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12 October 2012 @ 09:38 pm

It’s October already and it’s been a month since I last updated here…

Actually, September was not so nice to me, or, being more precise, 2012 has been quite difficult to me… I don’t usually talk about myself on my LJ but I thought I should explain why I haven’t been around so much and why I will probably keep being “absent”… As I posted before, I had my vacations on September, I traveled to two different places and both were really nice and all but I wasn't so lucky… During my first trip, I got sick and I am still not 100% recovered, I need to go to the doctor again to discover why I keep coughing… Even though I wasn't fully recovered, I went to my second trip… And during it, my grandfather, who is very dear to me, was hospitalized… After a while, he left the hospital, but, today, he was sent to the hospital again and, tomorrow, he will go through a risk medical procedure… I don’t know how things will turn out because he is quite old and the problem is in his heart... If the worse happens, all I know is that it will hurt… I also know it heals, but it takes a lot of time since I have lived that when I lost my grandmother six years ago…

To make things worse, on October 1st, I went back to work and things were worse than I left… I am even considering leaving my job, but I have to think carefully about it and about my future… Although, it is impossible to think properly with all that I am going through…

That’s why I haven’t been commenting so much on my friend’s LJ and that’s also why I still didn't reply some messages I owe… I hope my few LJ friends can understand my reasons and forgive me…

Actually, I wasn't going to post at all today but I have been preparing this post since last weekend, and it’s a nice way to distract myself while I have to wait for tomorrow…

Because, although I am not so much around, I keep following the boys and they are my best medicine! I couldn't even forget about them while I was away and here is a picture to prove! XD

So, let me write about them, even if my post is all about old news! XD

Right now, the boys must be focused on their new album and new tour! During Arafes, Popcorn Album was announced as well as Popcorn Tour, with concerts in November, December and January! The cover and the track list of the album are already out (check below, a really funny cover to the LE edition) and I must say that I am intrigued with Jun-kun’s solo (“we wanna funk, we need a funk”), he said on his Enjoy that it is a genre he has never done and that it is his favorite… I am looking forward to it! ^.^ And to the other songs too!  “Welcome to our party”, a song of the new album, was played on Nino’s Baystorm and Aiba-chan’s Recomen and it is so catchy, a song that can make you feel happy and up, I loved it! ^.^ I am also looking forward to the concert since they said Riida is making the choreography of several songs! ^.^

Since they are focused on the new tour, there is even a new message of the boys on J-Net about it! Check also Jun-kun’s new hair color (I will miss the light brown one… u.u)!

With Popcorn album and tour being the focus, there aren't many individual activities to write about, except, maybe, all the new CMs each of them are staring into (check below to group’s ones and Jun-kun’s ones)… Oh! I was almost forgetting! Aiba-chan won the best jeanist award again, so congratulations to him! ^.^

Also, Juntoshi was seen on SMAP concert together with Tackey – it is always nice to know they are interacting with other JE groups, especially if it is Juntoshi together! ^.~

Finally, as the gifs above show, Jun-kun changed his hair to a dark color again and there are rumors that it is because there will be a Lucky Seven Special… The rumors gained force with the fact that Jun-kun was seen with Eita-kun some days ago (well, they are friends)… Rumors will always be rumors but I must confess that I will be really happy if this one is true! ^.^

Since I am writing about September, I guess the main event was Arafes! And it was indeed amazing from what we could see on the news and on the fans reports! They performed the most voted songs and prepared several surprises! The first one, and the highlight for me, was the five of them dancing during each other’s’ solo, or, better, in Aiba-chan’s Friendship, in Sho-chan’s Taboo and in Jun-kun’s Shake it! *.* They were all so hot doing Shake it choreography! *.* Just to be complete a post, Riida’s solo was Rain (I love it!) and Nino was Gimmick Game!

The other surprise was the special part of the show with Jun-kun as a DJ – DJMJ! He interacted with all the members, being the concert master that he is and he sure worked hard to be a DJ in live! He always makes me so proud! *biased is biased*

They performed some songs with an Orchestra and it certainly must have been amazing and beautiful! Truth and Tokei Jikake no Umbrella were choreographed by Riida, so, we just can imagine how awesome they were! *.*

In short, it was certainly another amazing concert and I would love to be able to go to next year’s one! 






