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15 November 2011 @ 11:16 pm
It is Ohvember! ^.^  
It´s Ohvember! ^.^

And Riida´s month has started! \o/ Actually, November is already in the middle… but, I was just able to update my LJ today… Anyway, let´s celebrate Ohno Satoshi´s month! \o/
To celebrate, how about some great fanarts? Like always, all the credits goes to nhbsakakude
(I requested the fanarts from her), if you want to request fanarts from her, she is accepting commissions! Please, don't copy and share these fanarts because she was the one who made them to me ok?! Chibi Arashi and Chibi Juntoshi, aren´t they cute?! ^.^

Ohvember started and brought several news! Let´s start with Jun-kun´s news! Yes, I am biased! XD
Jun-kun´s butai started and it is a success! The reviews were great and it always received great ovation! And several famous people went to see his stage play – the other four of Arashi, Oguri Shun, Toma Ikuta, Mariko Kaga  - everybody loves Jun-kun! ^.^ I am so happy for him! ^.^ He really deserves it since he worked hard and totally focused himself in this butai! ^.^

Also, Jun-kun is in the new KFC CM, isn´t he the gorgeous man?

Finally, it was announced that Jun-kun will be in a new drama in January! \o/ The next Getsu9 will call “Lucky Seven” and Jun-kun will be a detective in it, a hot headed one, but a detective! I am really happy because I love detective stories and it will be like seeing the grown up version of Kindaichi, his character that I love! ^.^ I can´t wait for January!

Not only Jun-kun, but Riida also got a new Special Drama that will air in the end/beginning of the year, the title is something like "I won't ever kidnap again" and it will be a comedy-suspense drama!
Now, I can only wish to see both Jun and Riida as cameos in Nazodi, not only one of them but both of them, after all, Juntoshi is always great! ^.~

And I also have several Arashi news to write about! In the beginning of Ohvember, they made three performances of Meikyuu Love Song in three different Tv Shows!
First, it was Music Lovers! First, they performed Monster, Beautiful Days and Love Rainbow! I loved their outfit! *.*

And, then, Meikyuu Love Song and the new dance! It was amazing! The kneeling part made all the fangirls´s heart to beat fast!

And, they ended with My Girl. There was also a talk part in which a football player of Nadeshiko Japan was with them, she was so lucky to watch the performances and to talk with them! *.*

Second, it was Hey! Hey! Hey! Again, another great performance of Meikyuu Love Song and, probably, the one with the outfit I like the most. The talk part was really interesting, they watched a video and talked about several funny details of their past! There was even a video of a little boy imitating Jun-kun´s performance in his solo “Tell me what you wanna be”, it was so cute!

Finally, it was Music Station! In my opinion, it was the most funny performance, they were all hyper and Sho-chan even made Sexy Zone´s dance movement in the end, which made Jun-kun goes “lol”! XD They were great sempais to their kouhais, Sexy Zone – a group of cute boys with a inappropriate name. The talk part was funny, especially when Sho-chan was talking about his aromatic candle! Poor candle Sho was ignored by the other four! XD

It is that for now… But Ohvember is full of happenings! There will be new AU CMs (I love AU CMs so much), a show at NHK about Arashi´s trip through Japan – each of them will visit one different area and Kaibutsu-kun´s movie that will be out on Riida´s b-day! ^.^ I can´t wait! ^.^

Like always, thanks to the ones who will comment! ^.^
Credits: gifs from tumblr and fanart from nhbsakakude.
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ginger001ginger001 on November 16th, 2011 09:56 am (UTC)
It's been a good month so far hasn't it? I loved the performances! They looked hot, they looked happy and confident, didn't they!

You know what I think about the cameo in Nazodi, so I won't comment on that, I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

I can't wait to see the NHK special program... I think it will be really touching and for me it's like a live version of Nippon no Arashi...

I am so impatient to see the new AU commercials!! They don't disappoint so I am looking forward to them (after what was shown on the news today)!
Sah-chan: sakumotosesquerdo on November 16th, 2011 11:20 am (UTC)
Ginger-san! \o/ What a surprise to see you in my LJ! Thanks a lot for your comment! ^.^
You are so right, I didn´t think like that before but watching NHK Special Show will be really like seeing the live version of Nippon no Arashi! ^.^
From what was showed in the news, the new AU CMs will be hot again – Jun-kun and Sho-chan in white, with the strong wind in their faces, were so hot, aren´t they?! I can´t wait! ^.^
blind_maidenblind_maiden on November 16th, 2011 07:55 pm (UTC)
(yes, this is my "Oláááá!". You put Jun's butais pics and their "Meikyuu Love song" presentations, blame yourself XDDD)

\o/ I already loved this month - so many holidays^.^ - and now, it has so many Arashi news!!
Huda-san is amazing, isn't she? both fanarts are cute and "biteble" XD

I loved their performances ^^ We start to get all excited!\o/ I want to see more presentations and see the AU cms to ^.^

Oh, I bet SakuMotOhno will happens!I mean, It's Kabutsu-kun's actor (for Ohno) and a new dorama in Getsu9 (for J - I'm going to get killed, no regrets XDD)!!!

don't kill me... I just want to use this gif!

Anyway! Let's wait to see how Ohvember is going to be! I have a good feeling ^^

See you later - literally!


Sah-chan: juntoshipijamassesquerdo on November 17th, 2011 03:47 am (UTC)
Yama-chan… “Olááá´” for you too! XD After all, I love this Jun-kun´s kiss gif! ^.~
Thanks for your comment, like always! ^.^
And, yes, let´s hope for Sakumotohno in Nazodi! So we can go – it´s show time! \o/


Thanks for today ^.~ and take care! ^.^

marichamaricha74 on November 16th, 2011 11:25 pm (UTC)
they're getting busy again, ne!
and it won't stop till next year!

i can't tell what is my favourite moment so far
it seems everyday came with its flailing moment

my highlights : Jun's butai made me really proud! he challenged himself and I hope he'll be satisfied by his performance.
I hope we'll got a DVD

the kneeling, oh that kneeling made me want to say I do! 5 times!

i'm so getting my heart ready for the new cm

and those fanarts of yours,they're really beautiful!
Sah-chan: sakumotochildsesquerdo on November 17th, 2011 03:48 am (UTC)
Mari-san! ^.^ Thanks for your comment! ^.^
I really need a DVD of Jun-kun´s butai, can I wish for it as a Christmas gift?! XD
I am happy you like the fanarts! ^.^
And, yes, they sure are busy! This is great for us fans! ^.^ While we are waiting for the AU CMs, the new Mario Kart CMs were out today, have you seen? The CMs are pure fun! ^.^
Oh! And I replied again in our Matsutalk! ^.~
Take care, Mari-san! ^.^