news as five!

Finally, it was announced that Arashi will be the hosts for this year’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen together with Horikita Maki-san. There was a press conference in which they expressed their feelings related to the theme of the event this year – Uta de Aitai – “we want to meet you through songs”. Riida also made it clear that he wants white team to win this year! XD

They will sure be busy at these last two months of the year – they will have Popcorn Concerts, the traditional end of the year’s music shows (they are already confirmed at FNS and Best Artist) and with Kouhaku! I just wish they will take proper care of their health… Ganbatte, Arashi!

Since I mentioned Popcorn, the new album was out on October 31st and I loved it so much! *.* All the new songs are really good and the album really has a positive and up feeling to it! ^.^ I liked all the solos two, being Riida’s and Jun-kun’s ones my favorite! I know I will be called biased, but it is honest, I love Riida’s voice and it is amazing in his “Two”! Jun-kun’s solo is so much fun and it is addicting! No, it has not the most deep and meaningful lyrics, still, it makes me hyper and it gets stucked on my mind, so… I loved it! ^.^ From the new songs, I guess “Waiting for You”, “Welcome to our Party” and “Up to You” are my favorite, but I really enjoyed all of them! ^.^

The CM for the new album was really fun and the booklet of the LE edition is precious, with a picture book with them as “corns”! XD The boys appeared at several TV shows to promote their album, and Jun-kun was in Sukkiri and News Zero! Also, the shopping photos were out, take a look!



Writing about their individual activities, I guess they are focused on their Popcorn Tour rehearsals! Except, maybe, Jun-kun and Aiba-chan that are also focused on filming their new dramas! Aiba-chan will be on a new winter drama at FTV, called Last Hope and he will be a doctor that can “hear and understand” his patients' hearts, with a mysterious past, I am really looking forward to it! ^.^

As for Jun-kun, it was announced that Lucky Seven will have a special that will be aired on January 3rd and they already started filming it! Ishihara Satomi-san will be one of the “villains” and, so, we have the “Kimi wa Petto” trio reunited again! ^.^ ! Oh, and Jun-kun said on his interviews and on his Enjoy that there are several action scenes, I am really looking forward to it! Of course, I was thrilled with this news since I loved Lucky Seven and I can’t wait to see their team work again, especially more Shuntarou and Nitta! *.*



The boys keep appearing on several new CMs and Nino will even be featured on Guinness World Record since his Devil Character at Pocky CM was designed at the largest mosaic art using biscuit sticks! XD The work they did in the mosaic was amazing! ^.^ Jun-kun, Riida and Sho-chan are at the new Nissan CM, together with a cute little dog! The CM is really fun, especially because I love dogs! XDD

Still on the CMs subject, Jun-kun is featured at a new Meiji campaign, take a look!

Finally, writing about their regular TV Shows, although I am still worried about the ratings, for me, the shows have been really fun, all of them! ^.^

VS Arashi was back with the thrilling Bet de Arashi! The highlight for me, of course, was Ohmatsumiya playing cards and Riida being adorable! And Jun-kun’s victory, of course, despite the fact that nobody had bet on him! XD The other highlights were the little kids and Nino’s cute outfit plus Riida “fighting” with Haruna from Harisenbon!







On HnA, first, there was a Junba Share a House together with Naka Riisa-san, so, it was like Kaze Trio Share a House for me! XD And, after, thre was another Share a House  with the five of them without guests, in which they watched not aired scenes and talked about old episodes. Although there were some vtrs, it was really fun! Watching them relaxing together and just being them! Of course, I must point out that my fangirl heart was extremely happy when Riida chose Jun-kun as the member whose room he wants to enter the most! Riida, you are a pervert… an adorable pervert! Unfortunately to you, Aimiya is protective of their Jun-kun! XDD And, this week, there will be a Matsumiya Share a House, featuring Jun-kun in a wig! XDDD



Shiyagare has been fun because the boys are doing several interesting activities! XD They became ninjas and samurais, they performed together with Takarazuka and they learned acting as mosquitos and other funny performances! XD Right now, they must be being impressed by Daigo’s magic, but I will watch and comment about it later! ^.~




On a personal but still on a fangirl vibe note, I am addicted to Juntoshi doujinshi and I was extremely happy when these ones arrived, isn’t the art so beautiful?! *.*

Thanks for boblemon who is helping me to feed my addiction! XD As always, she sent me, together with the doujinshi, a super cute fanart she made, this time, with the five of them! Isn’t it adorable?! Thank you so much! *bows*

Finally, to finish this post, I want to thank the ones who commented on my last entry and who sent me messages! Your support and kind words are really important to me! Unfortunately, things are still difficult and the situation didn’t change much… So, I will keep not being around so much… I won’t write more because this is a celebration post, right?! ^.~

I wish you all a happy Ohnovember and thanks in advance for the ones who comment! ^.^

Credits: Colored Fanart requested by me and made by nhbsakakude and black and white fanart made by boblemon (so, please, don’t copy nor share them and don’t claim as yours). Gifs from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine, all the credits to the gifs makers.

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