During the whole concert, on the two days, there were a lot of member ai and, during Shake It, Jun-kun interacted with each of his dear members! ^.^ But, as you all know, I am Juntoshi biased, so here are some of their sweet moments, they certainly made my fangirl heart happy! ^.^ They love to hug each other, don’t they?! ^.~

Still on the group’s news, on October 5th, they appeared on Music Station and performed Akashi and Wild at Heart (another reason to the Lucky Seven rumor)! I always love Wild At Heart performance, it is so much fun! ^.^ On the talk part, the talked about their debut days since it was the theme of the show! ^.^











As I mentioned above, there are several new CMs with the boys being aired. Check the new Kirin one with Jun-kun, Nino and Sho-chan! ^.^



The news reported that there will also be new Hitachi’s CMs with Jun-kun and Aiba-chan! Their eyes are so expressive and cute! ^.^


Writing about Jun-kun’s new CMs, he is so lovely in the new Meiji CM, reading “Gone with the Wind” and helping his customer! Jun-kun, books and chocolate is a perfect combination! ^.^

But… I must say that I fell in love and I am still in love with Jun-kun’s Goom CM! I love children, so, how can I resist so many cute babies? And if Jun-kun is with the babies, being as adorable as they are… my heart goes to heaven! Sorry for the gif spam, but, yes, I love this CM! *.* 


Still writing about Jun-kun, on the 29th of September, he was on Ichiban Show Time as a MC again and he also appeared on the news to promote the show (and to play and hug a mascot since he loves mascots XD)! The highlight was seen his work with the students’ band on the 24hs TV being mentioned by the orchestra that always goes to the show, it sure touched everybody! ^.^



Finally, writing about the boys’ regular TV Shows… actually, there weren’t many because they were on “vacation”, that period in which the regular shows are not aired. But, next week, everything is back to the normal routine! ^.^ So, I just have one episode of each show to write about…

VS Arashi is the one with the longest “vacation”, the last one was on the 13th of September… I miss it so much… u.u The good news is the, next week, it will be back and it will be Bet de Arashi again! *.* It will be trilling for sure! Anyway, Oshima-san was on the last episode with her team and it was quite fun, especially Aimiya arguing about who should be the MDA! XD



On HnA, we had a special this week of two hours long and with the five of them! It was really fun! Sanma-san and two Olympic girls medalists were the guests! But, for me, what was more fun was watching the five of them interacting, especially on the beginning of the show and when they played table tennis! Jun-kun loves to play and competitions, so adorable! ^.^ And Juntoshi was lovely, they both love to tease each other! XD Poor Nino, though! XDD

So, this is where they usually sit… right, Riida?! With your hand on Jun-kun's leg... XDD





Next one will be Junba with Naka Riisa, I am looking forward to it! ^.^

Finally, on Shiyagare, we also had a special with Take Hiroshi, a famous actor who made them act like bad asses XD (Matsumiya was amazing here!) and Ryosuke Irie (who is cute), the swimmer medalist, who made them stretch or at least try to! XDD And who wanted to learn fashion from Jun-kun - clever young boy! ^.~ Also, notice Aiba-chan hitting Jun-kun! XD In next one, we will have Sho-chan, Aiba-chan and Nino as samurais and Juntoshi as ninjas, it will be fun! ^.^


To finish the post, I want to share one of the things that made me happy these days – I received my Ura Arashi Mania CD and some Arafes’ goods! ^.^ 

The goods were thanks to boblemon, who also sent me a cute note with her Juntoshi fanart and it is Juntoshi on Arafes, so, I had to post it here as a nice way to finish my post! ^.^ 

I guess that’s all for now… I don’t know when I will be able to post again and I don’t know when I will be able to reply eventual comments and messages (including the ones I owe to some of you, I am really sorry about that), I hope you all understand and bear with me a little…

Even so, thanks in advance to the ones who will read this huge post and leave a comment! ^.^ A nice October to all of you! ^.^

Credits: gifs and pictures from tumblr and weibo, I didn’t make any of them, they are not mine.

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bob lemonboblemon on October 13th, 2012 01:52 am (UTC)
I got your PM and I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles. Please, don't feel like you have to reply to me, but know that I'm here if you need to talk! I think that we all understand that you need some time to yourself right now. I don't consider you a bad friend if you don't reply anyway, but under your circumstances it's expected.

Just like always I enjoyed the gifs you put together, and we already talked about Arafes, so I'll skip that. I really enjoyed the Share House episode with them all together, I think they need to do that more. :3 And Juntoshi on the chair together made me squee a little. Plus it's funny how all five of them work together automatically to give Aiba-cha to the guest.

Of course you can use my pictures any time because they are yours now! I'm glad they can make you smile even in your hard times. Good luck with everything and once again, please take your time.
Sah-chan: juntoshibwbitesesquerdo on October 15th, 2012 03:00 am (UTC)
Thank you! Really, thanks for everything and for all your support and kindness! Your friendship really is precious to me! ♥
I have just come back and, thank God, the worse didn’t happen… The medical procedure didn’t result in any effect, nor good and nor bad… So, his condition is still worrying, unstable and unpredictable and he is still hospitalized… But I could see him and hold his hand! It’s ironic how someone who looked like the example of strength to you during your whole life can become so fragile… Anyway, we have to see what happens at each day…
Thank you also for your comment here! ^.^ The way they always manage to give Aiba-cha to the guests makes me laugh every time! XD
I wonder if you thought about your fic while watching Juntoshi as ninjas on last Shiyagare! ^.~
I hope you are fine and that you had a nice weekend! ^.^ Have a great week! ^.^

Edited at 2012-10-15 03:06 am (UTC)
bob lemonboblemon on October 15th, 2012 09:47 am (UTC)
Me too! I'm so happy we could be friends, even if we both live on opposite ends of the world!

I'm glad to hear your grandfather is okay, although he didn't get better. At least you could see him! I remember the same with my grandmother before she died... I wasn't close to her, but I saw how she changed from someone who did everything by herself to the point where she couldn't even stand up without help... It's hard, but I guess that could also mean letting go is easier... I'm sorry, it's such a depressing topic!

On a happier note, I was very excited that Juntoshi were ninjas. That was about how I picture them in my head, but I was surprised when Cat said she was thinking of something else. XD I've finished the story, but I still may not post the ending for another week or so.

I had an okay weekend just staying at home. I didn't go out, so it was a little boring, haha. ^__^ I hope you're doing better!
Sah-chan: juntoshifireworkssesquerdo on October 15th, 2012 07:25 pm (UTC)
Although we live in opposite ends of the world, maybe it is because you are originally from the same continent I am! XDD
Yes, it was really important to me that I was able to see him and I have hope I will see him again, preferably out of the hospital. But, yes, life is too fragile… that’s why it’s precious!
Eh?! She was thinking of something else?! O.O Since I saw the preview of the episode, I was thinking about your fic! XD By the way, congratulations on finishing the story, I hope the end is happy! ^.~ Although, I still have a long way to get there! XD
Even if it was boring, I hope you could rest a lot to face the week full of energy! ^.^
Take care ok?! And thank you, always, for your words! Knowing that people care is what helps me to keep going forward! ^.~
(Deleted comment)
Sah-chan: junangelsesquerdo on October 15th, 2012 03:01 am (UTC)
Thanks a lot for your comment and for your kind words! Prayers and good wishes are always welcomed, so thank you, really! ^.^
Marinekomylittlecthulhu on October 13th, 2012 03:24 pm (UTC)
I hope that you'll get better soon, and that your grandfather will be okay! I was just writing a letter to you the other day, although I have yet to mail it.

I haven't seen the Meiji cm yet, and judging from the gifs, I absolutely must.

Take care!
Sah-chan: juntoshicafesesquerdo on October 15th, 2012 03:01 am (UTC)
Thank you for commenting here and for your kind words! ^.^ Good wishes are always welcomed! Don’t need to worry about mailing me fast, after all, like you say, it’s the fun of snail mail! ^.~
I really remembered of you when I watched Meiji CM – books + Arashi = Mari-chan! ^.^
I hope you are fine and thanks again, for everything! ♥
shojunnijishojunniji on October 15th, 2012 01:12 pm (UTC)
I hope you and your granddad get better soon, take care!
Sah-chan: junbubblessesquerdo on October 15th, 2012 07:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you for commenting here and for your kind words! All good wishes are welcomed now! You too, get well soon and take care! ^.^
Fiona ღ: Juntoshi - We can make it PVfionasan on October 16th, 2012 03:45 pm (UTC)
My prayers are with you and your grandfather, may all be well very soon! I fully understand your situation and don't feel bad for not replying back to me, you will always be a wonderful friend. :)

Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful gifs. Love all of them, I cannot wait to see the full versions of the new Jun-kun CMs. His chemistry with the babies are amazing, just oozing with cuteness.

Also the one with all five of them in the sharehouse looks so interesting. I squeed like a crazed fangirl with the Juntoshi moments, the sharing of the chair and Oh-chan touching Jun-kun's thigh. XXD

Take care and good luck with everything. Have a blessed week too. :)
Sah-chan: juntoshibmfchusesquerdo on October 16th, 2012 08:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot for your kind and supportive words, Fiona-chan! They really mean a lot to me! ♥
Things are still worrying… but I am trying to stay positive! Like Arashi always teach us, right?! ^.~
Jun-kun’s new CMs are all wonderful, but I can’t help but love the one with the babies more! XD
HnA with the five of them was really fun, I hope they will do it again in the future! And Juntoshi is always ♥!
Thanks again, Fiona-chan! I am glad to know you had a good time with your friends at the trip! I will show myself better when I can and, then, I will want to hear everything about the trip! ^.~
Take care and have a great week! ^.^
Kirie: juntoshikiriezero on October 17th, 2012 07:22 pm (UTC)
aghhh, it's sad to hear that your grandfather is worse :( I hope everything went fine after the operation :s and I hope your health gets better too!

I'll tell you something to make you laugh at my dumbness ;P .. do you remember that my computer freezed reading your posts? well, I just discovered that it was because I opened the full post at once! today I clicked the separated links you post and I could see everything perfectly! hehehehe ^-^UUU owww, why didn't I think about it sooner? :P

pd: I liked your pictures of juntoshi houses and chairs ;D
Sah-chan: juntoshireadingbedsesquerdo on October 17th, 2012 08:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your comment and for your support, Kirie-san! ^.^
Actually, he didn’t go through a surgery, it was a medical procedure, but external one, they gave shocks on his heart to try to make it work properly again, he has seriously arrhythmia and this is causing breathing problems… The good part is that nothing worse happened and the bad part is that the procedure didn’t result in anything, so his case is not solved yet and he can still have problems… He is still on the hospital but, today, he went to the less serious area… Anyway, we have to live a day at a time…
But thanks, all the support is welcomed! ^.^
OMG! You used to try to open the whole post?! Then, it was really heavy! XDD I hope that, now, you can check my posts without having problems! ^.^
And thank you for commenting about my trip pictures collage – there are Juntoshi and Sakuraiba chairs and Juntoshi, Aimiya and Sho-chan houses! XDD There is also the Arashi wall with the blue detail in front of the wall! XDD I like playing with the colors and remember them! ^.^
Thanks again, Kirie-san and take care! ^.^
blind_maidenblind_maiden on October 17th, 2012 11:37 pm (UTC)
Dear Sá,




Ok, now that I hugged you, I know how difficult it's being for you, but I believe things will change, and I agree with you, this year has been so difficult! . Things are already changing now and I hope it's for the best.

About your grandfather, like I have been saying, I 'll keep praying since it's the only thing I can do for you - well, besides for giving my shoulder when you need it. And, like always, I'm here if you need me.

hum... about the boys... I wish I could come back to my normal self and watch them closer... Thanks for the updating.
I loved all Arafes gifs ( \o/ \o/ ) and Popcorn pictures - seriously, awesome!
I need to watch their shows! They are a great way to release stress and learn more about the boys.

Again, thanks for the updates! I know that I can always come back to your post see what I'm missing - let me cry a bit here...

Well, like I said, if you need me, I here.

Let's hope the boys are fine and happy with their new album \o/
Let's hope I can have my internet back! XP

Let's hope we can see eachother more often! \o/

^3^/ Thanks again,

here is my last hugs:



Sah-chan: juntoshichibifanartsesquerdo on October 18th, 2012 07:54 pm (UTC)
Yama-chan! \o/
You are here! You are here! *of course you are, you are using my computer XDD*

*hugs and never lets you go*



Thanks for your words and all your support! You know how important you are to me and how important having your friendship is for me, especially now… I know I am able to go on because of my special ones and that includes you! ^.~ Thank you also for your prayers, all good wishes are welcomed! ^.^
Let’s burn and erase 2012! XDDD We will survive, you will see! ^.~
I know that, unfortunately, you have not been able to follow the boys properly, but you can always count on me to tell the important news and with my posts! It makes me happy to know my posts are of some help! ^.^
And, yes, let’s hope that we can see each other more often and flail over the boys together! ^.~
Take care! *hugs Yama-chan again*


PS: You were trolling me and making my heart confused sending my two OTPs together! XDD
hana_saku_moonhana_saku_moon on October 18th, 2012 11:58 pm (UTC)
no te preocupes por contestar los comentarios...
siempre lo pienso, tu siempre eres muy amable comentando los post
para mi eres una linda persona
no tienes que sentirte mal por no tener tiempo
entiendo muy bien lo difícil que debe ser la situación de tu abuelo
hace poco yo pase por lo mismo, en estos casos solo hay que tener FE
yo orare mucho por su salud espero que pronto se mejore
ya es octubre, cuando vi el anuncio del kokahu quede impresionada
porque falta tan poco para que termine el año
este año a sido de locos... siento que han pasado millones de cosas
junatoshi es mi preferido pero tengo que confesar que tengo un trio favorito en ARASHi
que son NINO JUN Y OHNO... me encantan las interacciones de esos tres... por eso estoy muy feliz de los momentos matsumiya y junatoshi de los concierto y programas TV
mucho animo... desde la distancia te mando mucho saludos
Sah-chan: ohmatsumiyachibisesquerdo on October 19th, 2012 01:21 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your kind words and for your comment! ^.^ Thank you also for your good wishes, they are always welcomed and they always help! ^.^
Arashi sure will be working a lot in the end of this year – they have Popcorn Concerts, probably the Musical Shows for the end of the year and Kohaku! Not only that, but Jun-kun is filming for Lucky Seven Special… I really hope they are taking care of their health!
Oh! I also love Ohmatsumiya (Riida + Jun-kun + Nino trio)! Of course Juntoshi come first is my heart, but I love the interactions of the three of them and I also like Matsumiya a lot! Nino and Riida always give Jun-kun so much love that it is impossible not love them! ^.^
Take care and thanks again for your words! ^.^
mskbbyrainbowpursuits on October 23rd, 2012 10:23 am (UTC)
Hi! I'm sorry it took me long to comment. I just got back. I'm really sad to hear that 2012 is not a good year for you. :-( I'm very sorry about your grandfather. :-( Like you, I was very close to my late grandfather and he was a very important person in my life. I lost him 3 years ago and I miss him everyday. I hope your grandfather gets well soon. I wish him well and I will pray for him.

Please don't worry about replying, I'm sure everybody understands. Please don't bother to make time for it when you have more important things to do. I see you still have cough. Just like I do. I thought I recovered fully but I'm still coughing from time to time and it's getting tiring. I suspect it's because I lack sleep but there are a million things to do so I cannot sleep as much as I should. Please don't worry about me, take care of yourself instead. I hope things at work get better, too. I wish all your problems gets resolved as soon as possible. I know they will.

That picture you took on your vacation is a beautiful representation of the boys. :-) Thank you for the comprehensive updates and the gifs. They will be helpful as I try, time and again to catch up. I go away for a few days and so many things happened!

Please stay strong and try to smile Sah-chan. I'm here whenever you need me. *hugs*
Sah-chan: arashichibifanartsesquerdo on October 25th, 2012 12:07 am (UTC)
You are back! \o/
*hugs you*
Thank you so much for your comment! ^.^ Please, don’t apologize, I am the one who owes you a reply… I will do it as soon as I can ok? Anyway, how are you? I hope you had a nice time during your trip and that you were able to buy everything you needed! ^.^ I also hope “that” feeling is going away, little by little! ^.^
I am sorry about your grandfather… I lost my grandmother 6 years ago and we were really close so I know the feeling and I wish I could not live it again… u.u Anyway, thanks for your kind words and for your good wishes, they are always welcomed! ^.^
So… you are still coughing too… I guess maybe both of us weren’t able to fully recover because of stress and things like that… We both need to rest neh?! So, let’s try do it! ^.^ With Arashi help! ^.~
I am glad you liked my “collage” of pictures of my trip, the boys are always in my mind! XDD
Good luck catching up and take care of yourself ok?! It’s really nice to have you back! ^.^
*hugs again*